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  1. As we got with the PRO series some more variants, and knowing that the CRJ is itself based off a bizjet, i wondered: Could you CTP on a CRJ? (specially the new 550) If anyone has tried feel free to say the do's and don't s as well as mistakes you made and whether you made it or not šŸ˜‰ I'd love to fly it as a Bizjet tho best regards
  2. So if i get it right: -Happy day is scheduled to be 9th dec of THIS YEAR -you added very cool effects (like start smoke) -EFB will read AS navdata pro/activesky/pdf charts -there are more features on their way -new fonts for the aficionados -Frank just drank an espresso tea lol (btw you haven't talked about what the FA would serve us. Can you give us some sneaky peeks plz?(i hope we'll get some pasta but i like chicken too)) I bet it will be a bestseller for the next 2 years or so.
  3. So I guess is trailer coming soon?? Can't wait to fly it cross europe when DD releases UUEE v2 SO I guess nothing has changed since last pages in terms of features. Is CPDLC going to be ready from release or launched in a later update (really excited bout this one and i wish we got some video)?
  4. i'd prefer 4 cfm leafblowers but hey, if we get a333 then it might come later
  5. there you go. Wish we could flush it in the sim LMAO
  6. Nice Nice Nice. Did LM improve something on the LG situation RN? Also Will we get IRL soundpacks for this at somepoint (like LH cabin announcements in german IDK)? BTW, I know it's normally up to the repainters but will we eventually get an editor//some tool to edit the reg numbe plates in the VC? I know it's a problem with the A320 mainly but if you have 80+ liveries and you need to edit a dds file for each one of these it might be a bit long. Just saying. IF we guess the "kickass aircraft" right can we get it :P? (JOKE) I suggest that if you want/ have the time for some easter egg to place snake game in the tablet.
  7. so does it means we can browse to whatever address we want or do we have to put everyting in the ini file? I personally use ChartsFox so any info about compatibility is welcome. Also, could we get the load manager to be both integrated into the efb or by the actual APP? A bit like QW 78 if you see what i mean Oh and don't forget the AS forums :-p
  8. I know, right, but i feel like limiting the product to certain sites might become a problem for some people, including myself. See, although i have Aivlasoft EFB i sometimes need more info than what it comes with.And if i'm flying in the US, i go to SkyVector, load my PDFs and BOOM. Done. If the EFB doesn't add a load to your PC performance it might be worth it rather than having to open chrome which in some cases can seriously inpact performance or realism. Imagine you forgot your minimums: You just have to open the EFB and get all the history and so your data. Plus who doesn't like listening to some fine music while inflight ? Now this is what i call a limit of the system. Something you could do 100% professional but that would make your journey a lot more boring.
  9. Alright. What about working the other way around?? Like locking some sites that clearly show no interest (won't quote i promise) and letting the rest free. Because TBH there's just too many sites we simmers go to: I myself without any navigraph stuff already can tell i use about 30 different websites at least. And I mean browsing just depends of where the user will go so he is responsible of where he is going 100%.
  10. But if you talked about online browser does it means it's like the FFa320 where you can browse anywhere?? I didn't get that info sorry. I Expect the ability to read PDFs and maybe HTMLs like with the PMDG EFB of the 748. I hope we can access let's say the sky vector site for US charts for example. BTW does it take any additional FPS/performance off what the sim actually uses?? Cheers AS, previews are MAD! If you ever make an A340-300, i'll be your first buyer NO MATTER WHAT. (Oh and BTW will we get the option for different announcements soundpacks that could be linked to livery X via the livery manager or having a menu in the config app??) In the smaller bus i've had enough of the same girl, but if i have to run an installer every time before flying it might be a pain in the back if you fly with many different liveries in a week.
  11. I Know some of it is a secret but there are some actual CBT footage for example that barely tell the way it goes. We're not asking to model the dialogue or the specific procedure of the real thing (which i already know BTW) , but rather getting a call, like "hey captain, i have some coffee can i go in?". Just as simple like that. I mean it's common sense. You don't open your house door if someone rings your bell without advising/telling who he is. Explain me, how can a switch telling someones calling you from outside the flight deck be a secret if about everyone on this forum knows it exists because you already modelled it in the radio panel and info about the way it works is available on the internet already, even a competitor i won't name already introduced some of its functionality for entertainment purposes?
  12. aw right, guess i was wrong. If so then, will we get a call saying "i have a drink for you" on the intercom before opening the door? IDK if it's real procedure to just let crew come in when they "knock" at the cockpit door
  13. I thought crew had to advise the cockpit before landing that everyone was ready. I know that "Cabin crew, take your seats" on the PA is a standard thing but i thought answering also was.
  14. Glad to see this topic again.. How is she doing? I actually know TSS makes the sonds for this bus but Do YOU know if we'll get better quality callouts this time? On the smaller busses i had to change them because at the volume they were played it seemed like we could still hear the actual engines while recording which takes away some of the immersion. the higher pitched the sound was the worse it sounded. the "cringy" sounds were like the chimes for the fire & AP disc tone and the master caution as well as the gpws callouts. Also, will we get called on the intercom before landing for example? It's normal ops and i find it to be very immersive
  15. Hi. As I didn't find any relevant section for this topic I put it here. Feel free to move it if necessary. Under the last version, the one before CFD, I found several bugs, specially on the A320. I didn't get the time to update it tonight, but i will asap. So, in one of my flights with the IAE a320: -MCP LCD brightness switch INOP -STD to QNH toggle switches from let's say 1031 to 1013, not STD. (think it was fixed with last update will see) -Fuel pump 1 ENG 2 works half of the time -GSX open/closes S1/R1 door all the time. -CL stuck at "waiting for GSX instructions" till landing. -FCU LCD not telling speed, but speed knob works and can act with PFD. ON another flight with the CFM A319: -LEFT wiper enables RIGHT wiper, Right wiper does nothing. (so far didn't get it again but who knows) -Same fuel pump issue -Some of the buttons don't light up(APU BLEED, OXY CREW SUPPLY etc...) -CP radio doesn't turn on So far A318 and A321 don't seem to have any issues. Will tell you about any progress following the updates and my flights. With kind regards, Charly
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