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Capt Pugwash

How can I update my Airbus X to latest version?

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Hi, I have the Airbus X V1.22 in my Aerosoft Downloads account, can I pay the upgrade amount and get the discount to get the latest Airbus 320/321 SP3 version?

Actually I would like to purchase all models 318/319/320/321 Bundle, but after spending 37.95euros on the orignal Airbus X... I would hope to have a discount or jesture to obtain the latest versions. Wanting to buy this now so any advice much appreciated...

I did find this from you guys but is it still relevant?



If you own Airbus X you are entitled to a 50% discount on the Airbus X Extended. The Airbus X Extended is NOT an update from Airbus X but as it shares part of the code we feel a discount is what customers should get.

Does it need Airbus X?

No the two product are complete independent.

How do they differ?

The Airbus X Extended has more complex systems (certainly in the MCDU and flightplans), update models (they should be about 15% faster in fps) and many new features. But using the Airbus X Extended will demand more knowledge of the rather complex Airbus systems. A big difference is also the new navigation database we include.

Do the old repaints work?

Yes they should, but the repainter might need to do a few tweaks.

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Guys, do I need to pay again for the airbus package? ...if the the answer is yes, then please say so... I just thought a discount may be available...

Is Airbus X V1.22 not able to be ugraded via the discount route?

A simple yes or no would suffice...

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if you dont have the extended version, you wont have the discount. =( but otherwise the bundel set its really amazing and really cheaper if you think about the features that it offers, and with this new CFD option i wound´t have any doubt to purchase it.


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Thanks for the feedback guys..guess I need to get out the plastic and purchase it in full.

Just seems a shame they do not give you a discount for the orignal Airbus X to upgrade to the latest version.

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yeah, i understand you, its a shame but you have think that is whole new product, i have seen video about airbus x and honestly, the new version and the old version only has in common that both are add ons from fsx. For 50 euros, you get 4 different models of airplane, with a native copilot and checklist, with crew sounds and ambience sounds like ATC. You have the complete sounds of pushback operations. CFD(fly with friends). a very good mcdu, with internal load sheet, with a tiller animated and functional (this one i love it) and very HQ sound of engines included ( believe me im a sound engineer) It has all you want from a fsx airplane for medium simmers. It would be the height of the situation that aerosoft makes an update that you can buy your dinner at home to burger king inside the mcdu in the middle of the flight (hahaha that would be a good one) and the most important for me, that you have guarantees that if you have some problem or there is some problem with the Haddon it will be solve because you a very great support team working for customers.

i wish you take the right choice

P.S. i don't work for aerosoft :lolsign_s:

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We always make sure you do not pay twice for the same bytes of code.

However literally everything has been reworked from the Airbus X to the current Airbus, that's why there is no discount to update from the old one.

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I purchased the Aerosoft - Airbus X Extended in July of 2013 without realizing it would not work on my ancient computer.

I have just installed it on my new computer.

During my first two flights the program freezes about an hour into the flight.

I see there are hotfixes that may need to be installed.

Here are the specs:

MB=ASUS A88X- Pro FM2+R, CPU=AMD 5800K 3.8G 4M FM2 R, Cooler=EVGA, VC=VGA EVGA GTX750TI, SSD=Kingston 120G, HDD=1T, HDD=2G, BLU,RAY Burner, MEM= 2X4G, 650W PS, Mid Tower Gaming Case, MS Win 7 Pro SP1 64-Bit.

Can someone lead me to the right updates and tell me how to install them.

Many Thanks In Advance


I forgot to add, I'm using FSX Gold Edition Including Flight Simulator X Deluxe and Acceleration Expansion Pack

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