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  1. Hey, I don't think this Airport will be developed by Aerosoft, but it is in developement by Flightbeam.
  2. indeed, the Airport is correct, but it isn't the southern side, but the northern one.
  3. It seemst to be very dificult, so here is the first tip: It is an quit traditional Airport at the northern Hemisphere, released by Aerosoft.
  4. Ok, and here is my Picture, I hope it isn't too hard. And also here is the A321 at the wrong part of the Airport. Best Regards
  5. @Lotus3xiG3 Ok, that was an easy one: Frankfurt am Main (FRA/EDDF)
  6. Hey Captain Gunadeep, At first your repaint looks quite great, but can you please make this livery compatible with the livery manager. For this you have easily to open the Livery-manager, chose the livery, click on Backup Livery, and save the .zip file. Then you can install the livery with the Livery-manager. Maximilian
  7. I think he use SketchUp to design the objects.
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