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  1. Hello. Is there an LUA script number for FOV=wide/narrow? The RIO's switch is hard to see? Also, I find I need "ATTK" mode before I can get the weapon release symbology up? Thanks.
  2. herky20

    RIO Stick?

    Note to the devs here. I have FSUIPC registered version. Assuming you need to use FSUIPC to get at the LUA codes.... The RIO stick input numbers are incorrect. Using the numbers in the manual does not move the RIO cursor. RIO STICK INPUT (INC)  Parameter (Press): 270  Parameter (Release): none RIO STICK INPUT (DEC)  Parameter (Press): 271  Parameter (Release): none RIO STICK DDD (CURSER)  Parameter (Press): 272  Parameter (Release): none RIO STICK TID (CURSER)  Parameter (Press): 273  Parameter (Release): none RIO STICK RADAR (SLEW)  Parameter (Press): 274 RIO STICK FLIR (SLEW)  Parameter (Press): 275  Parameter (Release): none Anyone know which ones work? Or can there be a patch please? Regards David
  3. herky20

    RIO Stick?

    Hello all. Just got the Tomcat for P3dv4. I realise the aircraft was never intended to drop bombs and as a fleet defence fighter sim its superb! The Carrier is superb! The Air to Air aspect appears to be functional. However, I am reading the manual and having great trouble figuring out how to use the targeting pod with laser guided bombs. Never mind the JDAM? So how do you get the RIO's stick to move the targeting cursor on the DDI? The targeting pod appears fixed to the gun cross. Has the sim run out of animations, or was this function omitted from the model? The manual ,makes reference to slewing the target crosshairs over an AI object. How is this done? There is no movement or assignment of the RIO's stick? "The target source is dictated by the aircraft's flight mode. Setting the F-14's flight mode to A/G will set the LANTIRN to A/G and track ground targets. Any other flight mode will set the LANTIRN to A/A and track aerial targets. To initiate an IR track, slew the target crosshairs over an AI object and press the G1000 MFD Cursor Select [Key event]. In point mode, the Laser Target designator is only available with A/G IR track. Once a track is obtained, the TacPack Trigger button is used to designate a target, only then will Laser Target Data appear. " I have the Superbug and the latest Tacpack for 64 bit No issues with the Superbug, all functions work. However this is a multi role strike fighter. I also have the SWS Phantom, again without issues. I again apologise for asking how to use this aircraft as a bomber, but the features are seemingly in the simulator, but I can not seem to get it working. The manual makes hints at using LUA with FSUIPC...I have no idea how this works! Oh and by the way, also I see the autopilot Alt Hold has a Porpoise effect when trying to hold altitude? But this could be my early attempts to use it properly? Best regards David
  4. I can not get any Jetways to move in Mega Scenery Airport LSZH? Ctrl + J does not work? Is it supposed to, with the new scenery AES Lite, or is it as before, they don't work unless you have purchased AES credits? Thanks David
  5. Yes, Config was set with sim not running. EGLL_AFX-EURO-TN Just that one AFX file has the ending BGL. Did my install go ok. I upload a couple of images from the scenery? Regards David
  6. I purchased this scenery from Just Flight under their made for P3dv4 category. The flickering on certain buildings is too great a distraction for me. Has this really been tested in P3dv4? The graphics all look very "flat", not like I would expect for a scenery developed for a 64 bit simulator. I must say I am disappointed, with this product.
