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    Hello, with the upcoming PFPX release the issue concerning world map should be solved. Best regards, Judith
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    Hello, We really apologize the very loooong absence here in the forum... we´re glad to announce that we don´t have Ebola, are not lost in Antarctic or even dead… As Mathijs wrote the "fantastic thing" what happened to us is our second daughter, so our time was very limited. That´s of course not an excuse for no updates. We are going to release the new PFPX version within the next weeks (we try to release it before start of the worldflight 2018) – in advance we would like to post a few screenshots … Best regards, Judith
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    Dear AS Team, With patch i had no ECAM wheel page as default in TAXI state and most important, no elevator movement at all. And no, nothing changed at my system besides the Airbus update. Evtl. i'll go back to (again), as this worked for me perfectly. I've tried to be patience the past days, but enough is enough. How can it be that every patch becomes worst than the previous one? To be honest, slowly but steady it's becomes quite lidicrous and it's hard to defend the use or support of this product in the www and more important for my nerves/motivation. I would like love to say: 'Yeah, this Aerosoft Airbus is fun to fly', but no it isn't for the time being. Kind regards Torsten
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    Regarding AiO you should also consider this: in the unlikely event that the water pump fails, the water evaporates or something else is broken, this would usually mean you have to replace the whole thing. A basic air cooler such as the NH-U14S is technically more simple, the only moving part that can actually break is the fan, this is replaced in some minutes and much cheaper than replacing the full thing. Although I personally know some people with an AiO and none of them ever broke down, you can read from many others in the net that their AiO failed after some years. Or the pump became much louder.
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    I run a Corsair H100i for a few years now and it keeps my 4770k @4.6Ghz in check. Although, this summer it was quite hot here in NL and I had to turn down the clockspeed because my CPU got too hot. But we're talking room temperatures of around 40C, so I was not surprised at all that the cooler couldn't handle it. I prefer a AIO water cooler, because of the cleaner look and easier acces to components in my PC case. But a big air cooler should cool around the same degree while doing it a bit quieter as well. It all comes down to preference and budget
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    Mifcom and other shops where they assemble your components for a small fee are not comparable to those offering preconfigured systems, I would say going this way is safe enough. Just don't go for this single 16GB RAM module that was mentioned above, you will loose the DualChannel doing so. While this does not make a huge difference, I would not miss the increased bandwith you get with DualChannel...
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    Regarding memory. Use always a pair of modules. Not just a single one. The CPU has a dual channel interface (the very expensive ones have quad channel), if you only use one slot, you limit the bandwidth.
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    Hello, with the upcoming PFPX release, we redesigned the world map, so the problem with font size is solved. Best regards, Judith
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    If you are using a monitor at resolutions above 1920x1080 you've probably noticed that the map font is too small to read. If you are using Windows 10, you can correct this, by right clicking on either your pfpx.exe or pfpx shortcut and select Properties. In the Compatibility tab, click on "Change high DPI settings". Near the bottom, put a check in the box by "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:". Then, in the drop box choose "System". That should fix the small map font. See attached screenshot if not sure.
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    It's quite normal that updaters don't update the uninstaller entries (listed in Settings / Apps). Both the A320-series and CRJ should list the current version somewhere in the FMS.
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    It will be :-) we going to showcase the trailer within the next days.
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    Ideally you would be able to set the clock yourself. I ran into a mouse rectangle limit for 32 bit during development and the clock was not high on the list of things to be user operable. Whether standard practice is to keep it on GMT or local time I don't know. We have some current and former airline pilots here who maybe could answer that. I do know it's supposed to have a six day mechanical movement and I did change the default animation of the second hand to make it sweep smoothly like a mechanical movement does, rather than quartz crystal one, which only moves once a second.
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    Splendid news on all counts. The daily value I derive from PFPX is almost immeasurable. I do have a question about the VA feature as it isn't clear how it can be used. Thank you.
