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Where can I get the patch for US Cities X Los Angeles


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I found this thread that describes a problem I'm having with US Cities X and Megascenery Socal.


It says that there is a patch available and gives a link but, when I go to that link, there doesn't seem to be a patch for US Cities X Los Angeles in the list. Where can I get it?


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Sign in to the support page: http://support.aerosoft.com/support.php

Click on the link below the drop down box that says "Do you want to register another product?"

Select "Aerosoft- US Cities Los Angeles"

Enter your serial number and e-mail and press continue.

Once done you can now select Aerosoft- US Cities Los Angeles in the drop down box and you will see update 1.01, which is the fix you are looking for.

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Thanks. Got it. It fixes the 'trenches around the airport very well. One thing I see now is this light colored overlay when I'm on the runway. As I descend it creaps down the runway. Perhaps the MSE runway is overlaying the Cities runway? It clears up as you climb and then comes back as you descend....





I don't have any other add-ons than these in the LAX area. I am using REX runway textures globally.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Just backup your existing fsx.cfg by adding a ".bak" or something similar as the extension (e.g., fsx.cfg.bak) instead of deleting it. That way, you'll still have your tweaks available for copying from the backup.

I suggest though just adding the Highmem tweak at first and give the new config file a fair workout. You may well find that the reconstructed file with the Highmem fix works as well as you thought your tweaked one did. It's an easy way to validate the "value" of all those tweaks. Speaking from experience, cummulative tweaks have more placebo effect than real. ;)

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