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  1. But nice there will be a preview forum for the A320 2017 version too
  2. Can we have an option in the right MCDU that allows the simmer to adjust the brightness of the aircraft during night times from almost a pitch black level for example for flights with no moon in the sky to a bight level for airport gate stays? I noticed that not only in the Aerosoft A320 but also in many other aircraft addons from other developers there is always a automatic decrease of realism of how the aircraft appears during night in contrast to daylight. For example during night at 35.000 feet with no significant moonlight the aircraft just appears too bright from the exterior views like there are hundreds of thousands of litte white LEDs under the aluminum skin of the aircraft. With a option like that the aircraft would make a much more realistic appearance during night. Many would ask now "why dont you just darken the screen of your monitor?"....But that would also mean that I darken EVERYTHING like the cockpit and the night sky so that much less stars are recognizable.
  3. Calm down.. This project needs time
  4. I never thought that I would ask this question but since you want to keep us busy on long flights what about a virtual cabin as a addition to the virtual cockpit? Im not asking to model movable tray tables and lavatory doors haha but a simple modeling and texturing of the cabin would be quite nice. Mathijs if you think that the imagination seeing a pilot in the cabin is not realistic (honestly when I flew on the real A320 I never saw one of the pilots in the cabin.), well sometimes when I flew on the real A330 I saw one of the pilots going down the cabin so what Im trying to say is its not THAT unusual if we simmers move through the cabin. The old PMDG 747 and other addons that feature virtual cabins are responsible why Im raising this question. Before I bought those products I never actually thought about virtual cabins but since Im owning them I experienced that the virtual cabin is a nice touch to the product. I dont know how other people feel about it but for me its a whole another impression when you enter the cabin in the sim. You kinda feel proud and you get a another interesting feeling how big your airplane actually is. I know and its important that the focus lays on the flight deck and I respect that. But maybe in the immersion pack. Just an idea.
  5. Exactly.
  6. Sure it's not realistic. But do we have to make our life harder just because it is not realistic? In the real world this feature might be science fiction but for us simmers it is normal. As most of us only have one screen and not always the best screen 2D panels are a tremendous help to see the systems better. The view system of FSX/P3D may allow us to create our own windows but those always have a bad impact on fps simply because it's not the same.
  7. Please Aerosoft!
  8. Thats the problem. I`ve found out that it is THAT file but when I made some modifications with it via free audio editor nothing changed. But with other sound files everything is working fine and I can modificate them.. I just want to make sure that Im modificating the correct file and not a other sound file with kinda that same caution tone because that would have explained the problem.
  9. Anyone?
  10. Is it located in SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base/Sound_ASC with the name "ASC_M_WARNINGs.wav" ? Best regards, Patrick
  11. Amazing!
  12. I like the wings with the black stripes because it kinda looks more solid. But wings without these stripes would be nice too.
  13. When I turn off the two big cockpit lights (dome lights) the virtual cockpit gets dark but not the cockpit in the exterior (like in the picture below) which prevents a sight of a dark cockpit without seeing the pilots from outside the aircraft. It would not only be nice but much more realistic if we can control the exterior cockpit lights too. Best regards, Patrick
  14. If Im not wrong most airplanes of the A320 family have White (light-blue) cabin lights. It would be pretty nice to change the yellow Aerosoft A320 cabin light to a white one..