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  1. I wanted to test this (intercepting a localizer) -- so I flew from Bogota, Colombia to Panama City, Panama last night. I was able to intercept the ILS at Panama. Maybe you are trying to intercept at too great an angle? Sometimes I help it by reducing my intercept angle to much less (using heading mode to get close, the switching over to LOC).
  2. Mace_RB

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Ok thanks. I didn't realize I had to hit CTRL+F12 to get to the GSX menu, but after skimming that part of the manual I am better off. I am very new to GSX I did rename the GSXCARGO.cfg to GSX.CFG and it did load up a pallet of stuff onto the AIA cargo DC-8. (that was neat, but it was only one pallet). I renamed the other .cfg to GSXPAX.cfg and will alternate depending on what I fly.
  3. Mace_RB

    new ground services (shift-5) panel

    The external air green light seems to behave strangely on my system. Sometimes it lights up, sometimes it doesn't light up at all. The good news is, clicking on it does turn on/off the external air.
  4. It seems like with every minor release Lockheed-Martin are implementing more GPU-side things (like dynamic lighting, and PBR) and now we're getting add-ons with dynamic rain effects and even bugs on the windscreen. I agree with the others that 1070 or 1080 is the minimum I would want going forward -- and lean toward more graphics memory rather than less (i.e. if you have a choice between 6 GB card and 8 GB card, go with the 8 GB card.) I say this with an eye toward what LM will do in the future, which we don't exactly know, but have a vague idea -- and gpu memory seems key particularly if you decide to go to a 4K display. I don't know what the prices will be for the 2060 cards, but they might settle into a nice price-to-performance spot eventually.
  5. On the Ground Services panel, when I turn off External Air, is the green light supposed to go out?
  6. Mace_RB

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Do you happen to have the GSX profile for the cargo version handy? I would make my own profile but I'm pretty inexperienced with GSX and not sure how to tie a scissors-loader to the cargo door.
  7. Mace_RB

    Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    Thank YOU for the LACSA carga livery -- it is looking great. I can see KMIA to MROC with this one soon.
  8. Mace_RB

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Play with the children, they don't stay children long enough! And congrats on the update!
  9. Mace_RB


    "indefatigable" -- ha ha -- Wow that's a big word (although not as big as some German words i've seen) and it's a good one to describe this. Nice job. Although I will say, I had a tale of woe tonight from the printer, as I messed up a landing at MGGT (a short hop from MSLP, in the 2012 Taca livery, one of Holgi's) and I will not reveal the contents of the printer report...too embarassing. I'm still working on these tough Central American mountainous approaches...but they make you tough and a better pilot I suppose.
  10. Mace_RB

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    There is a fuel and payload loader coming, and a button for external air and power I think.
  11. I would say that's a good offer -- and you know it's good equipment for FSX since PatrickZ used it for that purpose. I will add some advice, since I have some experience rebuilding Dell workstations. On the Dell tower -- sometimes (depending on the Optiplex model and vintage) those towers are more difficult to open up than a standard case, but it can be done, just takes some patience seeing how Dell put it together. Having said that it should be an ATX case and should be able to handle the new-to-you motherboard, once you get the old board out of it. Your existing 255 watt power supply may be marginal. But my thought was that power supplies are relatively cheap. For example I recently bought an 800 watt eVGA psu for $53 (it was on sale, but you get my point). And you do not need a power supply of that wattage, either, so you should be able to pick up a new, more powerful psu for less than that. If your gfx card doesn't require the extra power hookup, then your 255 may suffice.
  12. All of that for 130 pound sterling? I know that is more in U.S. Dollars, but that still seems like a pretty good deal for an FSX machine. Is your present video card still working? Assuming it is PCI-E you could consider re-using it in the new machine, although certainly a newer card like a 1050 or 1060 would be better.
  13. Dynamic Lighting isn't PBR. What he said was that in their testing PBR doesn't show any meaningful load on the GPU. That is what I heard as well at AVSIM. Now, dynamic lighting is another animal. As you say, dynamic lighting with SSAA can kill performance, although with 4.3 that improved somewhat.
  14. You are going to have to dial back the settings a lot, to run at 4K resolution at 30 fps+ at AI-heavy places like Heathrow with that cpu/vidcard. Which quad-core cpu are you looking at?
  15. Mace_RB

    Next update?

    This is a 1960's era DC-8 they have modelled. Can you expand on what you mean?