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  1. Oh dear, showstoppers just keep on coming. If you had done a quick recompilation of the Airbus as another dev did with their product, launched a cheap upgrade, then worked on the present fully featured version we would be happier. But then we never are happy, many would have stayed with the cheap upgrade and not bought into the Pro when it comes out. But it would have filled in the last two years with good feelings toward Aerosoft.
  2. But I am confused more than usual: does the wait for 4.3 mean the A318/319 is to be delayed beyond the given time of June 26.
  3. I know that P4.3 is spoken of as coming out in June this year. Your cautionary note about the 320/321 is understood, but is the A318/319 still coming out on June 26?
  4. And I thought we could watch a certain type of movie on that screen. Mathijis I'll still buy the plane though.
  5. Ah, the countdown is unnerving, the days pass slowly. I have been more than a little critical of some of my colleague simmers through the lengthy wait, but now I realise their often tendentious, and some pages later, repeated questions have led to your patient and detailed answers. Certainly I will know more about this release than any other when it arrives in not so long from now. A long way back in this thread DaveCT mentioned that some users simmed once a week. I know now that there is a surprisingly large group over retirement age who sim every day, me among them. So you can be comforted that your bus will get a good workout, and each new model will be eagerly awaited. You appear to have been meticulous in your detailed system planning, and I am sure that pre-flight management will be as well catered for as in-flight functionality (BBS has the best bus manager to date). Many thanks, team.
  6. And in reference to my earlier comment, the EU140 I paid comes to $AU215, which is not chicken-feed. As the other Bus remains uninstallable, it is a WOFTAM in Australian argot. I understand this is buyer beware, but you can be certain I will not outlay another dollar with that company. And I rightly feel angry. Still about 23 days to go.
  7. Great explanation, and it is not your fault that I have $140 of unusable aircraft. Hence my impatience as the days tick away until the 26th. And Walterg, that clip is very funny.
  8. I know that I can ignore this thread now the release date has been released. However I am hypnotised by the questions that keep on coming, and I can't stop myself checking each day. Mathijs your patience, coupled with your straight talking, gun-slinging deputy, is a delight to observe. Maybe you can put the thread on hold for a couple of weeks, while I go get some mind-altering substances to keep me relaxed.
  9. Oh Lord, what a discussion. I was delighted to learn of June 26 as the release date, but it has brought on another round of queries, often duplicated, about price. Now I think it would have been safer to wait until mid-June before you released the date. Mathijs tells us that we are a lesser market than Farm, Bus and Train simulations. This thread alone might just convert me to driving trains on the sim..... Roll on June 26.
  10. I will admit openly and freely: certain things I enjoy in aircraft like HUGS I use, failures I turn off, therefore I study that which I need and skim the rest. But from all I have read, Aerosoft is giving us an aircraft for all seasons (that's a literally quote, sorry), and all persons. Variable oil pressure between engines while in the green, worries me not. But I love scenery, accurate and crisp to accompany my flying.
  11. For someone a page or two back in the thread, the FSLabs Bus is a non-runner as I am one of many who cannot install it into Win10.2 x64bit. I have surprisingly enjoyed another bus in v4, but I admit to hanging our for June 26. Like us all I look forward to learning of the pricing for components and for the entire package..
  12. Mathjis: just a note regarding Real Light and True Glass. Another add-on added these in its latest update. A number of users, including myself, got a mad flickering in all of their displays which rendered the sim unusable. I went back to a previous version of their SimObjects. However the reinstallation of the old files led to all of the old weaknesses in performance. So I reinstalled the new update, but removed Real Light and True Glass. It crashed. However returning Real Light has made it work, and I have left True Glass out for the time being. I offer this experience and I am using Win 10.2 or whatever the major update was, that has proved a disaster for me.
  13. Now for the next set of tendentious questions given that the release date has been announced. There will be a mad scramble on release day. Will there be enough server access on that day, or should the wiser continue to be patient?
  14. Scots pilot, before or after a wee dram?
  15. And now a screenshot of the mag compass is being used as a Ouija board.