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  1. Hi Shaun, Managed to sort it by down loading again & fresh install and all is well now, not sure why it went "on the tilt" last time round but it is running well with my Airbus X and MD11 now. Actually I am in flying from Brum to Stuttgart with Flybe for a business meeting with one of my business suppliers in a couple of weeks and look forwards to comparing my scenery with it!. Might post some comparison shots when I get back I have my own little business so always try to go through the airports I buy from Aerosoft for FSX (God bless Ryanair and Flybe!!), sad really I know... but I just love this hobby and Aerosoft German Airports are spot on. I travel in Germany quite often and I am always smiling when going to the gate when I see how close they look to FSX Aerosoft versions. Cheers Shaun... PS: nice to see you spell your name properly as well :-)
  2. Hello all, first post for me although been a customer for many years. I downloded Stuttgart X 2 days ago, registered and activated via new launcher and the install was fine and the scenery was working fine, but went back to fly from Stuttgart the next day and no scenery is showing at all, I have tried everything I can think of...Repair program, check activation but nothing works. I have noticed that Stuttgart X is no longer showing in my FSX scenery library. I have many other Aerosoft airorts installed..GibX, GAP3, Ibiza, Menorca etc..and these are all fine, just Stuttgart X seems to be a problem Tried to find fix on German forum but have zero German language skills and babelfish is struggling as well Please can somebody help point me in the right direction with this fault (in English pls) Many thanks, Shaun
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