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    We are currently planning all our projects. A lot has to be taken into account. The new P3D 4.4 options we fully want to use, three professional projects, one project for you guys we have not shown yet. It all correlates and has to be merged. What I want to make clear most of all is that everything that is done for the A320 range is part of the A330 product. From the new climb profiles that are a seriously big deal (nobody matches that) to how we are working with PMDG to include their Global Flight Operations. Always keep in mind these Airbus projects are never intended to be short-term projects to us. They have always been projects that are aimed at the professional market (we are extremely happy with the new contracts to major film and game studios and are VERY sorry we can't tell you about them, but just check when you see an Airbus in a 2019 game or video) just as for the hobby and educational market. Check this image. There is over 100 hours of hard work in that. Aks other companies to show the same. .
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    Work in progress screenshots of Phaplu airport near Lukla. There will be a few more airports with detailed terrain like this.
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    I've been reading with interest the many threads on problems getting the 'bus to achieve the descent profile optimisation. I had this problem initially, and couldn't work out why - I think I have an idea of what was going wrong (at least for me). When I was a student pilot the FI used to make me do as much metal math as my poor brain could take - we used whizz wheels in those days, before apps on phones but the training was so important to press home the point that it is the PIC who makes the decisions not the computer. So a sudden instruction to make a diversion to the nearest airport required some simple arithmetic, which taught me to always be calculating what should happen, even if there was an automated system available. My approach to descent (if you'll pardon the pun) has always been to take the 3x the difference in altitude in FL (from cruise level to desired level) divided by 10, x3 +10nm in calculating the TOD. For example say you want to descend from FL300 to FL100, that is (200 /10) x3 +10nm or 20x3+10 =70nm. There are lots of subtle variations on this based on aircraft weight and winds aloft, but for our purposes, this seems a good guesstimate, and means I know what should happen, and can be vigilant if the TOD on the FMGS is incorrect. Given that many people have problems with the 'bus not responding to v profiles at least this gives the pilot a good idea of what should happen if you plan to follow a 3 degree descent path. Next check your flight plan and set up for a descent to the beginning of the approach. Why this - well you could set up a descent to the localiser intercept at the FAF, say 2500', but often you still have that disco in the flight plan because ATC may just assign you another runway. If you keep the disco in the flight plan the airbus will miscalculate the profile, and almost always descend too rapidly at first, then shallow out leaving you with the impossible task of being too high too fast at the start of the approach. So either take the disco out (OK you'll have to commit to the runway without ATC clearance), and select the FAF altitude, OR disregard the disco and set the altitude of the transition which should be before the disco in the flight plan. Either way the FMC now has all the information in need to set the correct descent path. Even so, go back to your mental maths and ask is the TOD where it should be, and if not, then command the descent in vs yourself. You will have to manage speed as well, and there is a whole lot of options with the airbus here. However, remember that when you reach FL100 you will need to decelerate to 250kts, so allow for this by allowing the speed to increase in the descent to FL250, shortening the distance over the ground, and then lifting the nose to achieve the target speed of 250kt at FL100 with enough distance to achieve the descent to the FAF without overspeeding. That's why we add 10nm to the arithmetic. In reality you may need to let the speed increase below FL250, up to the last 10nm or so before FL100 in order to achieve the descent, as the Airbus has low drag at low speed. It may be from what I read that SP1 will tighten the optimisation within the FMGS so that this is automated, but until then, as a good pilot we will want to be in front of the plane, and there is really no excuse to be using the lever of shame, unless ATC give you a profile the aircraft is unable to achieve without - (yes it does happen!). For me this is part of the fun of flying this aircraft - even if the FMGS needs a little tweak by the devs, its up to us to fly safely meanwhile!!
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    I'd happily pay for PBR updates on older aircraft as I know there is lots of work involved in updating the textures and making them look just right and last I checked most people like to get paid to work ... hopefully I'm not alone in wanting to support P3D V4.4 development efforts with my wallet, I suspect there are many other customers willing to pay for PBR updates. Big thank you for taking PBR into consideration for your new product releases also ... very much appreciated. Cheers, Rob.
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    Of course, you would like that free of charge, but it is at least 2 months of work and that has to be paid somehow. At this moment our plans are to make sure to have all new products using all options and then see if we can work backward.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This livery has been designed with the utmost attention to detail and all decals have been placed as accurately as possible. Some of you may notice that the luminous tips on the wing have not been added to this aircraft, this is due to Aerosoft's paint kit mirroring them onto the other wing. On this specific model the luminous tips only exist on the right wing, if this is a feature you can't live without please let me know and I will push an update. I’ve painted on light traces of weathering and dirt especially towards the belly and tail area as SWISS generally keep their aircraft in good shape. Also, do be aware that these textures have been created using a heavily modified version of Aerosoft's 2K paintkit, meaning that this texture is over 100MB larger compared to other repaints when decompressed as It's in 4K. Thank you to @John Glanville for his assistance in creating this livery and his alpha layers. *for the Aerosoft A319 Professional for Prepar3D v4.4+ - Not compatible with previous versions of Prepar3D or FSX *This is not a representation of what your aircraft model will most likely look like in your sim with this livery, I am using my own unique TomatoShade preset and reflection profile.