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    As soon as we moved back to Austria we're going to hire staff (programmer) to outsource some parts Judith
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    Sometimes things happen in real life that are even more important than flightsim ! Not many things though 😊
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    Another problem with "cookie-cutter" PC's is that the manufacturer will use the slowest / cheapest/ least reliable components they can. Like that 200 watt power supply PatrickZ mentioned. If you get a 1080 card you will want at least a 600 watt PSU, preferably 800 watt if you plan to overclock. Price difference isn't that much.
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    I think everyone has already given good answers to your questions. 1. K cpus Yes definitely go for a "K" cpu -- you will want to overclock, even just a little mild overclock helps immensely in the sim, and it's simple and easy to do with a good motherboard. My Asus Maximus X Hero motherboard, for example, has factory-pre-sets for mild overclocking. That motherboard may be past your budget, and not needed for your build, BUT you can find a motherboard by ASRock that will be inexpensive but still allow for some overclocking. 2. Watercool vs. air In many cases the fans on a watercooler are the same sound-volume as an air fan cooler would be, so yes, I concur with whoever told you that. I would say if you're just doing a mild overclock, an air cooler will do perfectly fine. You will want a water cooler if you want to push it to around 5.0 ghz, but that's a pretty solid overclock and maybe beyond what you're looking to do. 3. 1080 vs 1080ti That's not something I have researched. I /think/ the non-ti 1080's have less memory, but I'm not sure about that -- hopefully someone else has firsthand knowledge. I do not know if the non-ti's have slower clocks or less features, either. 1080Ti's should drop in price as the RTX2080 cards are out now. 4. monitor -- I don't run a 4K screen, either, but I think moving forward it will be the way to go. Like me, you may be quite happy with a non-4K monitor. I know Mathijs and a lot of the Aerosoft folks are using 4K's now and curved etc. and it's something to look into, for sure. 5. memory -- 16 GB is fine. I agree with Otto, if you buy 2x8gb modules, you can always add 2 more later to go to 32 GB if your motherboard has 4 ram slots. I would consider ram with the lowest CAS latency you can find, from a quality vendor like G.Skill, Corsair, Crucial, etc. 6. disk -- I agree with the others I would go for a 1 TB SSD. Maybe buy a big hard drive for backup / archive purposes.
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    Sadly, this is a very true and realistic view on ready made Desktop PCs, and depending on who the builder is upgrading them can certainly cause issues. Now, I was once (I'm retired) a computer engineer, and short of my old Tandy and Apple computer days (when I was troublesghooting and fixing mainframe computers) I have always built my own. With a little research, it's actually easy to do. My son is now in his 30's, but back when he was 15 and there was barely an Internet and no Youtube Videos to help you out, he built his own computer without any input or help from me. So it's not really difficult and it will save you money!
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    I always got a bad feeling when it comes to ready-made PCs, usually they're not that good. Occasionally there's a good one, but mostly there's always something about them that's not completely as you desire. The best PCs are custom-made. They're tailored to your wishes, exactly as you want them to be. And it doesn't have to be more expensive than a ready-made PC, in fact it's mostly cheaper. The better computer shops can have a PC custom built for you. If they can't, don't buy there! It tells something about the level of service in the shop. Alternatively, you can buy a pile of parts and build it yourself. It's not extremely difficult. I can tell you a story from a guy who also bought a ready-made PC a few years ago. Everything worked great until he decided he needed a better video card. He took the old video card out and put the new one in, and the computer didn't boot. What turned out to be the problem? The producer of the PC had calculated that with it's original hardware the PC would never consume more than 200 watt, so they put a 200 watt PSU in it. However the new video card required a bit more, so he also had to replace the PSU in order to get the new video card to work.
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    OK here is your answer: on a vanilla P3D4.3 with nothing else installed, no background process in Windows running which will eat add. resources, with an overall PC-Setup with no bottleneck, like slow disk, 40 fps are very likely. Everything else is just guessing as it depends on too many variables to make a reliable statement. No dev in the worls will give you a different answer.
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    There will be more screenshots in the next days...
