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    Nobody needs to redo their shots, and those without the information will be accepted. I happen to be in agreement with Airbasil, there are shots posted that do not appear to fit the theme. If you're confident with what you posted, leave it there.
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    Joe Has just finished a review of Corfu X at Mutleys hangar. His verdict was, "Overall, a very capable piece of scenery, it's very good in some areas but a bit below par in others. Anyone wanting a true and honest depiction of Corfu should buy this scenery without hesitation. I would have liked to have seen more bespoke autogen of well-known buildings as well as more detailing on some of the airport objects like the tower and VOR. I had to go out and find charts for LGKR, if for licensing reasons they could not be included then maybe links to online resources would have been nice." You can read the whole review here.
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    cough cough Yes I have ... ... for download, look in the downloadsection! Regards Holgi
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    Let me clarify that again: The project of Antarctica X has NEVER been split up also the developer of those Antarctic Stations has mentioned that due for whatever reason. He was never affiliated with Antarctica X in any way as a developer and has as much to do with LimeSim/Aerosoft as Taburet's aerial imagery sceneries have to do with the US Cities X series. In fact we had a telephone conversation almost a year ago where we agreed to work together in the matter of making both of our add-ons compatible. I agreed to drop the bases of Sanae IV and Neumayer to avoid having them twice in two add-ons while he agreed to stop development on his project until Antarctica X is far enough developed to make both compatible (in terms of terrain scenery). A few months after that conversation I was taken my surprise when those stations were released without any previous communication on making both of our projects compatible. That and the doubtful quality of that product (in my personal opinion - because you just get a few 3D objects placed in FSX default Antarctica) lead me to make SanaeIV and Neumayer a part of Antarctica X - also because of comments made by users in forums and a well-known FS news website. Just to let you know the backgrounds. I don't want anyone to get the nasty feeling that Antarctica X is something that has been left after a split up. In fact the features and bases covered have by far exceeded the original plans from that time when the scenery was announced 2 1/2 years ago (heck is that SO long ago already? ) Bests, Sascha
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    One single license sufficient for the entire system. regards, Peter

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