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    Hi, we hope everybody is fine and safe, we are officially in BETA testing! 😎
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    Hmm, not sure what should be misleading here:
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    The problem is, there is no "shader mod nearly everyone is using". There are at LEAST 5 different ones. PTA: Ultra Realism Preset, Matt Davis Preset, ND Preset, (there is a fourth which name I don't recall right now) Tomato: Ultra Realism Preset, several others REX Environment Force: Dynamic shading (which always looks different), etc. Aerosoft would have to create different textures for every single one of them. Creating one set of textures takes about three months. You can imagine how expensive that would get.
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    Spring time: the best time to visit Paris, the city of love and romance. #Stay@home - you can enjoy the famous places and buildings with your flight sim. Tour Eiffel L'Arc de Triomphe / Place de l'Étoile Place de la Concorde Jardin des Tuileries / Louvre Notre Dame, Panthéon, Palais du Luxembourg / Jardin du Luxembourg Centre Pompidou (Musée National d'Art Moderne) Foire du Trône, Vélodrome, Lac Daumesnil Château Vincennes / Bois de Vincennes Sacré-Coeur, Gare du Nord Musée de l'île-de-France Maintenance SNCF (former marshalling yard) BONUS: Paris at night: Beaver meets Mouse (Mickey): Disneyland Paris
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    I would just like to say a huge thanks in advance to Aerosoft for the very generous offer of a free copy of Airport Manchester XP11. I do not own this airport, although I own many other excellent Aerosoft products, so thanks in advance for this wonderful gift. For those that have not yet seen the announcement: Product information "Airport Manchester XP11" For free for you now: Airport Manchester XP11! *The promotion 'Article for free' is valid from 30 March to 13 April 2020. Cheers,
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    Hallo Nochmal, Vielen Lieben Dank für die vielen Antworten. Ich werde mir auf jeden Fall Sam Global Trees herunter laden. Anscheinend habe ich mir von den Webseiten zu viel Versprochen, da ja die Bilder mit verschiedenen Erweiterungen aufgerüstet worden sind. Und zu @Flightrookie ich habe einfach das ,,Sandart" Frankfurt aus meinem Scenery Ordner gelöscht, sodass da nur die 3 Order vom Payware Frankfurt sind. Und vielleicht nochmal an @airway pirat , ich weiß nicht wie Reshade funktioniert und ob ich es versuchen soll mir zu installieren, da ich nicht weiß ob es sich lohnt, aber sehen die Bäume, wenn du Reshade ausmachst, genau so aus? Du musst es nicht nachgucken wenn du keine Zeit und oder Lust hast aber wenn du vielleicht einmal kurz nachgucken würdest wäre es echt klasse. Nochmal Vielen Lieben Dank an alle die mir geholfen haben und für eure netten Antworten Habt eine schöne Woche und bleibt Gesund Liebe Grüße Urknallex
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    The route editor summary page will list the available airway altitudes as derived from the AIRAC. Mousing over the airways when enabled on the map will also return the altitudes. PFPX as a planner rather than a simple route finding tool is going apply an optimization based on Cost, FUEL, TIME or distance when finding a route. Having run several scenarios on your airport pair the original departure is most effective. The OPEN OPT is likely to override designated altitude restrictions found in Europe for example rather than the available levels of airways. Automatic route finding relies on links either via airways or directs. For Europe's expanding Free Route Airspace users should be extremely grateful for David's RAD restrictions and Directs files that expand on the airways published in the AIRAC as directs are not included. To improve route finding elsewhere I would suggest adding any known directs to a USER database using the waypoints and airways editor.
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    There is nothing misleading at all. It is clearly listed in the: Not sure, how to get mislead by "box sale"... Also, the product page itself is more than clear on this:
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    Hello, The SETUP could not find this registry entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ SOFTWARE \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ Explorer \\ Shell Folders Personal = You can also add this entry manually: WINDOWS + R regedit.exe Change to this directory: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ SOFTWARE \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ Explorer \\ Shell Folders Right mouse click, New String "Personal" and enter the value "C: \ Users \ jdber \ Documents". Well, please start the SETUP again. As an alternative to REGEDIT, execute this POWERSHELL file
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    Airway T331 from TIPRE is low altitude with a max 17500' So is V6
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    Der FSX ist eine tote Plattform, in die kein vernünftiger Entwickler mehr Zeit und Geld investiert. Das Thema wurde in der Vergangenheit oft genug diskutiert. Akzeptiere das bitte und überdenke künftig deine Wortwahl.
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    Hi Stephen, thanks for the screenshot! It does indeed look like the updated configuration tool files are placed incorrectly, try merging the content of the "Configuration Tool" folder inside the SimObjects folder with the original that's in the sub folder of the Cologne root folder. The update only included changes in the configuration tool, so no other changes should be needed. I'll try and get some info from those that know more of the inner workings of the updater why this is happening.
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    Im neuesten FS-Magazin 03-2020 ist ein zweiseitiger Artikel über die X-Europe 4.2 erschienen. X-Europe 4.2 wurde mit "Tipp der Redaktion" ausgezeichnet! 😊🥇 Die Auszeichnung gebührt auch meinen Mitstreitern @Pitt153 @Sven S. @FlyAgi und @thasos
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    @HB-JHM I have something:
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    Same here. It‘s my homebase and I hope to see it for P3D. KR Patrick

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