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  1. 747-400fan

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    I have some questions still: -Since the 33X-34X have the same flight deck, for future ideas; How is the FD modelled?(Block, individual parts,other) -What are the differencies between the -300 and the -200? -and also, will we get an actual fms unlike the A320 to control ground parameters?(I think a 2D popup is quite old-fashioned IMO) About the 4th livery, maybe a "budget" operator would be nice as well as an american operator (IMO maybe american and XL) Best regards
  2. I'm on a VERY TIGHT budget of around 350 european dollars. I also consider: i5 up to 4460, i3 8100, GTX 1060 3gb.
  3. With minimum requirements moving on, and a sometimes expensive price for hardware compared to what your money can buy in some modest cases going for 2nd hand hardware is not a bad idea. However, it doesn't mean it will perform bad or good.I made a list about hardware, that you guys could be helpful by telling if :1)it works.2)how it is compared to modern equivalents,3) if it's worth the shot. I took LM's recommended settings in consideration for this list so it makes the job easier: 1)CPU -old i5s (prior to 6th gen) -any form of RYZEN (3.5.8) -i7 920 to 3770k (specify) -xeon even dual socket (specify) -non k modern intel (specify) any i3s prior 6th gen 2)GPU -GTX 9XX(specify) -Any radeon R- -GTX 1050(even TI) BTW any budget advice that could help reducing costs is welcome Best regards, Charly
  4. aka cs300! It could be another Hans-bus BTW rip bombardier, as it was their newest project. I never got any reply: will we get meal tray or only coffee (mealtray is a must have for long a321 flights) even if i can wait for that to come in sp1 or even sp2
  5. Even if i'll buy the bundle in 5 weeks, just a little doubt. Will it release the 12th @ 0h00 z or will it be at a particular time 8am cest?
  6. I was wondering about something. On an old post(1 month ago) you said flex temp was automatic. I thought about it, and so now I'm asking: for SP1, why don't you make an option in fms so we can choose whether we want it manual or auto and give us a chart like in the wonderful crj? Because at some airports ther is noise restrictions and so the flex temp is higher. This would be the cherry on the cake for me as takeoff is one of my fav' moments, also with conjunction of the TSS sounds. BTW, will you still sell FSFX immersion for it or will we have to buy it at their site(i thhout current version was still compatible)
  7. Will we get the 320/21 teaser this week? Can't wait. Will AS sell the combo with immersion as well? I saw some pics on Fb two weeks ago and it's terrific. Who needs the malware expensive nonsense when you can get a fps reviver that simply looks twice as better Can't wait release. And the 330. Yo guys do an awesome work. Even if there's some delay i don't bother. I'll just give me more time to get the money
  8. Nice to see the teams working all day, the busses are terrible! Is Stefan on the 330? He does a heck of a job. About acars: Will the 330 come with that? How will it work and will t be for offline, online only or both usages? My question is: For example will you see all busses and -8s on a page like radar24? I was bored at school this morning and so I drew something. I think that you guy deserve it .I did it quickly(<10min with my memory)and wanted to post it during the break(aka here). Good luck guys and hopefully LM releases 4.3 in less than a week.
  9. As you folks may know, all kinds of pc parts are shoooting up in value, resulting in a tie for us, budget simmers with low money. I know that flight simming is a niche, but still: I think that at least a third of us started with fsx on a crappy laptop at minimum settings. These days it's not only the CPU that does the job. I started simming under 10fps(lol). Now I moved to P4D, earnt some experience and know what I want. But still, knowledge doesn't do the trick. This is why I created this topic: to help people together, one helping another one with its knowledge In my case: If you have any tips about a proper config on a <500€/550$, please feel free to write it below. Looking for a 720p/1080p mid-range graphics with at least 20fps @ heathrow(quite playeable) on an NGX for instance.
  10. It may seem silly but will we be able in later SP to use the phone in the flight deck(for coffee maybe and even for the"arm/disarm door advert)? Cuz I presume it's an "everyday" feature.
  11. i'm not of the team, but graphics evolved. they used the same exterior model, but made a brand new VC. I presume hardware and sims evolved as well as some bloom effects. I myself don't think it really that much on the exterior. It was already better than wilco, fsl or even PMDG maybe. It's my opinion. Idon't know if this beauty will affect performance. Te pros will maybe give you some better explanations. As I said i'm not a member of the project so i don't know what has really been done. I just give you MY opinion and what I think was done.
  12. Thanks BOSS About trueglass, i don't know that much about it but if ther's fog will there be a button on the main panel for that? i know there's one in 737s but not on these busses.
  13. Nah i just ment recorded ones that you can play from the fms
  14. will it include the famous missing knob for the window that exists on FSL'S? Otherwise it looks brand new, unlike FSL
  15. Even though the A330 isn't finished yet, do you think there would be an A340 in the future?(really love it) =D Cuz i think on the technical aspect they are nearly the same(FMS, cabin, lighting) and it could be paired with the 330 as well