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  1. This looks really good! And that airport is in a neat setting, Tatry area. If I may ask, how easy was it for you to get pictures of the airport and airport objects/buildings? For example, the radar structures -- did they let you go out there and take pics right next to the radar and radar buildings? Or did you rely on some internet source for photos?
  2. Thank YOU for the LACSA carga livery -- it is looking great. I can see KMIA to MROC with this one soon.
  3. Budapest? Cargo ops? That's interesting -- did you ever see any Arrow Air Cargo DC-10's (or even DC-8's before that) flying into LHBP? I've heard they flew in there but wasn't sure...
  4. That is a bold and neat livery. I wonder what font that is? A person would maybe have to find that logo or patch it on there if doing a livery for that.
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