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  1. What STAR was it? What airport? What AIRAC are you using? Maybe if you posted that information, someone else could fly the same routing to give more data points?
  2. Note what I said, that I, "haven't noticed" it happen, not that it doesn't happen. Important distinction... And I'm glad you have reported it on the forum and have done this type of extensive research. It can only make a product better. I'll continue to fly the CRJ and pay more attention to how it behaves around waypoints. Thanks
  3. I don't know of any counter for the CRJ -- however, there is a freeware logbook program for P3Dv4.x that shows you your hours flown by aircraft. I've never noticed the CRJ to do hard banks, but I'll let Aerosoft address that.
  4. Was that directed at me? I misspoke. I am not (quite) perfect and do make mistakes from time to time. The faulty monitor did not CRASH any application. Rather, it hummed and buzzed and bird chirped, and would occasionally flash to black, then flip on again. It did however, effectively render my applications useless. Since the person who resurrected this thread after two years likely experienced the same thing, I thought I would relay my own experience with a buzzing sound vis a vis a PC.
  5. Hmm thanks for the heads up. I use TSS soundpack for the old CLS DC-10, and it's good. But, would THIS new airbus soundpak really be that much better than what Aerosoft has shipped with theirs? I mean, I would want to guard against buying this, only to discover that Aerosoft uses many of the same files. Haven't AS been known to work with TSS? i.e. the A330?
  6. I can't speak for him solving his issue, BUT I can say that I have had a bad monitor do that (buzz thru speakers and complete random lockups). Your issue may be power supply related. Power supplies are relatively cheap, too. You might consider stress-testing your PC using a program like Prime95. That will push your cpu to 100% and max its power demand, I would think -- this might help you narrow down the psu as the cause.
  7. The only place where PBR might remotely "wow" me would be in the VC. But I have to say even in scenery, it's...ok...but I can't say I'm blown away by it. Going forward I can certainly see including it though. It is an incremental visual improvement. Really if devtime is going to be spent, I'd rather it go for something immersive like visual icing.
  8. ah, the elusive Honeycomb hardware. Like a Bigfoot sighting...legendary...and maybe real or unreal Do you know if that can be configured to use, for example, just 3 of 4 throttle levers? I'm thinking in terms of a DC-10, or Falcon 50.
  9. Mace_RB


    The Aerosoft Upper Double Frammis, of course!
  10. Is this something that should be in a present update, or something coming?
  11. Mace_RB


    I have restarted one engine in flight before. I think I did it using bleed air from the other three engines. It's been a few months so it is hard for me to remember, but I'm pretty sure I simply used the normal start procedure, and luckily with three running engines I had enough air to start the one engine. A true "air start" would be if you didn't have sufficient bleed air, correct?
  12. I assumed the printer was getting data akin to ACARS. I also assumed that was a subset of Global Flight Ops. Assumptions can be dangerous they say? I'm really struggling with how useful the wx printout would be, if it's pulling from ATIS and its limited range. In real life, wouldn't the flight crew be getting destination weather via ACARS many, many nm away, so that they could properly program the correct STAR and runway?
  13. "so you will have to be close to the airport to get the weather." So, if I am still 300 nm from my destination EHAM (flying over, say, Berlin at cruise), and my wx source is set to "sim", will it give me the weather over Berlin (where I'm presently flying), or will it give me the weather at EHAM at that moment?
  14. I have the full name at avsim, mainly because of the PMDG forum, which requires it. There's a little concern for privacy, but in for a penny, in for a pound I guess...i.e. the name is out there already. As an aside, I really like the way you guys run your forum. Other notable forums are not handled as well, in my opinion.
  15. Oops! Sorry KBUR71. I was in a hurry and glanced over things too quickly. Hope to see some more helos in AFS2 going forward.
  16. MP Design Studio has an Aerospatiale Lama helicopter. The Lama is a high-altitude specialist version of the Gazelle / Alouette. It can handle Lukla and even higher -- up to 41,000 feet if I recall the record-setting altitude it set, correctly.
  17. I hope Emi comes around here some still. Real-world input and insight is always so nice to have for guys like me, who only fly from a chair. Plus he is always professional and nice.
  18. I once read that the upper air winds over Japan and Kamchatka can create the fastest tailwinds in the world. I wonder if any of you have heard that? Anyway, I have been flying over the U.S. lately, and encountered some really high winds. Last night I was flying over Oklahoma (KMCI to KDFW) and had 120 knot headwinds. I think the highest A318/319/320/321 ground speed I have seen so far is about 610 in recent memory. I'm sure in all my years of flight sim, that I have beaten that though.
  19. You could set these types of programs up with "average" values. I say that because Otto is right that your V-speeds and climb etc. will not always be the same for every flight. So for example, in LittleNavMap I have some values for the buses but they are generic/average/typical climb/descent in my opin you can set your Pro Atc X up the same way. Frederic's suggestion above is good, as your descent above FL240 should be higher than the 1000 you have in your Pro ATC X screenshot. 3500 as Frederic suggests is closer to what I would use. I think I use something like 3000 for my DC-10 and it seems to work well most of the time. These programs are not perfect, you as the pilot have to be ready to intervene with your vertical speed at a moments notice.
  20. I wanted to test this (intercepting a localizer) -- so I flew from Bogota, Colombia to Panama City, Panama last night. I was able to intercept the ILS at Panama. Maybe you are trying to intercept at too great an angle? Sometimes I help it by reducing my intercept angle to much less (using heading mode to get close, the switching over to LOC).
  21. Ok thanks. I didn't realize I had to hit CTRL+F12 to get to the GSX menu, but after skimming that part of the manual I am better off. I am very new to GSX I did rename the GSXCARGO.cfg to GSX.CFG and it did load up a pallet of stuff onto the AIA cargo DC-8. (that was neat, but it was only one pallet). I renamed the other .cfg to GSXPAX.cfg and will alternate depending on what I fly.
  22. The external air green light seems to behave strangely on my system. Sometimes it lights up, sometimes it doesn't light up at all. The good news is, clicking on it does turn on/off the external air.
  23. It seems like with every minor release Lockheed-Martin are implementing more GPU-side things (like dynamic lighting, and PBR) and now we're getting add-ons with dynamic rain effects and even bugs on the windscreen. I agree with the others that 1070 or 1080 is the minimum I would want going forward -- and lean toward more graphics memory rather than less (i.e. if you have a choice between 6 GB card and 8 GB card, go with the 8 GB card.) I say this with an eye toward what LM will do in the future, which we don't exactly know, but have a vague idea -- and gpu memory seems key particularly if you decide to go to a 4K display. I don't know what the prices will be for the 2060 cards, but they might settle into a nice price-to-performance spot eventually.
  24. On the Ground Services panel, when I turn off External Air, is the green light supposed to go out?
  25. Do you happen to have the GSX profile for the cargo version handy? I would make my own profile but I'm pretty inexperienced with GSX and not sure how to tie a scissors-loader to the cargo door.
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