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  1. I run PFPX on a different machine to P3D which may be a factor. Now that I’m aware of it it’s easy to check.
  2. Check your PFPX temporary folder. C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp Mine contained a significant number of tmp files going back many months. I cleared them all out without any perceived impact on PFPX. I'm not sure why these are never cleared out except by manual intervention.
  3. Sorry about the confusion. What do you think about filtering default airports that have a runway length of 5000ft or greater? Google Earth used to show a great number of airports until their management decided to remove the feature. All the more bizarre when you consider it has a flight simulator feature! 🙄
  4. Hi Peter, that didn't fix it. It seems only addon airports are exported, not all the default ones.
  5. Hi Peter, I think I've discovered the reason most default airports haven't been exported. This setting in Addon Organizer. I'll turn it off and try again.
  6. Hello Peter, Sorry for jumping in on someone else's post but I have the same problem. Debug pack attached. In short, I followed the instructions and makerunways ran and created the info which now appears in GE Pro. But for France there are only 5 airports listed - LFBO, LFML, LFMN, LFPG and LFRS. I own all these airports but I was expecting all the default airports to be listed too. There are several hundred default ones. Does the process import those too? The reason I want to have all airports available is because Google decided to remove airports from GE Pro and despite writing to them about it they haven't replied. 20220106-12h40m29_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  7. Hello Peter, On reflection the complexity of how these few executables are managed doesn't really justify the work required to handle how they are processed by SimStarterNG. There is a reference in the add-on.cfg which points to another file from which the executable is listed. One is SODE which I'm sure you're aware of. Its impact on P3D is probably very small anyway. Others point to executables associated with programs from AIG (Ai aircraft) and again, how much they impact on performance is unknown. Sorry to have bothered you. I do use the Run function to assign an AM to those programs listed.
  8. @Capt. PERO, The latest version of P3D v5.3 has a new section in the prepar3d.cfg for [JobScheduler]. This allows P3D to be assigned to specific cores acccording to the CPU used. The recommendation from Rob Ainscough is to keep the cores P3D uses away from the OS. Third party executables should also be assigned to separate core(s) and I use SimStarterNG Run section to do this. I have assigned things as follows to my i7-8086K 6 core CPU without HT enabled... Core 0 - OS Cores 1-4 - P3D Core 5 - Third-party programs such as ASP3D, ChasePlane, LittleNavConnect, Aivlasoft EFB Server. This works very well but there is one area I have no control over. Executables launched via Add-On.cfg are automatically assigned to all cores. To change this I have to select each one in Task Manager and change the Affinity Mask to core 5. Could you please consider adding functionality to allow those executables launched via Add-On.cfg to be assigned to a specific core(s). Thanks.
  9. P3D v5.3. On a recent flight I noticed the rising moon was way too large. Looking at suneffect.cfg in C:\ProgramData\LM\P3Dv5 its current size is 2072 compared to 900 for the sun. Given they are very close in their apparent size I edited that file and changed the moon size to 900. Saved and exited. Loaded P3D via SimStarterNG and after closing it I checked the suneffect.cfg and it's changed back to the original 2072. Does SimStarterNG store this somewhere? I can't find where?
  10. @PettyCR, the author is ill so you’l just have to be patient. I would guess the new settings in Prepar3d.cfg need to be included in SimStarterNG. There’s nothing wrong with the way this topic has been handled. The only problem is with your attitude.
  11. Could well be the reason but I'm sure Cpt Pero will work it out.
  12. With the release of P3D v5.3 today I imagine a compatible version of SimStarterNG will soon follow.
  13. I think I'll stick to using the country of aircraft registration as my guide, thanks.
  14. It’s probably number 1,376 on the list of things that need to change post-Brexit. 😁 I’ll continue to use EU-OPS and hope no one from an EU country complains. 😁
  15. @InterCityExpress, good point. Most of my flights are with British registered aircraft. But not to get political - now that the UK is no longer a member of the EU is the EU-OPS policy still relevant? Is PFPX up to date in that respect?
  16. Otto and Stephen, thank you both for those links. I’ll read through them and hopefully all will become clear. 😀
  17. When I plan flights in Europe it's obvious the correct policy to use is EU-OPS. But which should I use for North America, Australasia and other parts of the world? When does ICAO get used?
  18. Thank you for providing the ultimate tool for flight planning. I bought PFPX and TopCat back in November 2013 and they've performed extremely well over that time. Stephen Cooke has been an indispensible help for many years and it's pleasing to see he's continuing support. Thank you for that Stephen. Have Judith and Christian considered selling the source code so another enthusiast could pick up the baton and continue with development? It seems rather sad it will just remain in limbo and not be further developed.
  19. This can be closed please. I found a comparison of three versions of Palma and have bought an alternative.
  20. Back in 2015 I bought the Evolution airports for Mallorca and Ibiza. In 2018 I added Minorca. Those attracted a small discount as I had bought earlier versions. Whilst they still work in v5 there are some issues with satellite textures overlapping ground textures at the three airports. So given the generous discount offered for those who bought earlier versions I added Balearics Professional to my cart. However, having got to the page where I have to enter credit card details the full price of 57 Euros is still shown. I'm very reluctant to continue as SimMarket clearly state no refunds will be given. Can anyone please confirm I qualify for the discount to make the price 18.8 Euros. Given the huge price difference I really do need confirmation of my discount before proceeding.
  21. Yes, added manually to cfg but SimStarter did not ask me if I wished to add them to the cfg. I have now edited the master.cfg removing the erroneous entry and the problem is resolved.
  22. Running SimStarterNG v2.2.1 (rev 12) in P3Dv5.2HF1. I edited prepar3d.cfg to include an entry for the Affinity Mask. Unfortunately I used a space in the title [JOB SCHEDULER] so the AF setting was ignored. This was editing the file directly outside of SimStarterNG. Later I realised my mistake and used the AF Calculator in SimStarterNG to set an AF of 1365. I now have a correct [JOBSCHEDULER] AF entry in the prepar3d.cfg. But despite editing prepar3d.cfg to remove [JOB SCHEDULER] entry it returns each time I close SimStarterNG after a flight. Are there other copies of prepsr3d.cfg that need editing to remove this erroneous entry? If so, where are they?
  23. Hello Peter, Your tone is surprisingly sarcastic. That's not like you. Is any of this mentioned in the SimStarterNG documentation? I did look through it and the Hi-Fi docs but could find nothing. Now that I know how the new ASP3D works I'll probably set it up to stay on the desktop (via SimStarter) or run it when Windows starts and leave it out of SimStarter altogether. You might consider "pinning" that information to the top of your topic list since it's a radical departure from how AS previously worked with SimStarter.
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