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  1. Unable to enable sceneries from addon.xml

    Hi, I think I have the same issue. But since you started to talk German, I don't know for sure nor have I a clue about a solution. Please keep this support forum English, so other members possibly also can benefit from questions/answers.
  2. Gibraltar Pro - system Requirements?

    Why? Because LM also calls it 'Recommended' Maybe click on the link you provided yourself.... As far as I know (but English is not my native tonque) a requirement is something else then a recommendation.
  3. Gibraltar Pro - system Requirements?

    Roger that, thanks for clarifying. Maybe on the product page the 'system requirement' should be changed in 'system recommendation'.
  4. Hi, As listed on the product page: System requirementsMemory: 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2666 MHz)Graphics card: 8 GB VRAM with DirectX 11 Is this correct? Min 8GB VRAM limits the usage to 1080 Ti's if I'm correct....
  5. Installed SimStarter 1.6 - My profiles?

    Oki, problem solved. I selected C:\FS-Apps\SimStarter (my old simstarter 1.5.3) as installation folder for version 1.6. What happened was that version 1.6 was installed in folder C:\FS-Apps\SimStarter\Simstarter NG, effectively not overwriting my current installation The installation folder dialog box did not show this, hence I thought it was installed in C:\FS-Apps\SimStarter. Maybe advise users in the dialogue that 'Simstart NG' is added to the selected folder.
  6. Hi, I had to do a full/new install of SimStarter V1.6 because auto update was not possible. I installed the new version, over the old V1.5.3, so I still have my data folder (also made a copy of that folder before installing) It looks like I lost all my profiles, settings etc after installing V1.6. How can I get them back? (They still reside in the data folder) Egbert
  7. Hi, Simstarter was updated to V1.5.2 Rev5 and during start up I can not selected a flight simulator version. There is no combo box with choices and also no OK/Cancel button. Effectively I can not start SimStarter anymore. BTW: Today I also updated to P3D V4.1 Please advice, Egbert
  8. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Finally..... a FSX/P3D scenery which is energy neutral
  9. Berlin Tegel Discount - Pro version?

    I know, hence my initial question: "I assume that includes the Pro version for P3D V4. Is that a correct assumption?" So Matthijs says 'Yes' and you say 'No'
  10. Berlin Tegel Discount - Pro version?

    Are you sure? I just wanted to order it, but it is listed at normal price:
  11. Hi, I noticed that Berlin Tegel is discounted. I assume that includes the Pro version for P3D V4. Is that a correct assumption?
  12. How to disable Pre-Define Views

    Hi Mathijs, Please then consider an option to disable/bypass the use of Ctrl-Shift-? in the CRJ. For me (and most likely for others too, based on AVSIM postings) it is really a big issue. The CRJ has claimed these key-strokes leaving them useless for use in other applications like EzDok, ChasePlane etc. As explained I use the key-strokes in EzDok to assign them to custom views in dozens of other aircraft. Just because of the CRJ I have to remap all those key-strokes to other ones. Very tedious and in my opinion also unnecessary. Egbert
  13. Download Hotfix 1.05?

    Redownloaded it, now I have V1.05 Thanks.
  14. Hi, I bought the CRJ yesterday evening and it appeared to be version 1.00 Is there some lindication about when Hotfix 1.05 will become available again?
  15. How to disable Pre-Define Views

    As far as I'm concerned it will be a definite feature Seriously: I use the Ctrl-Shift-1/9 and F1/F9 keystrokes exclusively for my EzDok views. It would require me to change those EzDok keystrokes of all my other aircraft just because the CRJ is 'claiming' them. So yes: Please make them configurable (like others devs do)