  7. Hello. Recently purchased and installed Mega Airport Heathrow into P3dv4. The Configuration menu to select landing and take off runways does not function? Choices are ; 1.both runways used take off and landing. 2.North runway for take off south runway for landing 3.South runway for take off north runway for landing. Only the first option works, no matter what you set in the Config tool! thanks regards David
  8. Thanks guys. Trust me to pick gate 101 that's out of service! So the ground radar dishes are u/s as well! As for the flickering graphics, it's only on certain buildings seen from a distance. Early days yet for P3dv4, must be more to come? Regards. David
  9. Hello Gerald. You have no way to tune the course when FMS1 or FMS2 is the navigation source. That information is pre programmed in the FMC..Is it not? Only in Nav source VOR/Loc1 or 2 can you tune the course, since its only relevant in that mode. The Navigation source is clearly depicted on the PFD and the MCDU, in green letters for VOR1, Yellow text for VOR2 and white letters for FMC1 and FMC2. So no need for tool tips. Also you can cross switch the Nav source sides between first officer and PF. The first officer then shows in blue text on the PF MFD. The centre button on the Nav source "Push X-Side" does the job. Are you deleting the previous star or are you setting up a new STAR in the SEC flight plan and then making the SEC flight plan active? That is the usual procedure for an altered runway/STAR. Regards David
  10. I attach some screenshots of the gates A 109 through to A 176. I am at A 101 the non rotating Radr towers are in the background, I am afraid you will have to take my word that they don't rotate! The flickering graphics are only present at night/dusk and would require a video to demonstrate this. Best Regards David
  11. I have finally "upgraded" to the 64 bit Prepared. I am looking for scenery that exploits the technology. I replaced my LSZH with the 64 bit version and it's superb! I recently purchased EGLL and found a few strange anomalies. There are jet blast barriers blocking the first "A" gates in the scenery. These are incorrectly placed and spoil the scenery. The radar dish receivers do not rotate. I am not aware if this is an intended animation omission, however it's a disappointment considering it's a Mega Scenery Airport add on and in 64 bits as well? We don't have any VAS limits anymore! At dusk, there are some flickering airport buildings, as the lighting illuminates. These are the negative points, no doubt easily corrected in an update, which I look forward to. Best regards David
  12. Hi there Mr Reaper. I was a beta tester for the MCE integration of the CRJ. I began with V1 of the CRJ and flew one of the tutorial flights with MCE still in beta. I continued to help develop the MCE integration with the updated CRJ, to ensure complete first officer compatibility. I am a committed believer in flying with a first officer, especially in commercial aircraft simulators. These are not flown single crewed in real life, so it's my belief they should not be flown single crewed in a simulation, that is if you want to fly a simulation and not a "game". The CRJ follows the real life flows and checklists as closely as my skills knowledge and experience are aware, when flown with Multi Crew Experience. There is only one system switch on the CRJ flight deck that is not supported by MCE....If anyone can find it, I doff my cap to them! Just one point you make about the EFB (or Dave), since he is a touch screen I surmise the crew haven't enabled any touch click sound, so like the tablet I am typing on, it's silent! I did a series of six videos, each exploring further functions of the CRJ integration and eventually extending the range of commands the first officer could perform. The result is a simulation of a "pilots aircraft" a definition I use for this very pleasing simulation. As no simulation can run exactly the same on everyone's PC, no one can experience a perfect flight each time. A strange analogy to real life, wherein we frequently experience "failures" and MEL issues. The variety of which are numerous. For the "doubters" of suspending disbelief, which is what we strive to achieve in Flight Simulators, I would say fly this CRJ with MCE and follow the flows and checklists closely, you will experience a fine piece of work. The first officer has no concerns with any switches that appear to some to be difficult to select. I will link the very first video in the series, the tutorial flights from KLAX to Monterey. Best regards. David.
  13. I have half a dozen videos up in my You Tube channel as I beta tested this aircraft with Multi Crew Experience. The aircraft performs extremely well. The MCE product is complete and works perfectly with the CRJ. I deleted the C++2015 VC runtime that came with the simulation, since I already had this runtime installed and the new one did not appear to run well with my original. That was my only issue. Easily resolved and nothing to do with the aircraft simulation, more with my PC files! No two computers are identical! This aircraft demands that the manuals are read and understood before flying it. My compliments to Hans for a lovely simulation. I won't be downloading the update, no need! The CRJ performs just fine. Perhaps those simulator pilots struggling with the aircraft need a first officer! Now available from MCE! Best regards David
  14. Thanks for the info Tom. The CRJ has almost everything a sim pilot could want, a nice WX would be icing on the cake! Best regards David
