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    Hallo, Ich finde wirklich unrecht, wegen nicht mehr Update für Mega Zurich Airport FSX, wegen nur P3D! nur Blä Blä! Unverschämt! Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 Professional has been updated to Version Release Version - Added addon.xml support - Added ASupdater - Added Taxiway B7 and L7. - Added Ramp G and Ramp W. - Fixed stop bars facing the wrong direction at E8 and R8 - Included original sized ortho textures. - Adjusted taxiway E to match current layout. - Added new building site next to the fire department - Added building site for terminal extension / new backage sytem (old swiss buildings removed) - Added 'The Circle' (opening planned in 2021) - Added 'Heli Grill'
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