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  1. thx a lotttttttttttt here a pic of iran air and the persian thing u can download high quality from this website iran air logo
  2. plzzzzzzzzz iran air is easy to make too plz
  3. what happend to this project is like dead project no news not pic nothing
  4. Hi Mathijs could u plz post picture of A320 all the picture so far are A321 thx a lot
  5. Wow most of the people got Nvidia anyone got ATI 5970 i want to get that card any benchmark for that card
  6. man ur awsome i was thinking to ask u about new pic )) amazing but could u post more pic of a320 version too thx alotttttttt
  7. Just say what kind of graphic card do u have just name Mine is ATI 5870
  8. Ow dude I saw thier Trailer and boy 747-400X - 8i it look amazing and finally 777 wow can't wait for both of them
  9. Hi when can we see Airbus X trailer bcz I can't wait for that
  10. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make A330 - A340 the only good A330 AND A340 is from CLS which is good for FS2004 not for FSX plz make A330 plzzzzzzzzzz
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