  15. For a single developer this is a work of art. Great simulation! The Airbus weather radar worked with REX clouds and FSGRW. So does the WX Radar in the MJC 8. As you rightly point out these were larger teams of devs. I was hoping one of the Airbus devs could pop the WX Radar code in the mailbox to Hans, so he could implement it! As it stands that MCDU screen will not be seeing any use, in my CRJ. DCLUB, I too saw this in a manual for the manager. But looking at my latest actual manager, there is no check box for any weather radar. Best regards David
  16. OK. I must have read an older manual which stated that if you have either the REX WX ADVANTAGE radar or A S weather installed the aircraft will detect the installation and work accordingly. To be honest, the REX WX radar never worked as well as the weather radar in the Aerosoft Airbus series. Why couldn't the Airbus WX system be used in the Aerosoft CRJ? I thought the Airbus radar was very well implemented! But what do I know? Cheers. Regards David
  17. Hello Mathijs, I have the REX WX weather radar installed. However, I don't have the Active Sky weather engine. I have REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and FS Global Real Weather. I don't have any weather on the MCDU weather page. I presume that I need both installed to have a working weather radar? Regards David
  18. I too noticed there is no weather radar option in the CRJ manager. It probably only gets installed if the installer detects Active Sky and REX weather radar, installed on your system? I have the REX weather radar installed, but no Active Sky weather, I use FSGRW and REX TD/SC. Therefore I assumed that the weather radar option is not available to me. Certainly I do not see any weather displayed on the weather MFDU. Best regards. David
  19. Well said sir. In a post I made in another thread about this issue, Mr Kok directed me to this one, after closing the thread! I have altered all these files, mentioned in this thread and still have a faulty Madeira X Evolution install. Please see attached pictures. That's just the end of the runway, the rest of the elevated scenery is, quite frankly, a mess! I have Windows 7 pro, Orbx (full world install), and some Aerosoft Airports which work. I do not expect to pay £25 for a scenery and encounter problems which demand that I have to alter the scenery folder files structure. I received an email back from Aerosoft Support saying they are working on a patch for this scenery so obviously there is an issue, in spite of what Mr Kok says about many people having no issues! Yes there are issues and software should be properly beta tested before release. Best regards David
  20. Well, I was getting into holiday mode. This You tube Vid features CorfuX, AES 2.1 ( any more will have the superb 2.23 and the paint jobs!) and the iFly with FS2 Crew. Cheers.
  21. Thanks Oliver. I have a couple of You Tube flight vids, that feature AES http://youtu.be/s_mHtEkcYrg http://youtu.be/jdEyZLV3INQ I was wondering if you have any plans for some more airport workers? The cleaners in their van, for example. The new marshall and catering truck drivers are superb! Thanks again, you work enables FSX to suspend disbelief.
  22. Hi All. Here is an FSX flight from Vienna ( MegaAirport, Aerosoft) to Zurich (MegaAirport, Aerosoft) in the iFLY 737 with FS2 Crew. The star of the show is A.E.S 2.1. Thanks Oliver, nice work. http://youtu.be/s_mHtEkcYrg Enjoy the flight. Cheers.
  23. Hi all. I did a little video of AES 2.1. As a thanks to Oliver and Aerosoft. http://youtu.be/jdEyZLV3INQ AES is evolving nicely. If the cleaners can jump out of the van and board.... Now that would be cool! I see that the doors to the water truck also open and the gate on his platform also moves. This suggests that all we need are some people models!!! Thanks for a nice add on! Cheers. EDIT. By the way chaps....I have just discovered the Buses! I am attempting a new video over the next week or so and hope to include these. The "flexi-bus" and the other bus with the superb drivers who wait patiently at the door of their vehicles for passengers to board. You must be on a Ramp, ie, not at a gate to see these. These are very well done.....The detail is superb. I cant help thinking how cool it would be to see the passengers walk off the aircraft and board the bus !..... Well done Oliver! This is a marvellous enhancement! Just shows what can be done with FSX, if you know how! Thanks again.
  24. Well....I made a video........ http://youtu.be/6EpYp0xIHp0 There's another one of Madeira soon. Thanks aerosoft for AES. Regards David
  25. Michael, Your ATI GPU has 1024 MB. How much of that are you using when you are flying the approach. At OEV16 +8500? I have Nvidia GTX 580. Using the NV Inspector I see 600MB ( AA at 8) and 900MB (AA at 16). But my GTX has 3 GB ( Never uses it though) I see 2GB FSX + 900MB for the GTX 580=2.9GB VAS used total. No CTD's. What I am implying is, perhaps you are OOM with the NGX. They use 4096 graphics, thats probably why they intend to include a toggle "switch" in SP1? This is supposed to give the user the option of turning down the graphics to 2048/1024. If you have the ifly 737 and can do the same approach............NGX is under suspicion? At OEV16 you are quite low ( the houses are bigger!) and the terrain+aircraft is being modelled at a high rate. At 4096, especially if you have a weather add on (REX) and run high AA settings, the memory will be heavly used....Just a thought.
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