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  1. Maybe this will help:
  2. Issue solved. Thanks for your help. ENVA was below all ORBX sceneries (Norway, etc)
  3. Hi, I'm in the process to install P3D V4 including loads of add-ons etc. Currently I have install Trondheim V2.01 and FSGlobal 2018NG mesh. when I'm on the apron (runway has issues as well) I see some texture bleeding, it seems the is an issue with texture layering I guess. Please advise, Egbert
  4. Hot !

    Hi, What does this exactly imply? I'm not familiar with the new add-on.xml. Does it mean that if a scenery installer uses this new method, the scenery can not be controlled using the scenery manager? (i.e. the scenery can not be used in scenery sets?) Egbert
  5. I miss a rivet.
  6. Hi, Is there already an official statement about P3D V4? (I have read some of the forum pages, but couldn't find this info) Yes... I know... V4 hasn't been released yet, but I would like to know if the CRJ will receive an update to V4 and under what (financial) conditions if possible. Until recently I would have bought the CRJ for P3D V3 without the blink of an eye, but not anymore. Since P3D V4 (most likely?) is being released this year, I would like to have some more info about upgrade policy. If that info can not be given now, fair enough, but then I will wait with my purchase until things are clear. Egbert
  7. Do you know something we don't That are 2 strong assumptions in one sentence for a product that hasn't been released yet.
  8. I have basically the same system specs as you have (6700K @4.5/16GB/980Ti) but if you get black squares, missing buildings, etc there is something seriously wrong with your system (and/or settings). I only fly to payware airports (like ESSA and EKCH) and mostly with PMDG aircraft and never experienced black squares and other issue like you described. I would check the temperature of both your CPU/GPU. PS: I use P3D instead of FSX. P3D does include some default aircraft but indeed no tubes. Nevertheless I think you can use the default FSX planes in P3D as well.
  9. Solved

    Thanks Mathijs, Is there also a more permanent list, I can link to?
  10. Hi, Is there an overview of all discounted products in the AVAP? I have search high and low, but couldn't find one. I used to link to this web page, but it is broken now:
  11. Hi, You can not replace your current i5 with an Skylake processor because the CPU- sockets differ. The i5-3550 uses an LGA1155 socket and the Skylakes an LGA1151 socket. So you need to buy a new mobo as well. And most likely you also want to buy DDR4 memory instead of using your current DDR3 memory. You can use DDR3 with Skylake however if mobo is supporting it. Besides my above remarks, if I had to choose between upgrading CPU or GPU, in your case I would go for a new CPU.
  12. Honestly........ Do you really think that you will notice this when sitting in the cockpit during landing?
  13. Installed it in P3D V3.2 and so far it looks good to me. I have tested it only briefly, viewing it from start of runway 01L where I had the issue too. Thanks for the file
  14. Geeeez man. Take a chill pill.... For ages developers work around the constraints of FS6, FS98, FS2000, ..... P3D1, P3D2, P3D3, ..... Without those we wouldn't have PMDG, Majestic, Aerosoft, FlyTampa,...
  15. Have you installed P3D Version 3.3? it seems to have broken a few things... Sorry, I couldn't resist