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP - file contains repaints in the colors of Airbus A320 IAE British Airways G-EUUS (clean and dirt). These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended! ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage!
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    First of all a big Thank You to Aerosoft for setting up this forum. So finally it is time to move away from the old Facebook support page. For those of you who don't know Flightplan Visualizer is a program that is able to Visualize AI Flightplan on a map. Beside the actual visualization you can search across multiple flightplans in order to find the leg (flight) that match your criteria. E.g. you might just have purchased the A318/A319 along with the scenery for EDDF (Frankfurt), so you might want to search through multiple (AI) flightplans in order to find inspiration of which leg to fly. Flightplan Visualizer (FV) is only able to visualize/search (AI) flightplans that have been imported into FV. However the installer comes with +300 commercial flightplans and +380 BizJet flightplans already imported (converted) to FV's format. Once installed you can cycle between these flightplans using the combo-box in the bottom of the screen-shot above. FV comes with a quick manual that for new users are automatically opened the first 3 times the program is run. However after this point you can manually open it from the Help-menu, where you also find the full manual. Flightplan Visualizer 1.7.1 can be downloaded from AVSIM via this link:
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    Version 1.0


    ATENCIÓN: Esta versión del repaint solo es compatible con Airbus A320 X Extended (FSX/P3D v3). Para otras versiones visita mi perfil. ATTENTION: This version of the repaint is only compatible with Airbus A320 X Extended (FSX/P3D v3). For another versions visit my profile. (ES) Siendo uno de los primeros aviones entregados directamente desde Airbus para Viva Air (Viva Colombia), el HK-5273 destacó por ser completamente rosado, este livery especial con el fin de apoyar la prevención del cáncer de mama, este avión lleva el nombre "Claudia Obando" en honor a una tripulante de la aerolínea que superó esta enfermedad. Espero que lo disfruten ! Algunas características de este repaint son: Dimensiones reales basadas en el avion real. Compatible con Livery Manager. Detalles estéticos y tipografías originales. Advertencia "NO TOW" en tren de aterrizaje delantero. Cualquier problema con el repaints me pueden escribir aquí a la información de contacto incluida en el WinRar. Saludos ! Prohibido re-subir esta textura a otro sitio que no sea Aerosoft sin mi autorización, así como también subir este archivo a páginas de aerolíneas virtuales sin expresa autorización, no robar créditos, el trabajo es gratis, agradecelo no robándolo. Prohibido editar, modificar o basarse sin autorización. (EN) Being one of the first aircraft delivered directly from Airbus to Viva Air (Viva Colombia), the HK-5273 highlighted by being completely pink, this special livery in order to support the prevention of breast cancer, this plane is named "Claudia Obando" In honor of an airline crew member who overcame this disease. I hope you enjoy it! Some features of this repaint are: Real dimensions based on the actual plane. Compatible with Livery Manager. Aesthetic details and original typographies. Warning "NO TOW" on nose landing gear. Any problem with repaints can write me here to the contact information included in the WinRAR. Best regards! Forbidden to re-raise this texture to another site that is not aerosoft without my authorization, as well as upload this file to pages of virtual airlines without express authorization, not stealing credits, the job is free, thank you not stealing it. It is forbidden to edit, modify or base without authorization.
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    Buy the subscription, it works pretty damn well as-is without the update! From what I understand, the update is in beta. Just let them test it and get it ready. Everyone around here, and everywhere else in the FS world, should know expected release or updates rarely occur in the the developer's expected time frame! This is why PMDG never give release dates or things - and I sort of understand why. It would be hard to deal with the all the excited users! Good to know there's lots PFPX lovers out there!
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    Let me describe the "Search Leg" form. From the main menu (in the top of the screen) you can access the Search Leg form (as shown below). In this form you can set up various Criteria, before executing the search (by pressing the "Search" button in the lower/right section of the screen. In this example we have filtered the Aircraft Criteria to only search for legs flown by A318 or A319 (with and without- Sharlets). In the rightside of the screen you can see we have entered the ICAO code for Frankfurt ("EDDF"). Thats all you need to set up to find all flights in an A318/A319 in- or out- of EDDF: Once the search have been executed you will see a screenshot showing how many "results" were found. You can then choose to alter your criteria even further, or you can accept the result and go back to the main-screen and see the routes displayed on the map:
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    are you using FS2CREW or default copilot.? There have been issues reported on the beta test of the FS2CREW lastest update for Airbus pro with this exact problem.
