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  1. 122.00 & 122.025 work perfectly fine here, and picks up the AS ATIS.
  2. As a developer or in Mathijs' case this must be the equivalent of "are we there yet?" when on a road trip with kids. Mathijs has ALWAYS said when he has something new he will post it.
  3. I recently flew using the ES-ACB repaint and had noticed the tail doesn't illuminate at night. Something to keep in mind if using it.
  4. Regardless if you were a valid customer or not the malware IS still there, and from I've also read the data was exfiled with unencrypted transmission and the data was not encrypted either. To make matters worse, the target server was not behind a firewall and has RDP open to the world. So are you still alright with it being on your system? I've had previous dealings with Lefteris when I was on the beta team. His actions didn't really surprise me in the least, probably why he was shown the door at another well known developer.
  5. I was using the throttle on the CH yoke with no problems, But when I switched over to the CH Throttle quadrant it was not giving me full throws on the throttles. So what you're saying is I should be going through FSX assignments for the CRJ?
  6. ICAO: MYNNNAME: Nassau Lynden Pindling International AirportTYPE: PaywareFS: FSXDESIGNER: Aerosoft/ LINK: http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=13640&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=Flight%20Simulation&s_language=english AES 2.41
  7. ICAO: KSEA NAME: KSEA - Seattle International Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Taxi2Gate LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-ksea-seattle-tacoma-international-airport-fsx.phtml AES 2.39
  8. Very first post by Oliver Never Supported: FlyMex Mexikanische Airports YSSY - Sydney of CLS, no product of AUscene Airports of Swedflight Skandinavien Airports of Aerosoft Nice of Simwings all Airports of LAGO old FS9 Miami and Tampa of FlyTampa All of Blueprint Cloud9 (expect what is available yet) all of Orbx Simgiants products FSQuality (expect what is available yet) no MSK production airports, not included yet
  9. Like the previous posts linkng to the Read Before: It sounds like your static height values in your .cfg are incorrect. When you hit slew your aircraft should NOT rise. If it does thats your problem. Play with the values till it stops rising. Then your pushback should be fine, I find it happens alot more with merges because of the Contact Points section.
  10. Search Function, Many posts about left side cargo on the smaller RJ's. Oliver has mentioned it's in the works.
  11. Check that you've set repair for pushback on your aircraft. You usually get this penalty if your aircraft is suspended just abit and your wheels are turning during pushback. You should see your groundsppeed at about 10. BTW what aircraft was it? You can also apply your brakes before setting your parking brake.
  12. Gentlemen, Oliver has asked for a particular format when requesting Airport services. Look on the first page. I know reading is a lost art but let's try and stick to his request.
  13. Updating to 2.23a shouldn't effect any settings at all.
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