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The Netherlands Tour using NL2000, round 2


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  • Deputy Sheriffs


I can imagine Ian, no harm done, will catch you next time.


Yeah, I know, apparently to make NL2000 completely installable and compatible with P3D.

Sorry to hear about your pc. Will see you next time!

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Well, only Dirk and Mick (again :cool3_s: ) showed up tonight. Since it would be kinda pointless to do the same route as friday, we opted for a route along the Dutch coast, from Texel EHTX down to Valkenburg EHVB, to grab a beer at my old flyingclub. We saw the Steelmills and the estuary for the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, Zandvoort F1 Circuit and had some general fun weaving around eachother on this flight.

Pics are below. Route #3 will be communicated in due time. If anyone wants to do route #2 again because they missed it, let me know.











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not sure, so I cannot say definately "yes".... my 5yo girl got fever and the small one is with eye infection, they are sleeping during the day so not sure what will be the status at night... my wife is overloaded with the two of them so if they will be awake I want to help. Hope you understand :confused_s:

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Naturally I understand. I'm daddy of 2 young boys (4 and 2) myself. I would cancel in a heartbeat if this would happen with my kids.

Make it a no, Moshe, don't take the chance.

Next possibiliity is thursday 19:00UTC, Aerosoft server and TeamSpeak, start at ehvb, route ehvb, ehtx, ehal, ehow, ehho. Use something that does ca 150 kts. I'll be flying the Carenado C337H I think. Good speed and good view due to the high wing.

Please report back if this suits both you guys (Ian and Moshe). If both in all probability can attend I'll post it also to the AMA forum, mabye some stragglers there may want to join too.

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I am sorry for letting you down. My Daughter had her Twins on Thursday night which left me looking after my Grandson. The weekend is a blur so I missed Sunday night as well. I now have 2 Granddaughters and they all came out of hospital yesterday. Hopefully life will return to normal and I will be able to meet the next 'Fly-in'. As always the screenshots are really good.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Final entry.

Dave, Ian and Mick joined me tonight for a third and again different rendition of route#2.

We took off in poor weather from the now closed (but still active for flying clubs) EHVB, Valkenburg Navy.

Along the coast we saw Zandvoort F1 Circuit, the estuary of the Amsterdam Rhine Canal and the steelmills. We crossed to Texel via Den Helder naval base and followed the Wadden isles, keeping the Wadden Sea to our right. Dave had to land at Ameland island EHAL, after the rest of us crossed into northern Holland via the Friesland and Groningen provinces. After turning above the privately owned Oostwold airfield EHOW we set course for Hoogeveen airfield, EHHO, where we landed without incident. Thankfully the weather was much better here in the northeast than it was in the west.

Guys, the dishes we passed in the North are indeed an observatory, (second to last picture) The Westerbork Radio Synthesis Telescope,

http://goo.gl/maps/reAeO. I learned something today! :D .

Pics are below, details about tour#3 will follow soon.

Thanks all that attended, had some nice flights.











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Great flight, thanks to Toby for the running commentary! Here's a few pics. I have no model of the Cessna so everyone else ended up in Barons!

Following the gang across Groeningen:


The afore-mentioned observatory:


Lined up at EHHO after arrival - when I discovered I was missing the scenery...


Having found out I had missed the scenery out, I did some digging afer we disconnected, loaded the scenery files and fired up again....much better!


Looking forward to the next trip.

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Thanks again for last night, I enjoy the get togethers, not least for the tips on FSX Setup, I will be editing my FPS to 20 when I have posted this. I look forward to the next event or meeting online again.




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