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    It's not like it wants to trim itself. Infact it trimms itself! Thats called autotrim and is an important feature of airbus aircraft. However you should be able to trim on short final and during takeoff as the flight law changes and these features are inhibited in this flight phases. PS. As a A320 FO i can say that the airbus x really is tricky to land. The reaction to the.pitch sidestick inputs during the approach before the law changes are way to slow and not nearly enough to handle the pitch in a correct way.
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    Well, I was getting into holiday mode. This You tube Vid features CorfuX, AES 2.1 ( any more will have the superb 2.23 and the paint jobs!) and the iFly with FS2 Crew. Cheers.
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    Decided to stay away from aircraft closeups this time.... Here's how spotting at Corfu X is done near your hotel in a warm summer evening Good luck all!
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    There is a control lock that needs releasing. The ready to fly option is a cheat. You should use the manual to learn to do it properly. You need to use the manual anyway to learn about limitations & consequences or you will be sitting around a long time while your mechanic fixes things. The deliberate policy was to make this bird cost you simming time if you didnt use it right. And even switching to simple mode still needs the manual to function correctly as there are a number of non-standard tools and functions! There's no substitute for taking it step-by-step, but it is rewarding.
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    It would be helpful to know if this is a new install or if it's an old one and the controls used to work. Other things that can help us help you is knowing your OS and confirmation you have SP2 or the Acceleration version installed for FSX. I used to use that same controller set-up, so it's not that. One thing (among so many) you'll learn from the manual is there is a control lock. While it doesn't lock the rudders IIRC, that may be part of your problem with elevator and ailerons. Also, if they used to work and they no longer do AND you're using "Pro" mode, it's possible is that you broke them and you need to do maintenance. I've never heard of that failure mode, but you never know. How to accomplish maintenance is another good reason to read the manual. One other thing...the Do likes to have a default aircraft like the Cessna 172 loaded first. Once at your favorite airport, then load the Do.

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