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Airport Controller (Split, Zurich and Berlin-Tegel) Troubleshooting


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EDIT [13-Nov-2015] - Missing SimConnect check added (see point 1)

EDIT [02-Oct-2015] - Windows 10 issue fix added (see point 6)

EDIT [15-May-2016] - related to released Maega Airport Prague

EDIT [19-May-2016] - Prague droped from this post as it uses APC more extensivelly and there is now special thread for it:

EDIT [13-Jun-2016] - link for Configuration Files Fixer added


Sceneries controlled by Airport Controller:

Split X

Mega Airport Zurich V2.0

Berlin-Tegel X

Mega Airport Prague (has special support thread.)


Configuration Files Fixer:


WARNING!!! Before use of this fixer, please read the hidden contents below:


Please be aware this tool still needs to be extensively used before it could be considered as perfectly safe.
Therefore make backup of following files prior usage:
'fsx.cfg' (for FSX only)
'prepar3d.cfg' (for P3D v2.4 and older only)
'simobjects.cfg' (for P3D from v2.5 to v3.2)
'exe.xml' from %appdata% location
'exe.xml' from %programdata% location

Please use this fixer ONLY in case you are completely sure what are you backing up.


The fixer should:

  • fix inconsistent numbering of simobject paths in one of the fsx.cfg/prepar3d.cfg/simobjects.cfg (depends on sim you use)
  • remove empty nodes from exe.xml (what cuases APC is not starting at all)
  • remove duplicate entries from exe.xml (from both possible locations - %appdata% and %programdata%)



Hi guys

Time to time, some of you reports issues with Airport Controller. 


The Airport Controller is just technology behind and it was never intended to be controlled manually - hence there is also no manual for it.

Please be aware that manual triggering of APC is not a fix and it is also very dodgy workarround.

So, when you do not find answer in any of those advices below, please send us you configuration files as described at the bottom of this post.


TEMPORARY EDIT: Please do not report GSX issues - this is being investigated!!!! Thanks.

From version 1.4 all the reported issues I was involved in fixing were caused by corrupted/tweaked configuration of the FSX/P3D. 
In such case, the installer often fails to install the APC correctly what then causes problems with scenery.

Let me wrap up few notes and advice how to recognize what is probably the issue and how to get rid of it.

To recognize whether the issue is related with Airport Controller or this is an issue with scenery itself, there are two possible indicators:

When you experience any kind of issues with shadows, textures, flickering etc please be aware this is NOT related to Airport Controller and there is nothing in this post to help you - sorry. This is strictly related to the scenery.

The other issues listed bellow are connected to the Airport Controller. 
First of all - please ensure you have the latest version of Split X installed. 
In time of writing this post it is version 1.40.
Now the list of problems you may experience follows

1 - You get some kind of message saying "AirportController stopped work". This is obviously an APC issue. Try following steps:
- In folder '[FSX]\Aerosoft\AirportController' right-click on 'APController.exe' and in context menu select Properties.
- In 'Compatibility' tab check the choice 'Run as administrator'. 

  NOTE: Please be aware that on some computers this choice works oposite way!!! So it means choice 'Run as administrator' could avoid APC to start. (Thanks for this Sebastian!)
- Restart PC, started FSX and Split X should work correctly.

if that didn't help:

- try to check Global Assembly Cache folder (for instance 'C:\Windows\assembly' on Windows 7) and check whether the SimConnect is installed.

2 - You use P3D version 2.4 and older
Split X only supports P3D v2.5 and newer.

3 - When using GSX, objects (trees, lights, lighted aprons ets) are either disappear or not visible at all.
Please install latest Couatl 3 (in time of writing this post it was Beta 2). This should fix the issue as FSDT modifies the Couatl code to do not interfere with APC anymore.
Also ensure:
1 - you use latest Couatl 3 (in time of writing this post it was the public Beta 2 from here: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,11796.0.html )
2 - you use the proper GSX installation procedure. Here is what Umberto wrote about it:
The Beta of Couatl must be the last thing they install after GSX.
If they reinstall GSX or any FSDT (or Flightbeam) scenery, they must reinstall the Couatl 3 Public Beta again, because the regular installers will “downgrade” it to the regular version.
After we’ll be out of Beta, the installation order won’t matter anymore, it’s just that right now we are using a separate Live Update server for the Beta, to test it out without causing issues to the standard version.

4 - SimProxy_XXX.log files are generated in main FSX folder
This issue was fixed in version 1.40

5 - At night, you could not see lights on RWY/TWY and/or the aprons are not illuminated. The same kind is when trees, PAPIs or windsocks are not visible. This is caused by not working Airport Controller and this post should give you some hints too.
It looks like broken install due to the corrupted/tweaked FSX installation. In this case, the best is to send us information and files as described bellow

6 - On Windows 10 you're getting error dialog mentioning program 'csc.exe' and on the end of the message is text '.cmdline'
In folder '[FSX]\Aerosoft\AirportController' try to set for the 'APController.exe' compatibnility mode to Windows 7. Many thanks to Pieter666 who identified this fix.

When any advice here didn't help, please send information/files to 'support@aerosoft.de':

(You can write in English, Czech or even German - if you accept English answer.)

What simulator and version do you use?
What Windows OS you use?
What Add-ons you use?

scenery.cfg, fsx.cfg, dll.xml, exe.xml 
and simobjects.cfg (in case you use P3D V2.5 and higher)

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