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    I have tried to convert the PATH to TAXI in my own Frankfurt, Barcelona and Anchorage installs. The taxiways are now displayed correctly on the PMDG 747-8 ND Airport map. There are no visiual impact on the scenery, and performance seems not to be affected by more than 1-2 FPS, if affected at all. This might not work for other airports, but the mentioned airports that I have converted, everything seems fine. I´m not blaming any part of the developers. PMDG has chosen the best solution to get their airport map as accurate as the underlaying AFCAD, so that even inaccuracies in the scenery is accounted for. Also the scenery developers could not know thta their AFCADS where to be used this way. A solution could be (as mentioned by another guy in the PMDG forum) would be to have a seperated AFCAD for the PMDG ND Airport maps. This means that a special formated file maybe called: PMDG_AFX_XXX.pam (*.pam = PMDG Airport Map could be put into the scenery directory. This file would then be the converted AFCAD from the original scenery renamed to *.pam inorder not to actual loading it int to the scenery, but can be read by the PMDG ND Aiport map. If such a file is present tin the scenery folder, then it will be used by the PMDG ND Airport map. If it´s not present, then the original AFCAD *.bgl file would be read instead. This way we can have proper Aiport maps on the PMDG ND, without intruding the scenery. I have made this suggestion over in the PMDG support forum. FinnJ
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    @pracines, I believe their business was in danger of going bankrupt. That would have been a couple of years ago so you would hope that may have been resolved one way or another by now. I agree that expecting the occasional update from them is not unreasonable. Judith did post here to clear a problem when I had PFPX installed twice so they do visit on occasions.
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    I also would like to know the answer to this question. Thank you
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    And Aerosoft does it again! Starts developing an airport that's already being developed by one of the best scenery developers...
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    We will have more sound sets available next week.
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    https://www.google.nl/search?q=turkish+airlines+a319+new&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiSxMfH55vcAhVBr6QKHcjjBQ4Q_AUICigB&biw=1920&bih=1012#imgrc=ze_MpPYHHwTpSM: Hello, I will request This Turkish airlines A319... Thanks a lot!!! Turkish Airlines, TC-JLY, Airbus A319-132
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    Please.... A319 Alitalia (it would be wonderful to have A318 too, even if it does not exist) A319 easyjet new livery
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    Hallo Oliver Danke für die schnelle Antwort. 1. Meine LEBL ist auf dem aktuellen Stand Version 1.1 2 Der Installationspfad kann und soll ausserhalb des P3D erfolgen. Ja, richtig wenn man nach dem Regime von LM installiert. Leider halten sich AS und deren Entwickler immer noch nicht daran. Der Installer für die 1.1 direkted immer noch auf den von AS festgelegten Ordner Ecosystem/Aerosoft. Aber nicht nur AS macht das auch andere kennen die Steuerdatei add-on.xml immer noch nicht. Auch Simmarket fahrt da ein eigenes Züglein. Mir ist es eigentlich egal. Habe genug Erfahrung um die Scenerien richtig einzubinden. Nach Deinen Anweisungen habe ich jetzt LEBL nochmals neu installiert und auch direkt in den Ordner F:\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Sim-wings Barcelona Professional installiert. Ohne nochmals einen Unterordner Aerosoft zu generieren. Warum. Dem P3D ist es so ziemlich egal wo die Scenerien abgelegt werden und nur die Steuerdatei add-on.xml ist massgebend. Nun, mein LEBL hat keine rote Kreuze mehr aber so wie ich recherchierte, hat eine Datei (LatinVFR_LEBL_Stands.xml) im SODE Ordner in der C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects das Problem verursacht. Hatte ich doch mal beim FSX/P3D V3.4 LEBL von Latin Wings drauf gehabt. Klar, FSX und P3D v4.3 sind längstens deinstalliert aber Leichen zu finden ist nicht einfach. Dank Deinen Anweisungen habe ich doch etwas tiefer recheriert deshalb nochmals Dank. Gruess Roger
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    Sorry to rain on your parade, I cleared my cache and purchased a aircraft from Carenado with the same file size and it downloaded without a hitch. I also tried to re download "MEGA Heathrow I purchased from Aerosoft and it wont download either, so don't tell me it's not an Aerosoft problem. I have also downloaded another file from Just Flight all okay. Better hit the books again and come up with a solution, I have paid for two aircraft and a scenery and nothing works.

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