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  1. Bermuda425

    WestJet at KMCO

    The flight may be cheap, but your shots ain't!
  2. Bermuda425

    Oh, the Starkness

    First-rate set of shots!
  3. Bermuda425

    Lightning in New Mexico

    Thanks a lot Aharon for the first comment!
  4. That is nifty! Also, a great landing and smooth camera movements!
  5. What nifty pictures! Never seen anything like it before. Thanks for the nice trip into the world of CATIII
  6. Bermuda425

    As Easy as easyJet

    Breathtaking series of shots!
  7. Bermuda425

    A jetBlue Winter

    These shots look real ultra!
  8. Big Bend National Park - DC-6 turbo-prop retrofitted
  9. Cracking footage mate!
  10. Really serene pair of views!
  11. Bermuda425

    Air Canada A319

    Fantastic shot of the ramp ops!
  12. Bermuda425

    Finnair A319

    Top-notch bunch of shots! What AI traffic are you using here? It looks great.