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  1. CRJ liveries: It is great to see the emergence of the first liveries for the soon to be released CRJ. However they are restricted to Air Canada, which is fair enough, and Puna Airlines which is outside my frame of reference. Could the great Holgi be stimulated to doing some of the European paints, not just those airlines that have purchased the CRJ, but those that use them seasonally? PS I can see Germanwings will be one....
  2. Agreed, excellent. I'm hanging on.....
  3. So, this is where we are, 319 forum pages later. Holgi's liveries look fantastic Details as they emerge of functionality get more enticing Mathjis in his best continental way is almost friendly The Deputy has been almost tolerant The market for the add-on is clearly large....after all we do want to fly thin routes and short flights from time to time. But can a more definitive time-frame be given?
  4. Normally I would have pre-ordered the CRJ to get the benefit of the discounted price... But, I will have P3Dv4 by then. I will keep v3 on my SSD, plenty of disc space, but I will not buy new add-ons for it. (Yes I opted out of the Megacity sale as well). I will happily buy any and all of the Aerosoft products I have, when they are ready for v4, and enjoy them in upgrade or completely rebuilt versions. A320/321 series is urgent for me, and the A330 should have an installer for v4 automatically. To avoid registry and installer problems I know I will have to uninstall any duplicated add-on from v3 each time, but this will gradually get me over to v4 in full. I have tons of old FSX discs for anyone who wants them!!
  5. But just to stir the purists a little.....The CRJ is not common in Europe where Embraer holds a strong position in the market. Would it be possible to have some fictional European liveries, to avoid having to spend my European career flying Lufthansa Regional?
  6. Now that's an esoteric debate: I'll take the non-dimmable lights because Matthijs has also said that it is not a $120 add-on. However Mienheer Kok, if you release this in v4 format the week after next, it will sweep the market in the new sim.
  7. leftseat: fps is nothing, smooth is everything.
  8. Sheriff Tom: it is worth reading all that was said at the beginning of this thread, and what is being said at this end. A lot of time has passed. I have read the suggestion that the A330 is in fact being timed for the 64bit P3Dv4, but given that LM is very tight lipped, the release date may well be a long way off - or tomorrow...... I for one would really like an A350, not the A380. Practice is showing that the airlines are really going for the long-range highly efficient big twins, like the 787 and the A350. So maybe I would be happier if we got the next round of BIG updates for the A319-321 range as soon as possible. Please pass this on to Mathijs and others. The smaller Airbus' meet the need for short range flying, ie more take offs and landings, which fits in with enthusiasts' life schedules, and with the flight deck connect, external fuel and load calculations AND the great loadsheet facility - plus the happy association with SimBrief and other flight planning tools it is a great experience,
  9. Naive question, but does Amsterdam X come with a P3D installer?
  10. You have received some very esoteric suggestions, but there must be some limits. You can print your load and nav sheets directly from SimBrief or similar, you can print from the Aerosoft fueling utility, but recall this. There is additional functionality that might make a few happy, but most of us never use. We all know, but maybe many don't that the Cost Index is required but on the Sim means nothing in practice. I always input it, for no other reason than to remind myself that fuel savings are critical to airline viability. Also one day aviation fuel is going to run out, but that is probably a moral lesson too far away. Back to the point. Realism as far as it is affordable is what we seek, but do most of us really want to explore the huge depth of the MCDU and other systems, when real world pilots are drilled rigorously in simulators and unlike us, are full time.
  11. Hi Matthijs, is there any report on progress with the three MCDUs? With the fuselage carcass nearly complete, the combination of systems and aircraft is obviously closer. Way back in this thread someone spoke about missing TOD in the 318-321 series because they were in an external view. Go to MCDU, select options, and select Pause at Top of Descent (Yes/No toggle). Never miss the start of the fun bit again. MCDU 2, sorry
  12. This is one heck of a string, detailed questions about arcane detail, failures, patient responses from Matthijs, Stefan and all. I am 78, turn failures off, but follow normal procedures with care. And I was a 2000 hr instrument rated multi-engined GA pilot. Airline pilots may fly an entire career without an in-air failure and rarely even face a go-round with better ATC separation and better auto-landing. The airlines hate that fuel being burned for no good cause. Airline pilots practice their failures in the sim, not the plane, and they need to, I'm a passenger on a 380 on Sunday. I hate getting waves on my cocktail.
  13. Several posts later but I am very happy at your answer Matthijs.
  14. How very sad, for FSX but not P3D. Surely there is more than 5000 of us out here to buy. I would be the first. I am almost solely a ASoft Airbus user, the A330 will be a welcome addition, but a CRJ for regional flying would be huge.
  15. PS: I acknowledge that Aerosoft gave clear warning of this, so I am only asking if anyone else has dealt with the problem...maybe by adjusting a file.....