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    Hallo, es wird demnächst ein Update geben. Die Anflugbefeuerung wird insgesamt verbessert und natürlich auch die Führungslichter an der Küste. Noch ein klein wenig Geduld!
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    We are trying to update our 'average' customer (we call him Joe Thesimmer) and with this poll we like to find out what kind of hardware the users of this forum have. If you intend to update your hardware in the next two months, fill it in as if you already owned the new hardware! The poll will run for three weeks and if you leave a small comment you will be eligible for one of the 5 free downloads we'll give away at the end (we'll let fate decide who wins those 5). Any kind of comment will do, perhaps some loose idea you had, some nice words for a developer, an angry though you like the vent...
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    Guys. I know its a little premature, as phase 3 is not over, BUT I want to let you know that phase 4 will include the famous/infamous Lukla airport. If you want a great landing (read: Challenge) here, then Aerosoft´s Lukla is a MUST. The default lukla is flat and boring (Native FSX does not allow sloped runways) but Aerosoft fixed this, and has given us a fantastic airport - and if you are not used to crashing - you will get used to it now... SO - if you do not own Lukla - BUY IT NOW - or use your prize download...... You wont regret it.
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    The wall at the end of the runway in Lukla can stop any type of aircraft, so we are actually quite flexible in our choice.
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    The above pic is the start of the last leg.As i was running behind i had no chioce but to set off whilst the seun was setting , meaning we would arrive in honk kong in darkness, finishing with the popular IGS 13 approach : ^^^Too close for comfort^^^
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    Ok... Bought it yesterday. I really like the fact that it's not just the airport but also the surrounding island scenery is included. I'm not experiencing any problems.
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    Here is a video of a Ryan International Airlines 757 charter flight from Honolulu, Hawaii (PHNL) (Megascenery Hawaii X and FSDT PHNL) to Tahiti (NTAA) (Tahiti X). Enjoy!

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