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  1. I use P3D, and have never had that problem. Wherever that thread is you are referring to, it might be best to post in there. That way all of the posts about that specific problem would be in one place.
  2. Wow, at 2:35 a Kelowna Flightcraft (KF) cargo Convair 580! They might be the last operator of that one.
  3. Exactly what hydraulic problem are you seeing?
  4. Oh my. This DC-8 pilot is an even bigger DC-10 fanatic.
  5. You should definitely open a support ticket/thread That error occurs when you have multiple entries of the same aircraft -- it sounds like in your uninstalls something didn't get cleaned up. As for your low performance, you need to look at Task Manager, Performance Tab for your cpu core usages. You cannot simply rely on the overall cpu usage because your interest is in the P3D main thread, typically Core0 cpu usage. THAT is what will determine your fps in sim, primarily. Another thing you need to look at, while the sim is behaving badly at 7-8 fps, is in Task Manager, running applications. You have good hardware, so something has to be eating your cpu cycles at that time...running apps will tell you what is using the cpu. Also remember that presently in P3Dv4.5HF2 with all but the newest gfx cards, if you run SSAA+HDR at night it will kill your framerate (I have the same gpu as you do, and I have a "night" config saved in P3D, that uses MSAA antialiasing at night. MSAA+HDR is ok on my 1080ti.) I think people with the newer 2xxx cards (like 2080ti) don't have this problem as much. But I would open a support ticket/thread and they will help you sort it all out.
  6. Or, once you get permission to release it with others textures, you could put it out as-is, as freeware, and call it a version 0.1/alpha. You may be surprised at how many people will use it, and want to improve it, asking your permission to do so.
  7. I think your texturing is plenty good enough for me! I used gmax a decade ago. I'm thinking about re-learning some program like Blender or 3DSMax. Is Blender pretty simple to learn? I used to despise UVW mapping in gmax. Where did you get your pictures of that hangar?
  8. I use KTNT (Dade-Collier Training And Transition) airport to practice approaches. It's a big jet-capable runway in the middle of the Florida Everglades. It's not far from KMIA if you want to fly out to KTNT. It has an RNAV approach published as I recall, but I think no ILS. Anyway you can certainly do a bunch of patterns there without much other traffic. The KMIA approaching aircraft should be well above your pattern altitude. I use KTNT for familiarizing with a new-to-me aircraft. Like the A330
  9. You are not the only one. I tested this tonight. The APU running sounds are heard even if you switch to another window, whereas the other CRJ sounds mute as they should. The "mute on lost focus" toggle in the sim General / Sound settings has no effect on this behavior. I don't think you reinstalling will change anything. I think this is probably a by-product of the sound scheme used for the APU, operating as it is. I do not know if this can be changed, but I'm sure Mr. H might be able to tell us.
  10. Wow, thanks for pointing that out. That's perfectly fine with me!
  11. Ah the GFO / ACARS thingy? That's a good thing to work on. Since this is a long-range aircraft -- one thing that might be neat to implement, would be a way to get destination weather via ACARS, which I assume is how the real pilots get that info (?). Right now, I have to go to ActiveSky prior to descent to get that info, which is ok, but if someone knows of a different way to get dest weather, I'm all ears.
  12. What Otto said, above, is good plus I would experiment with turning off FXAA. FXAA can blur fine items like fonts / gauges.
  13. I wonder where the horses were on the plane? I wouldn't think they would fit below, in the normal pax-configured aircraft cargo area. Maybe this was a combi aircraft?
  14. This may have been posted before by someone else, but I came across some youtube videos of CRJ (I think CRJ900) cockpit flows at various stages of flight. For example, here is the link to the 3rd video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKaEvHQICDA ...and if you enter "skywest captain flow" in the youtube search box you'll find the rest of them. They are interesting points of reference for sure.
  15. I read about RSVM once but can't remember the particulars -- but safe to say, Eastbound, I do odd thousands (31, 33, 35, 37 thousand feet), and westbound, I do even thousands. I think there are rules about adding 500 feet to those altitudes, too. I don't know what AI you use but I would hope the AI I use (UTLive) does have that type of separation -- but I've never really checked.
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