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  1. Deputy Tom: I am over-joyed at the sweet tone of your answer to PlaneGuy21. He deserved a swift kick.
  2. Matthjis I see that I am far too late to offer as a beta tester, so now as a customer I wait for RTM. Go well.
  3. And then there was one. PMDG all aircraft; Aerosoft CRJ, FSL A320, Majestic to come.
  4. Tom, I like you and always have, but the first post gives a definite maybe....
  5. A recently released competitor aircraft is very good, but a real frame killer. Also I realise from the many forums that spending and item cost are very important. Many consumers are forced to choose. Please cease all these esoteric discussions over pop up gauges and shared weather. Just tell us please that you are close to release.
  6. CRJ Real World Tips/Techniques

    This is a hugely useful thread. I have never conquered a really accurate descent in the CRJ. I agree the Speed Mode descent is steep and inaccurate, or if one does use the throttle, then it is much the same as a VS descent which is more accurate. I tend to use the Dir Intc information and VS to get me to the lowest key altitude that I want... is this ok? I skip the angles between waypoints unless the altitude is mandatory. But I fear it will be some time before I get a smooth continuous descent, if ever (sigh). But this real world advice is exactly what I have been seeking, Thank you all. I made such a hash of an approach into Lyon LFLL in the CRJ that I re-flew the exercise in a 737-600. The Boeing was spot on accurate, but the CRJ is more challenging by a country mile.
  7. Problem with HUD

    Me too, Hans. I have posted this problem in another thread.
  8. HUD Fades in Heavy Clouds

    Yes, me too.
  9. I always seem to have trouble getting the plane to start descent. If I use speed mode it just won't initiate until I use VS to begin, then switch over to Speed mode. Naive question, but how is the descent commenced in this mode? I have read and re-read the tutorial and the manual, but it is easy to miss items even with Ctrl+F.
  10. Version

    Is the HUG on your list too, my good friend?
  11. Version

    Hans: in the hope that I don't upset you too much. The Left Reverser does not indicate Armed, although both seem to work. And on the HUG the target circle does not appear or the roundel in which to 'trap' it.
  12. Tegel

    Congratulations, Tegel is an excellent airport, well detailed and with good framerates. I completed a LIRF (yes from AS) to EDDT. Used an Air Berlin paint 738. After landing indulged myself by employing GSX to service the aircraft, tuned Ground Control, and listened and watched as aircraft taxied out to the runways, and in from arrival. Great job and worth the investment.
  13. Ease up guys. The last set of posts have been pretty aggressive, drawing a similar response from the Deputies. Nothing but nothing we say or do can hasten the release of the Airbus series. Impatient though I am, I would rather not have a repeat of the CRJ (which I know was not an Aerosoft project) but which is still some way from a final version. Fabian says 4Q 2017, that's a whole three months from the beginning of October..over ninety days in which it can be released. So relax, have a cool beer, and enjoy all the other v4 aircraft available for our enjoyment.
  14. CRJ 700/900 CTD

    Rielous, my guess is that you have a fatal download error or corrupt files. Uninstall and clean out all the folders In P3D4 itself, Roaming, Documents and I don't recall if there are any in Program Data. RE-Download from you account at Aerosoft, and reinstall. If all else fails re-install the guru's say.
  15. Latest version of the sim has the yoke now working with the clickspot and SHIFT+Q