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  1. Hello. Today I was flying the latest iteration of the A330, specifically the I wanted to load 18000 kg of fuel from the fuel planer. However, the plane loaded around 21.000 instead. I tried to manually put 18 tons from the MCDU 3. However, the problem persists. In general, the plane will load around 20% more than the amount set via the fuel planner or directly from the MCDU 3. This happens both when loading fuel slowly, or when using the instant option. In any of these cases, the FUEL indication in the LSK 3R button of the Load and Fuel page will continue flashing between
  2. Hi everybody. As the title of this thread says, currently I have version of the Airbuses. I didn't update to Is there any problem in updating directly to Thanks
  3. My reason is because the version has the fuel amount issue, which was reported and acknowledged in this topic. I don't recall having this problem with the version. Once is released, I will update to it
  4. Hello Currently I have the version of both the A319 and the A320. I would like to uninstall it in order to go back to the version. How to make a clean uninstall of it? I was thinking to do the following: - Execute the uninstallers - Remove the Aerosoft A318-A319-A320-A321 Professional folders from the main Aerosoft folder - Remove all the A3XX folders from the Documents/Aerosoft/General folder Anything else that I should remove or something that I should do differently? Thanks
  5. In the meantime, is it safe to use the Aerosoft Updater to go back to the stable version? or would that break something?
  6. I can also confirm the issue with the A320 CFM. Currently I'm using the experimental version in P3D v4.5 + hotfix 1. In the meantime, is it safe to use the Aerosoft Updater to go back to the stable version? or would that break something?
  7. Okay, this is weird, because I tried to give a second try to the very same flight and there was no issues at all. Probably it was just a random thing
  8. Hi everybody Today I was attempting a flight between KLAS-KLAX with the A319 CFM Currently I use P3D 4.5 which I upgraded from 4.4 earlier today. In order to upgrade I followed all the recommended steps by Lockheed Martin. Of course I restarted my system before flying. I load by default the cold and dark state. From there I went to prepare the plane as always during the preflight. Unfortunately, it was impossible to change the altitude in the FCU to other than its default value, in this case 100 ft. All the other knobs and buttons in the FCU seemed to work norm
  9. Hello I have a problem with GATC. Recently I updated its AIRAC cycle to 1902 with Navigraph. After this update, when I open it, it shows me an uncontrolled exception in the application. It also says that "startIndex can't be greater than the string length". When I press continue, I'm able to go to the main screen. However, in the top right corner I see the words "Version label" instead of the actual version number, also next to AIRAC I see a letter X. I attach a screenshot that proves this. I thought that it was probably a problem with the 1902 cycle, but i
  10. Okay, I will try and report how it goes
  11. Hello I experienced the same problem with the Airbus A319, both with the CFM and IAE variants. I have Windows 10 up to date, also I use the version of the planes in Prepar3D 4.4. My first problem occurred last week with the A319 IAE while descending into SEQM. Today I had the same problem with the A319 CFM while descending into MHTG. Is important to mention that in both cases the issue appeared a few minutes after starting the descent. When reaching the top of descent I descend in DES mode, a few seconds before the problem appeared I changed to OP DES mode.
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