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Rotterdam X ILS Problem


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We did use the published figures... at the time the scenery was released. If it was changed afterwards then it may differ from the current ones though, but at the time of the release we can 100% assure you everything was as it was in the real world.

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From the manual:

Important note about ILS frequencies
ILS frequencies in this scenery are as follows:
ILS DME 06: Frequency: 111.90 Heading: 57° ID: ROS
ILS DME 24: Frequency: 111.90 Heading: 237° ID: RSV

Those ILS systems are rather new and the old ILS (without DME) that is part of the FSX default scenery, had to be moved to a place 4km northwest of the airport (it is not possible to remove default scenery ILS’s in FSX!). You may notice that the actual frequency of the real world airport is 110.9 instead of 111.9 used in this scenery. The reason why we have chosen this fictional frequency is simple: Valkenburg Navy Airbase (EHVB) northwest of the airport uses the same ILS frequency in FSX, which means that FSX would guide you to the wrong airport of we would have used the real world frequency.

At the time I disabled EHVB myself and set the correct frequencies at Rotterdam.

If you were to use Herv Sors navaids updates quite possibly Valkenburg wold be disabled in fsx.

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The ILS frequency of EHRD is changed in the scenery because it shares the same frequency with EHVB. So if you use an aircraft with external naviaids database it will not pick up the ILS signal, you have to tune the frequency manually according to the one in the manual.

I worked around this issue by changing the ILS of EHVB to another frequency and put EHRD back with the original one. To do so you will need a program like Flight 1 AFX to change the AFCAD files.

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