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    Issue, as seen in video. Help please, ollie.
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    Please remember that our Airbus does not use REX Weather Radar, nor does it use the one from ActiveSky. Instead, it uses the data in the sim rather than data being sent by the weather radar, so in this case it simply can't be the Airbus. As such, the best thing there would be to seek assistance from REX. They've had continual problems with their weather radar since day one and as far as I know the problems are not nearly resolved. Also, don't have nor do I want REX Env Force, so I just don't have a clue what it may have done to your system. Best wishes!
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    If you both want to talk in english (Miguel) and spanish (Ray) I suggest to use deepl.com. By far the best translator on the web.
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    Thanks for the detailed report
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    Hi, the reason for negative altitude on the pfd is incorrect altimeter setting.
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    In the GSX Manual on Page 52 to 56 there is an explanation how you can define wich cargo type (or the beltloader) will come to wich cargodoor, if you select it in the Aircraft configuration. It will then not choos it randomly but always use the defined one.
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    Thank you Miguel. That AFCAD shows it would have the same problem as the AFCAD supplied by SimWings. Let's see what they come up with. For now, my fix works for me.
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    With their pilots striking, we know that an airborne British Airways aircraft is a fantasy!
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    I've modified the AFCAD along the lines of Oliver's Solution 1 above and have been monitoring departures from 27L for the last few hours. All Ai on the northern side of the airfield line up and depart from the most easterly taxi route. Those on the southern side are unaffected and operate as before. I'm attaching it for anyone who wants to use it. You'll need to rename the original. Hope this doesn't affect any copyright issues. If so, then just remove it. This is only a temporary fix. I'm sure Aerosoft / SimWings will come up with an official fix. But for now there have been no goarounds and Ai appear to be behaving as they should. EGLL_ADEP4_RAY.zip
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    confirmed, LBS setting problem

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