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  1. Well said sir. In a post I made in another thread about this issue, Mr Kok directed me to this one, after closing the thread! I have altered all these files, mentioned in this thread and still have a faulty Madeira X Evolution install. Please see attached pictures. That's just the end of the runway, the rest of the elevated scenery is, quite frankly, a mess! I have Windows 7 pro, Orbx (full world install), and some Aerosoft Airports which work. I do not expect to pay £25 for a scenery and encounter problems which demand that I have to alter the s
  2. Well, I was getting into holiday mode. This You tube Vid features CorfuX, AES 2.1 ( any more will have the superb 2.23 and the paint jobs!) and the iFly with FS2 Crew. Cheers.
  3. Thanks Oliver. I have a couple of You Tube flight vids, that feature AES http://youtu.be/s_mHtEkcYrg http://youtu.be/jdEyZLV3INQ I was wondering if you have any plans for some more airport workers? The cleaners in their van, for example. The new marshall and catering truck drivers are superb! Thanks again, you work enables FSX to suspend disbelief.
  4. Hi All. Here is an FSX flight from Vienna ( MegaAirport, Aerosoft) to Zurich (MegaAirport, Aerosoft) in the iFLY 737 with FS2 Crew. The star of the show is A.E.S 2.1. Thanks Oliver, nice work. http://youtu.be/s_mHtEkcYrg Enjoy the flight. Cheers.
  5. Hi all. I did a little video of AES 2.1. As a thanks to Oliver and Aerosoft. http://youtu.be/jdEyZLV3INQ AES is evolving nicely. If the cleaners can jump out of the van and board.... Now that would be cool! I see that the doors to the water truck also open and the gate on his platform also moves. This suggests that all we need are some people models!!! Thanks for a nice add on! Cheers. EDIT. By the way chaps....I have just discovered the Buses! I am attempting a new video over the next week or so and hope to include these. The "flexi-bus" and the other bus with t
  6. Well....I made a video........ http://youtu.be/6EpYp0xIHp0 There's another one of Madeira soon. Thanks aerosoft for AES. Regards David
  7. Michael, Your ATI GPU has 1024 MB. How much of that are you using when you are flying the approach. At OEV16 +8500? I have Nvidia GTX 580. Using the NV Inspector I see 600MB ( AA at 8) and 900MB (AA at 16). But my GTX has 3 GB ( Never uses it though) I see 2GB FSX + 900MB for the GTX 580=2.9GB VAS used total. No CTD's. What I am implying is, perhaps you are OOM with the NGX. They use 4096 graphics, thats probably why they intend to include a toggle "switch" in SP1? This is supposed to give the user the option of turning down the graphics to 2048/1024. If you have the ifly 737 and
  8. http://forum.avsim.n...ry/page__st__50 Have a look at the last posts 51,52 and 53. Is it a memory exception due to scenery .bgl's, or is it an exception when in FMC flight? The last poster states that if he flew without the FMC programmed ( PMDG 747) he was free of CTD's. I know he's talking about PNW, but also has CTD at LOWI. Its a tricky problem. There are numerous possible conflicts. Its tying it down to the culpret that counts.
  9. Thanks Shaun. I found another post with this issue, same resolution. Now I have removed the duplicate .bgl's its fine. ( The fact I have three Scenery.cfg files doesn't help, but I know where they are now! May I say Madeira is a wonderful scenery add on, the detail, colour and frame friendly package is superb!
  10. OK Guys, I believe I have solved my issue. I had duplicate airport scenery files. What was confusing me was that I "fell through" the runway from the parking ramp start, ending up below the runway? Like I was in slew mode. Anyway, I think its resolved. The extra runway bgl came from ADE ( Airport design editor) I do not recall using it to modify the airport, however, deleting all the .ade files for LPMA, resolved the issue. Hope this will help anyone else with similar issue. Regards David.
  11. I have just purchased Madeira scenery. LPMA airport is at 150',When I start on the runway, I am below the level of the runway. I am sat on a blue invisible runway with cars underneath and large "stilts at the side. The FSX map shows the runway to be at 700'. There is obviously something wrong with the "mesh"? I have tried the "fix" in the instructions.Page 32.The APX43200.bgl is already named as APX43200.madeira and the cvx4320.bgl is named cvx4320.madeira.? The other airport LPPS is OK. It LPMA runway thats not at the correct altitude. The Taxi ways and ramps are at 500+ feet w
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