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  1. One new page guys and you are already mis-reading. Give Mathjis a break. Read carefully, please. And Frank don't make FPS jokes like that, soon there will be post after post in response.
  2. Walter G, it is volume of material, ambiguity in interpretation as well as comprehension. This is not surprising in such a massive thread.
  3. Mathijs: it has just dawned on me. Are we now waiting for a hotfix from LM before you can complete the first product? Heck, if so, just say so, as that changes the debate completely.
  4. I understand the crypto-currency 'miners' as they're called need faster and tougher videocards. We will benefit from that, for sure, Emi, so keep up the dreaming.
  5. Thanks Mathijs: your announcement is helpful but still leaves us where these long, long threads have reached. We still do not have a firm RTM for any part of the Bus package, only a timetable for the sequence once it is finally released. I am one of those who would like to purchase the whole package, if there is a price advantage to do so, and take the parts as they arrive. I would be a little angry to find that if forced to purchase model by model, there was then a much reduced total price sometime after the final release. I am certain others would like a clear statement on this aspect before release of the A318/319. With the number of open issues you have previously referred to I guess that I must continue to fly the Opposition 320 for some time yet, however.
  6. I have and enjoy the available high quality Airbus 320 from another publisher. But I will still buy the full Aerosoft suite as they come available, as flightplanning in the present aircraft is a PIA, and it lacks the built in goodies for pushback (the MJC Q400 has the best) and the like. Call me lazy if you like, but ease of flightplanning, preferably through SimBrief, is a must..though I have PFPX. But in spite of Mathijs further consoling words, the wait is not getting any shorter.
  7. Is FF considering publishing their a350 for P3Dv4. It would be wonderful if they did...the A350 is really comparable with the B787. Or is FlightFactor welded on to XP-11
  8. Serves me right for my temerity, (or is it lese majeste to Mathjis)... 3 downvotes.... I shall go back to sending my love through cyberspace from far distant Australia, where it is 30C in my part of the world: and I have had a great day photographing an airfield for a scenery developer.
  9. 209 open issues, Mathjis, is that more or less than the last count? Computer programming can open up new issues at each turn, as you well know. When will it stop, Oh Lord, when will it stop?
  10. Absolutely new and naive

    Captain Pero: I have P3Dv4 and a powerful rig, so processing is not a problem. My computer is loaded with almost all Orbx Global, Vector, Landclass and full regions. I have many aircraft and airport add-ons. Some like Majestic Q400 and FSL 320 and the TFDI B717 quite demanding. Simstarter with its promise of loading only selected scenery, airports and aircraft by way of profiles attracted me. I have purchased from Aerosoft SIMstarter ng, but in spite of your Help files etc, and from the web I am finding it very hard to build a profile. Could you supply me with a simple tutorial where say, I start at NZAA with an ANZealand Majestic Dash 8 livery and scenery confined strictly to Orbx NZ and NZ add-on airfields. If you just want to start me with any aircraft at a NZ airport I would be happy, but with the scenery limited. Your utility is so versatile it is above my braingrade, way above. As I fly mainly in NZ, Australia and western Europe you can see why I would like to avoid the massive scenery and Active Sky loadings that I get at the moment. I am sure five or six profiles in the end will keep me happy. ps is it possible to download and import profiles?
  11. Deputy Tom: I am over-joyed at the sweet tone of your answer to PlaneGuy21. He deserved a swift kick.
  12. Matthjis I see that I am far too late to offer as a beta tester, so now as a customer I wait for RTM. Go well.
  13. And then there was one. PMDG all aircraft; Aerosoft CRJ, FSL A320, Majestic to come.
  14. Tom, I like you and always have, but the first post gives a definite maybe....