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  1. Did you try to switch the airplane after you started the bridge? Sometimes, the bridge only startes on the second attempt. So: Start the bridge, load a flight, go back to the welcome screen and change the airplane and reload the fligth, that should do the trick.
  2. Thank you very much ben. If you need any information, I would be more than pleased to try to get that for you.
  3. Thats ture, but the problem is, you can only assing part of the buttons of the plane to certain usb commands. For example, it is possible to assing the 4 Bravo axis to the throttle, but you can not assing the thrust reversers, because that is only possible via Keycommand and that is not accessible via usb commands. You are very limited with those. On the other hand, you can do almost anything using keycommands. So a "honeycomb to keycommand" Interface would be amazing to have. I don't know if somethng like that would even be possible. But I think, you could use honeycomb on almost anything that way.
  4. I fly the Aerowinx PSX simulator (that you also sell here on aerosoft), an almost Professional Sim for the Boeing 747-400. I thought it would be great, to use the honeycomb Alpha and Bravo with it. Now the problem is, You can not use the Conifguration software with PSX. (Its a Java application, with a very good TSP/IP Network for instances). Would it be possible to make the honeycomb Software a way, that you could proram buttons to send certain Key Commands? So you could use it with any simulator that takes on keycommands? Like joy 2 key or something, but for the honeycomb. I think it would be great if you could use that hardware not only limited to the (of course greatest) 3 Simulators. Or do you know any tool that would makeit possible to program the honeycomb in a very free way? Thanks in advance for your help. Kind Regards Beat LSZH
  5. What I saw is, that whan you have your scenery in another folder and use the scereny add-on linker, sometimes an update would create a new folder with all files in it, that replaces the symlink folder with a "real" one. Just copy that new folder to your add-on scenery place and overwrite everything and then create a new link with the add-on linker tool.
  6. It's in the Settings Part of ORBX Central, there is a point "insertion Point". You can select an Insert point for "Airports and Regions" and for "open LC Products". Usually the openLC will insert just under the ORBX Airprots and that is OK. And for the Airport, you select "insert below" and choose your lowest addon airport int the list.
  7. Beat578

    Zurich v3?

    Hi Shomron If you refer to Zurich v3 as the update with the new modelled "the circle", that was included into the Upgrade. The Airport has the state it has at the moment, including the heligrill and the circle and new speedexits. unfortunately not all of them. The inside of dock midfield has changed as well, as i remember. But not like a complete PBR Upgrade or something like that. So it's an adpation of the old airport to the new buildings. It's still great and it was free, so very generous. I don't know if there will be a new zurich with the new Sim, including PBR and all the fancy stuff you can do now. Hope that helps a bit Cheers Beat LSZH
  8. You have to disable the Airport in Vector. Usually you have to run the tool inside vector (in your Orbx Central) to correct the installed addon airports in vector. I would take a look at the compatibility forum over at the orbx site, it's all described there.
  9. Your GSX is directed to the wrong afcad. You have the one from Traffic Global concerning the Heliports. You should disable ALL Afcad for LSZH not belonging to ther Aerosoft airport. Got into the folder that is shown and rename those LSZH.BGL to .OFF, so it should take the right ones. And also you should check if your LSZH airport is above the Traffic global or other sceneries in the scenery library.
  10. I saw that we are already at I just downloaded the program from my Aerosoft downloads in my account and still have the "old" 1.9.2 from December. Can you tell me where I can download the newes installer? Thank you very much. Kind Regards Beat LSZH
  11. I had the same problem, Hans made another Version of the updater, you can try this one, it worked perfectly for me and I did not had any problems since then:
  12. I just saw the update to the Zurich Aiport! Thank you so much Aerosoft and Padlabs. An amazing update free of charge, that's not self-evident, not even in times of quarantaine. So thank you for the hard work and the motivation. One reason more to stay at home and fly from there! Kind Regards Beat LSZH
  13. And just a few hours ago, there was a new update including the circle and the heliport grill!!! It looks amazing. Hopefully the afcat still work, but I think they should as the parkings did not change, only some taxyways.
  14. Have you checked the orbix compatibility forum? I remember that there was a patch to fix it, except a very small part that is still wrong as far as I remember. And check if your airport is sitting above the orbix files, that you disabled all LSZH files in orbix. And yes, I have a patch in mind, i would visit the orbix forum to check that. It's long since I installed it, I don't know exactly what i did but I remember there is a topic over there.
  15. Hi Hans Just returned from the holidays. I will try the log Version tonight as well. Had no luck with the updater the week before. And Windows did so many updates of stuff, it would be hard to go back to the point the updater still worked. I'll send my file tomorrow. Thanks for your continous support and help!
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