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Distinguish between procedures with the same name?

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Today I was controlling at CYYZ. The particularity of this airport (and many more) is that there are several procedures with the same name, but for different runways. So, we have lots of different procedures with the same name. As an example, I have the LINNG5 arrival, but it varies greatly depends on what runway is in use.

When controlling airports with this kind of procedures, usually I can tell a plane to join a procedure (for example, the LINNG5 previously mentioned) for a certain runway, but instead, it will join the procedure of the same name but for another runway, giving a completely different route to the plane.

In a future release, could we distinguish between, for example, the LINNG5 arrival for the runway 33s and the LINNG5 for the runway 15s, to avoid these confusions?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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