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  1. Delays are apart of this hobby, They always have been. NOTHING ever goes as planned and regardless of what people want, the product will be released when it's ready. Again, always has been that way. Two options, let AS do there thing and produce a great product or go fly something else in the meantime, I've never seen a developer cave into what the masses want in regards to releasing an unfinished product. AND, if you really want to know what delays are, we can always talk about a certain 757 that just hit early beta after 10 YRS!!!!! It's coming, be patient. Cheers
  2. I get that now! I here a lot of sounds coming from the wife that I'm asking for a coffee yet it magically appears on my desk, She's still a no go for dressing up as a flight attendant though. Maybe in 6 years :o)
  3. Change default state

    yes it is. MCDU, MCDU menu, ACFT State default state cycle through to Cold + Dark then save.
  4. I was using the throttle on the CH yoke with no problems, But when I switched over to the CH Throttle quadrant it was not giving me full throws on the throttles. So what you're saying is I should be going through FSX assignments for the CRJ?
  5. Then there's something wrong somewhere, Mine has worked since day one. Perhaps you haven't integrated it yet.
  6. Why wouldn't it be? The A319/A320 already works perfectly with VPilot.
  7. Wrong hobby if you think the A330 has been a long wait!!
  8. Aerosoft/I.D.S Nassau

    Agreed, When I heard IDS are the ones releasing Manchester it immediately became a no buy for me until they decide to fix Nassau, which like yourselves is unusable, and has been since day 1.
  9. Not sure if you're talking about the Initial setup for the VATSIM/IVAO client or the aircraft. Once your initial setup is done, it's done. I can be up and flying in 5-10 min. mind you I have a little bit more then 50 hrs. but as you said "But It took me over 1 hour in the sim to prep everything, landing charts, fuel, mcdu setup, weather.... before contacting clearance at EDDF." That really has nothing to do with online flying, that's just regular SOP's so I don't see that detouring anyone form joining. It does, I think it's just the angle. Looked on mine and It lines up pretty close to the frame.
  10. Nassau Issues

    Yes, I'm fully aware of the design of the missing texture flag, but as you can see from my post above, there is something missing from my install. Definitely not my first rodeo!
  11. Nassau Issues

    ShowMissingTextureAlert=1 activated in the scenery section of the FSX.cfg file will pop up and error on loading MYNN.
  12. Nassau Issues

    Sorry to kick the dust off this thread, But I had an OOM today @ MYNN, and this is a very rare occurrence for me. Had anything been discussed about the missing files, and ? As quite clearly I have something missing. Also, Has no one ever commented on texture files size with this addon? There's a single file that 64.0 MB !!!!! Some 21 and Some 10MB , After checking my EDDF V2.0 there are none even remotely close to that size. this seems to be something that should be addressed no? I've also noticed that while I've downloaded the update 1.01, It is still version 1.00. Could someone look into that. Thanks!
  13. Maybe the first time, Look back through the forums though, I suppose "got your nose" is still funny too.
  14. Actually I get the question, even if it was tongue & cheek " It should boil down to something like this: شباك " For Arabic yes. Mathijis must have been tired that night cause I've never heard of Ararabic either.
  15. LTBA v2.42 AES

    Thanks Oliver, installed with the replaced installer and cycled the scenery.