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    Hello Jonas, The feature list below says it was available since V1.10 but if you have VFR London already you may just want to try buying the airport alone. Features: 120 km² of 3D cityscape30,000 building objects50,000 fill objects (vegetation, cranes, boats etc…)Day & night texturesNew ultra-high resolution (60cm) photographic scenery layerReflections on buildings where appropriate (e.g. glass etc..)Compatible with VFR England & Wales Vol. 1 - SouthIncl. London City Airport (from version 1.10)
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    I would like CYYZ as well. The freeware does not do it for me... David
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    First, take a peek at this thread: http://www.forum.aer...showtopic=27861 I think the comments are childish. I thought I knew some of the people there but obviously not. I develop Gardermoen ENGM for FSX, and have just finished all the gates with double-layer glasses. It has been a transparency Hell, and a very tough job, making things possible even if ACES broke transparency with SP2. I am a Freeware developer. I work half my life at sea, world wide, and often loose the net out there, meaning I have only half the year at home to nourish my hobby, not a full year like other people have. Check a few pics of the scenery here: http://www.flightsim...522424#comments No, I am not going to animate the gates. I already have ENGM with 14000 vertices and 16000 faces. I develop 16 other airports at the same time. I do all this alone. I am not even remotely interested in animation plus tons of extra work. So if you want animated gates, you'll have to make them yourselves, and do not blame me for saying no. This is my hobby and I decide. If the "market" should "decide" it is no hobby no more. AES looks nice (though I don't use it), and cheers to Oliver PS: You'll get three animated gates (50-51-53) anyway. Kindly delivered to you by Microsoft.
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    Mister Noname "Newmanix": Did you not always say that you are flying FS9? Minimum the half of your list is available, most as freeware in a good qualitiy for FS9. So where is you problem?
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    Wenn du die Konversationen hier etwas genauer verfolgt hättest, dann wär dir aufgefallen, dass das durchaus der Fall ist. Damit war eine Rückmeldung auf deinen Post überflüssig, da man bereits zuvor hier darauf aufmerksam gemacht worden war. Denn zwischen Download GA 3 und Box besteht kein Unterschied.
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    Your English is just fine Oliver and I do understand your point. As this is the general discussion area, I simply stated my observations here and my thoughts based on those observations. You say Mathijs ownes this site and can say what he wants, fair enough. But when Mathijs says certain things like: Europeans are the biggest demographic and there is no point in Aerosoft ever doing American sceneries but opens a office in America, he does open himself up to commentary. Because Aerosoft doesn't specailize in making sceneries, Mathijs answers for the external developers. Fine. But the way he answers for them sometimes, it's as if Aerosoft itself is the developer and controls what is and isn't developed. He says there is no point in making FS9 versions of certain sceneries due to sales when I find in reality, it's the actual developer who made that decision. So when he made that comment about not making American sceneries because of lack of US sales figures and then opens an office in the US, yes, I found that funny. I do think it's great that Aerosoft opened an office here, good for me. I simply hope that whomever is running that office gets a better understanding of the demographic here and we would like to see developed by Aerosoft and not just published. You, Oliver, have the ability and time to answer for your own product. And I'll bet you don't want anyone being a rep for AES other than you. I don't see AES as an Aerosoft product any more than I see Simwings or GAP as Aerosoft products. I think it's great that Aerosoft is here to support us, but then again, the product was purchased form Aerosoft so support is expected. Again my only point was to state my observation and if that is worth banning, then all products I have purchased and will purchase here can be purchased on other sites as well. I come for the product, I stay for the great service. Getting back on topic, I see the point why this thread was started. And I agree with it. When someone says: our marking shows there is little life in FS9 and more for FSX, it's just cannon fodder if that person wishes not to share those results espically when results elsewhere show there are far more people using FS9 addons over FSX. Even Virtuali said they get more downloads for FS9 than FSX. Captain Sim and PMDG says it just too difficult to develop for both platforms and FSX has more potential. But they have never said it was due to a decline in FS9 sales. But Mathijs says it's different here. Well, I say when you don't sell many new FS9 products, I say of cource you will see more FSX sales. Tell me Oliver, now that AES is ofically a FSX product, can you really say if FSX credits are more than FS9 credit sales? Surely there must be a way to measure. I'll bet, FS9 is very much out ranking FSX in that department. If Mathijs feels my observations and opinions were disrepectful, then no worries, I will keep all posts to support only questions in the future.
