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  1. Yes sure, in fact I had the "FTX" voice first, then I changed it because you told me to change the order. Since I could not fix the order in the library, I changed that item. Now I remitted it correctly, uninstalled SceneryConfigEditor and recreated the scenery.cfg file but nothing ... I still do not see the airport. A question, the installation appears in the list of installed programs (see photo) along with other aerosoft products? I ask why there is no folder with the others. My p3d is Academic_4.3.29.25520. Is it possible that the FSPS distributes a "damaged" file?
  2. ok. I did not know that it was necessary to touch the order, I always left the order that FTXcentral decided for me. I tried to change the order by following the directions but that effort; the scenarios continued to go automatically below the Orbx. At the end with SceneryConfigEditor (after several attempts) I convinced him to keep an order (which I send you in the picture). I also show you FTX Central settings. I then tried to uninstall and reinstall Valencia X as administrator but nothing; if I add the area in the library then automatically disappears (as if I had not added anything)
  3. in any case Valencia appears with elevation issue (LEVC disabled in vector) and just with the jatways
  4. ok, but the problem is that valcencia not results in the library. I tried to load manually " p3d... ecosystem\Simware\Valencia X" but it no results anyway. I did setup with the correct directory (p3dv4)
  5. Hello. I can not get Velncia to load (v114) on p3d. I tried to load it through the scenery library but nothing, appears in the list but does not load it ... I try to restart p3d and again I can not find it in the scenery library anymore. I also tried to load it with "sceneryConfigEditor v1.1.9" but nothing.use global, vector and EuropeLc by Orbx.What can I try?Niccolò
  6. no, I have p3dv4 64 bit. I just added it with livery manager end that's all.
  7. Just an information... this Eurowings is totally designed for Airbus p3dv4? I tried it but in my pc the aircraft appear darker then the other and the vc panel is decidedly black.
  8. Please.... A319 Alitalia (it would be wonderful to have A318 too, even if it does not exist) A319 easyjet new livery
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