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    Works fine here: So guys, when you do not make a fresh install. but update only (e.g. client update like I did), make sure that you follow 100% the instructions and recommendations LM gives you.
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    have a look here - should answer some of your questions
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    I just updated from 4.3 to 4.4 and at the moment I had no problems, updating only Client, Content and scenery, I loaded an A320 in a scenery (LEBL) and without problems, I have not flown, tomorrow, I updated the ActiveSky to the BETA version for 4.4 and no problem , maybe tomorrow when I perform a flight or not, I'll see.
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    Have you read the third and fourth post in this topic
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    Mr. Kok, Saying it is 'better' is , IMHO, a gross understatement. Using a 4k monitor at 30Hz and I cannot believe the difference. Great planning on your part and the team. Bring on the 330!!! Thank you. Jack
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    Have you read Mathijs' statement of yesterday?
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    And even this one will release before the real one is opening.
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    Actually, there is no "freedom which I am entitled by law" on this commercial site owned by Aerosoft. The site is for support of products sold or developed by Aerosoft and is not a public venue for your private opinions in this matter. Edit: Emi, I see you helped him through his misconception before I finished my post.
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    Kiesel, freedom of speech does not apply to privat company forums like ours. This forum is part of our marketing and while everyone is welcome to post here everyone will have to respect our rules in here. Your lawyer will (for quite a fee) tell you the same.
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    Zur Custom Terrain Mesh von Faroes4XPlane die Information, dass sie auf einem hochaufgelösten Geländemodell basieren wird, welches aus einem Mosaik mehreren Datenquellen besteht. Zudem werden ausgewählte Geländedetails von Hand modelliert, wie beispielsweise die Landebahn am Flughafen Vágar: Weitere Informationen zur Custom Terrain Mesh von Faroes4XPlane im aktuellen Artikel auf meiner Webseite :-)
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    Version 1.0


    This OFP template is basically the standard one, but with edits to suit my personal preferences. I thought I'd share it for those who want the same information but didn't want to edit files. The default PFPX template is good but there was 2 things I didn't like doing: 1. Calculating the baggage weight for the Majestic Q400 load manager; and 2. Having to use Active Sky to get some data required for Boeing FMC PERF INIT entry. I think the OFP should be the single source of truth from our fictional dispatch and didn't like that information missing. How to install: 1. Copy PFPX+.txt into the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates\ 2. Select PFPX+ from the OFP dropdown list next time you create an OFP. It will remember your selection. Changes in this from the default PFPX OFP Template: -Added baggage to weights section for aircraft that need this in load manager (like the Majestic Q400) -Removed config from weights section (to fit baggage as most templates only have 1 config). -Wind component and temps now placed at bottom of OFP near the Climb, Descent, Cruise wind/temp information so that all wind is in the one place. Ensure you are ticking "wind information" when selecting the OFP from the dropdown or you won't get the climb/descent winds. -Added average wind direction and velocity (for Boeing CDU Perf Init page) -Added TOC OAT (for Boeing CDU Perf Init page). -Added average OAT. Note: ISA DEV is not added because the FMC calculates TOC ISA DEV from the TOC Temp. Note: Departure and Destination surface weather/winds are not included as they are already in the METAR output.
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP-file contains a repaint for the Aerosoft Airbus X A320 Extended IAE NEO package, in the colors of Wizz Air HA-LWU. ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage!
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    Version 1.0.0


    I've modify the phenom 100's panel with datas i've found on internet. Let me know if it works on 300..
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    View File Aerosoft A320 professional Jetstar VH-VFX Textures for the Aerosoft A320 professional depicting Jetstar VH-VFX Submitter jeansy Submitted 10/28/18 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
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    Hello, TomA320 send me a warning because I downvoted some posts from the Staff of this Forum. This was my opinion about this posts and as far as I know, freedom of expression is an important good in our society and firmly anchored in the law. I let the freedom which I am entitled by law not forbid. Therefore I urge you to take back this warning immediately. If that does not happen, I reserve the right to take legal action. regards
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    Since I upgrade to P3d4.4 the trueglass does not work in the airbus
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    I expect the A320 to get the new PBR and not another paid update please!
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    C'mon Aerosoft people. Quit the arrogance and nasty attitude toward your customers. I know some customers are bit demanding via emails and forums, but the are your customers. Play nice or they will leave you.
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