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  1. No leave the zip on on the desktop, open AXE. You could navigate to the folder where you have put it, but that is hard work, although finding it in Downloads/Compressed should be straightforward. (It is the AXE for the 320/321, look in your START menu for this..if you have the earlier 318/319 select the correct one) Open AXE, select the right model (320CFM, 320IAE etc). Sometimes you have to open the zip to find the correct engine and model version, but right-click and OPEN the file don't select extract all to unzip. It must remain zipped. At the bottom of the page in AXE click on ADD Livery, browse to your zip file, highlight the zip, click open, AXE window then should have Install Livery at the bottom: click and it does the can see the install sequence flashing before your eyes. AXE will install the paint, you will see it listed in AXE under the appropriate model, and all being well you should find it in your Sim menu when you click Vehicle/Select......
  2. I am ashamed to say that I read more closely and realised that if I ran the 32bit zip through the new A320.321 AXE then all is well. If I want to bring in a real outsider of a livery, than I shall use the above instructions. But at the moment I am more than happy getting an older 32bit paint into the AS Pro. I will help me in my Australian flights, and you have supplied ample for European flying. I don't immediately see a SAS or Norwegian paint but I know some of these airlines only fly KLM....I will go check.
  3. Agreed: a set of cookbook instructions with a download of replacement textures (as for the A318/319) would be HELPFUL. PLEASE.
  4. macca22au

    A320/A321 release

    But it is now the 10th isn't it? ? ?
  5. Mathijis: if you can strike a deal with Pellil it would be just plain fantastic. I hope you succeed as it would be a great addition.
  6. Thank you Jeansey for your Air North livery, although we both know they fly the Embraer.
  7. I am trying to increase my number of "local" airports in Asia in general. Aerosoft has Bali X for v3, but I would like to know if it runs adequately in P3Dv4? I am trolling the retailers to see what else is available, although I know that Singapore is still under construction. But the main airports of Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand (Bangkok), I have a good Hong Kong, but there is Macao, Shanghai, Beijing and of course the Japanese airports as well. I am in the market for suggestions from kind persons.
  8. macca22au


    Loving the A319, but I have been away from my computer for a full week. Has the release date, must be soon, been revealed. I bought the bundle so I'm ready to roll.
  9. Behind is the Orbx Gold Coast cityscape and the older FTX Australia.
  10. OK, I think I have got it...
  11. Mathijis referred to A318/319 SP1. Has it been released and I have missed it, or is it yet to come?
  12. I hope this screenshot can be deciphered by you. As you can see from the ND we are nearly at the next waypoint. However I thought that the distance should countdown between the last waypoint and the target waypoint but it shows it only as the total distance. I know that the distances are fixed between the other waypoints until they become active, or so I thought. The last line does countdown the nm to the destination which is good. But do I have it right or wrong regarding the active waypoint?
  13. macca22au

    Simbrief Plan

  14. macca22au

    Simbrief Plan

    Where should a Simbrief flightplan be saved to? I am sure that it is simple, but once again I am defeated.
  15. macca22au

    Your best Screenshot

    Could all those whose screenshots do not include stock liveries, please upload them on this site....pretty please.