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  1. Pressing CLR doesnt clear the scratchpad in the CDU. Pressing DELETE places "DELETE" in the scratchpad and I cant delete that with CLR. Thanks
  2. Selecting hold, I see the CDU displays the parameters. I execute it but I cant get any hold? I can not see any hold on the ND? Thanks
  3. Selecting NDB to display doesnt appear to work. I cant see any on the ND? Thanks
  4. At the moment, patch, I only have issues when the CRJ is attempting to fly a SID. Its reluctant to auto update to the next WP in the SID. It requires multiple Dirto corrections anf repeated Nav pushes? Thanks
  5. Same here I definately didnt use pause, yet the cabin pressure system was broken. The overhead cabin pressure switches dont seem to work and the emergency de pressure system doesnt work either. Good job weve no PAX...just an annoying message! Cheers
  6. All I can add is that I just flew the "Dudes" route, EDLP to EDDM. Route loaded direct from SimBrief. Live weather. Perfect flight. ILS LOC/GS tracked perfectly! Descent done, prior to ILS capture, with VNav following altitude constraints spot on. Dunno what was fixed, but I uninstalled, then reinstalled and added patch Im going to quit while Im ahead! I video recorded the landing in case there was any doubt! Thanks
  7. Above gate 5 there is a floating sign that is 100 m in the air above the terminal. Can this be fixed please? Its a blemish on an otherwise good airfield! Thanks
  8. This is rather disconcerting. I put update on and flew two short flights using FMS and HDG to align with LOC/GS. EGHQ to EGTE. Selecting APPR, the aircraft flew perfect ILS captures? Yesterday, on a lonish flight from EGNT to EGHQ the APPR did not work? I am importing the FP from SimBrief and I am thinking that perhaps that has something to do with the failure to capture ILS, when using APPR after a full flight? I bought Simwings EDDM and dont experience an issue with ILS capture on APPR? Seems like every time I fl
  9. I have just seen this behaviour. Approaching EGHQ, ILS 110.5, (RW12,) tuned both sides. Select Appr and I see HDG VGP. ILS (LOC and GS dont arm). This after a full flight from EGNT using flight plan from SimBrief. I tried again, just doing a take off and circuit from EGHQ and everyhting worked normally! Selected Appr and got LOC1 + GS. So it appears to be an intermittant bug? Ive even gone back to the initial install to try to determine if the CRJ update did something? Still intermittant bug in both and 1.0.01.
  10. Hi, my fix is; I uninstalled the CRJ(with 1.0.1 patch) I reinstalled the original version (1.0). I had kept the file from the original purchase. My ILS is now working 100% correctly. I think this is a proof that some code, in the CRJ update patch, broke something in the FMS? Anyway thats my finding, for what its worth. Best regards David
  11. I'm sorry, but after the update CRJ patch my CRJ wont aquire an ILS? The Appr button stays illuminated even if I select it to off. Ive tried now at five airports in MSFS. EGNT, EGCC, EGKK, EGHQ and EGGP. Yes all the frequencies are correcty entered. Ive tried an auto FMS approach, a HDG approach and manual, all onto, what should be the LOC with the GS carret above my entry. I did have success before the patch but now sadly not so? Perhaps I should reinstall the CRJ? Thanks.
  12. Ive re-flown the route 4 more times. Once in the FBW Neo, to compare accuracy! Im getting consistent route following with the FMS now. I have a 20 knot X-Wind component. It seems OK. Two more issues have surfaced however. In the climb out from EGCC to 5000' (first SID constraint), the aircraft will consistently overshoot the altitude constraint. Going to 6000'++. This is with Speed climb mode and speed set at 182 (+10 Vref) P2ATC gets upset! Also in the climb out, after AP select on, unless I select NAV twice ( deselect and reselect) the aircraft
  13. OK, so I re flew the exact route. EGCC EGKK with same SimBrief flight plan, but an hour later. So had slightly different wind conditions, as SimBrief updated the weather for the FMS download.. (MSFS Live weather) I had no problems with the FMS following the route, for the second flight? The wind was almost identical. I have flown the CRJ in P3d for very many hours and in MSFS this is my favourite aircraft. So I am familiar with its systems. I must conclude that it was an Asobo Glitch that caused the aircraft to fly so poorly, as a one off? The o
  14. I put on the Aerosoft CRJ update patch today and I now see a poor LNav performance. Before patch all was fine? Specifically, aircraft rolling constantly as it "hunts" for the FMS track? Progress page shows XTK varies R and L over 1 NM as aircraft rolls left and right! Very unpleasant to fly now. Selecting HDG mode and all is well again. It looks loke the fault was in the FMS? In STAT page I see a "wing cowl A/I on", green message? Never seen that one before...does that make a difference? Winds were steady at 26 knots, 17 knot h
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