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    No, AES is not "official" a FSX Product. The situation in the shop, where Products are assigned to the FSX Kategorie, even when they are also FS2004 Products is a technical "problem" of the new shop software, where the stuff is still working on to get the products to both kategories in future and it is not a statement of aerosoft, that here are no FS2004 products anymore. How many of the AES users are nativ FS9 or FSX users, I can't say, because I can't see that. But as I have stated some posts before, I don't need to know it, because it is not important at the moment. I know, that the base of FS9 users is big enough at the moment to give them the possiblity to use AES there, that's all what I need to know. The desition of the development teams (like Simwings and others) or the internal development of Aerosoft, not to make a US Airportscenery at the moment is based on a long list of arguments, we (the responsable developers) will base on many points and there is the commercial aspect only one of a long lists of questions. Most of this teams need a local visit to the airports they develop, that is much easier for a airport in europe then in US, when you are based here in europe. The big airports interesting for an international market are all more or less allready done for the FS (most of them in both versions), so we can only talk about US airports of the second line. But, as long as we have a long list of major Airports in europe not done (like scandinavic airports for example), the desition to go there is much easier and the market in europe for this airports is big and (thats what Mathijs maybe mean) much better in the commercial performance over all then we can ever generate for a "domestic" Airport in US. The desition to make a sales office in a local market, has nothing to do with the desitions to make products of that area. If the local office will help to generate new customers for the market at all and this new customers will generate a new market for local products, it is good posible that arguments for a local project will grow. For the moment, we see the focus not in this direction.
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    Hi Oliver, Very well said. Lucky for us, we have FSDT. A group of Italians that don't even visit the US and yeld the best and accurate US sceneries ever created for FS. Oliver, keep up the great work on AES! And best wishes to the US office, I truly hope is will assist Aerosoft in boosting sales in this region of the world. Cheers!! newmanix BTW I hope we will see more Scandinavian sceneries too!! Word has it the new Billund airport scenery is complete for AES
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    Yes, but why don't we see more teams from the US in the community? When the FS community is as big as it could be, I whould expect, that there is also a possiblity to see a good team coming from there. For europe we see nearly in each country a good team, like for UK, France and Germany, but why is there no US Airport Team?
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    You have a very good point there Oliver! I do assume (although I may be wrong) that Imagine Sim, Fly Tampa, and Blue... yuck... Blueprint are US developers. But honestly I am not sure. I would have no problem investing in developing new sceneries but I personally don't have the knowledge and skill to do it myself. I guess since the Americans created the platform, the rest of the world should do the addons LOL! I haven't a clue honestly. What made you decide to create AES? I guess at some point you either had software development knowledge or taught yourself to do it on your own... I do wonder why we don't have more developers here though... Thank God for FSDT! :
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    Of course, but they are one of the less team, which have a full commercial intention, because some, maybe not all of the team members are fulltime developeres. And when you have a look to the projects they do, this are all airports, which are oriented to have a good success all over the world (like JFK,ORD, Vegas and Hawai) and that they are US airports is only a side effect. And I think, they will leave the area soon, when there is no more airports left, fitting to that goal. Flytampa is "half" US, Martin is German and only living near by the US. But in there Projects you see, that they make projects not only on the market oriented base, Martin in special makes project he like to do, where he has fun with. Based on his qualitiy he can be save, that there will be a market for his projects too. ImagineSim has started with airports mostly in US, maybe because several teammembers (also not all) are located there, but as you see, they have left the area too now and see a better success in other areas of the world. The most developers in the scene where "FS Users" at the beginning, then the combine there knowhow in IT, 3d Design or graphical artists with there hobby and then they come to a point, where the invested time grows or they move normal buisiness time to this area and so they start in the commercial part of the market. But the most do it beside there normal job and there are only a hand (maybe two) full of employeed developers in the howl addon market. This situation makes it diffcult to fullfill all request of the market, even when there is a commercial base possible. The most developers first ask themself, if they are interested to make a project and to take all the time to invest here, take all the risk for the success and then, in a second question, they look for which project has the best chance to make the overall benefit. Maybe the europian community is bigger or was bigger in the past, so that more of this "FS-Users" in the categroie above was generated, that will result in the situation, that the europian area is better stuffed and so we see more here.
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    Look amazing can't wait for it i want it now (((((((((wow i hope ur next project is Airbus A330 and A340
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    Ok Mathijs, here is some facts that you and Oliver might find funny. Even if I did have the skill and money to have my own development team, you might be surprised to know that my sceneries of focus would actually not be US airports at first but the following: Ruzyne Fiumicino Malpensa Genova Copenhagen Marselles Toulouse Vancouver Toronto Then My US airports would be: Spokanne LAX Pheonix Pittsburg Everything else I want either is FSX only or still in development... So having said that, I hope some developers will get on those very much left out important European airports! Cheers!
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    Once you release it, the market will decide, and not you. Users don't want airports with static gates.
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    Not no name Newmanix. Newmanix is from my last name which is Newman. My name is D'Andre. The issues with those airports is: 1: I do have and still use all those. 2: They are very much outdated and lack the quality of the sceneries we are getting now. Cummon Oliver, you are not making sence, if all those sceneries are so good then why would GAP go forward and make new German airports that have already been made. The point is to have those airports in the newer quality and updated. This reminds me when Mathijs tried to push the old Nice scenery on us FS9ners when the new Nice was released. If you are so correct, then why should I buy the new Munich or Frankfurt when I already purchased the ones Aerosoft released years ago. Because you know as much as I, we want better quality and that's why those airports are on my list. Luxemburg was on the list too and I am waiting for the FS9 version. D'Andre

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