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  1. Hi. As I didn't find any relevant section for this topic I put it here. Feel free to move it if necessary. Under the last version, the one before CFD, I found several bugs, specially on the A320. I didn't get the time to update it tonight, but i will asap. So, in one of my flights with the IAE a320: -MCP LCD brightness switch INOP -STD to QNH toggle switches from let's say 1031 to 1013, not STD. (think it was fixed with last update will see) -Fuel pump 1 ENG 2 works half of the time -GSX open/closes S1/R1 door all the time. -CL stuck at "waiting for GSX instructions" till landing. -FCU LCD not telling speed, but speed knob works and can act with PFD. ON another flight with the CFM A319: -LEFT wiper enables RIGHT wiper, Right wiper does nothing. (so far didn't get it again but who knows) -Same fuel pump issue -Some of the buttons don't light up(APU BLEED, OXY CREW SUPPLY etc...) -CP radio doesn't turn on So far A318 and A321 don't seem to have any issues. Will tell you about any progress following the updates and my flights. With kind regards, Charly
  2. Nope,simple fix. Had the old bus some day and didn't go in the proper folder Anyway, have a nice day fix: delete the savedsettings.xml in the Your documents/aerosoft/general/A3XX Fuel planner You can now close this topic Damn i'm so dumb
  3. Hello, so far i've been enjoying the busses since I changed my gpu for christmas with no issue, but I now have a problem. I can't start the fuel loader.It says me it's the xml error (0,0). I've seen other posts telling that I should erase the savedsettings.xml but it didn't work. Updated to latest build,no change... I'm out f ideas about this. Have a nice day though! Charly
  4. As i've flown the busses quite a lot now I'm a bit tired of the generic crew sound pack. I still like it, but i understood that the old version had variations, and more possibilities on that side. Did you get yours to work? I didn't really understand how it works, so just asking. Happy holidays and smooth landings, Charly
  5. I'm on a VERY TIGHT budget of around 350 european dollars. I also consider: i5 up to 4460, i3 8100, GTX 1060 3gb.
  6. With minimum requirements moving on, and a sometimes expensive price for hardware compared to what your money can buy in some modest cases going for 2nd hand hardware is not a bad idea. However, it doesn't mean it will perform bad or good.I made a list about hardware, that you guys could be helpful by telling if :1)it works.2)how it is compared to modern equivalents,3) if it's worth the shot. I took LM's recommended settings in consideration for this list so it makes the job easier: 1)CPU -old i5s (prior to 6th gen) -any form of RYZEN (3.5.8) -i7 920 to 3770k (specify) -xeon even dual socket (specify) -non k modern intel (specify) any i3s prior 6th gen 2)GPU -GTX 9XX(specify) -Any radeon R- -GTX 1050(even TI) BTW any budget advice that could help reducing costs is welcome Best regards, Charly
  7. As you folks may know, all kinds of pc parts are shoooting up in value, resulting in a tie for us, budget simmers with low money. I know that flight simming is a niche, but still: I think that at least a third of us started with fsx on a crappy laptop at minimum settings. These days it's not only the CPU that does the job. I started simming under 10fps(lol). Now I moved to P4D, earnt some experience and know what I want. But still, knowledge doesn't do the trick. This is why I created this topic: to help people together, one helping another one with its knowledge In my case: If you have any tips about a proper config on a <500€/550$, please feel free to write it below. Looking for a 720p/1080p mid-range graphics with at least 20fps @ heathrow(quite playeable) on an NGX for instance.
  8. will it include the famous missing knob for the window that exists on FSL'S? Otherwise it looks brand new, unlike FSL
  9. Even though the A330 isn't finished yet, do you think there would be an A340 in the future?(really love it) =D Cuz i think on the technical aspect they are nearly the same(FMS, cabin, lighting) and it could be paired with the 330 as well
  10. Do you know if the FMS will act more like the old one or like the one of FSL?
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