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any takers on an online tour...


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I am still downloading the Photo Scenery, I did my original NL2000 V4 download from AVSIM and downloaded all of what I thought was the correct files, I was missing about 20 files, there are new Versions for some, the Installer is 4.03 as is the 3D Objects and library file. I am worried that I will see a further reduction in the FPS! Hope to see you later.

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No, Dave, I don't think so. I've seen optimizations from v4.00 through v4.02, not less performance. I guess V4.03 will show that as well.

I have downloaded v4.03 files but am still running the v4.02 ones.

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I flew some of the final leg but my system was struggling, I will try and optimise it tomorrow and let you know what is happening. I found textures were taking a long time to load. I have GSX on and it was trying to reset or initialise itself which may have been the cause. I will load it up and leave it to go through the various loads and then do a complete restart and see what happens.

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- Gamespy account in FSX, my own server in lobby fly-ins, password "NL". FSX time of start is dawn, weather is clear.

- Teamspeak3, login on AS server + headset + mic: , password = softaero

- for both servers: please check connections in advance!

Hi Toby, for the Gamespy, I did not see your server in the lobby so I assume it's not 24 hours on. Please let me know when it is on so it could be checked. For the TS3, this is Andras Field channel and for me it's confirmed to be working fine. Thanks for this wonderful initiative, looking forward.

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Thanks Toby. I will be flying with your suggested plane and take a default 172. May I offer the forum a possibility to improve panel reality and performance of the aircraft, performed by a very talented friend of mine, Tomer Haim, former VATIL1 (leader of the VATSIM Israel devision). This guy has a website with many downloads and one of the pages includes improvements to default and payware GA planes.

This is the planes download page of his website:


Since all is written in Hebrew I will specify relevant FSX aircraft links could be used.

1. Cessna 172P version 17: http://www.virtual-flight.com/dl/fsx/c172pv17fsx.zip

2. Improvement package for various FSX default planes: http://www.virtual-flight.com/dl/fsx/defaultsfsx.zip

3. Cessna 172M, 180HP: http://www.virtual-flight.com/dl/fsx/c172m180hp.zip

4. Improvements to Carenado Cessna 172N: http://www.virtual-flight.com/dl/fsx/car172.zip

5. Improvements to default C172R, 180HP: http://www.virtual-flight.com/dl/fsx/c172r180hp.zip

6. Improvements to Carenado Cessna 152: http://www.virtual-flight.com/dl/fsx/car152.zip

7. Improvements to Carenado Cessna 182Q: http://www.virtual-flight.com/dl/fsx/carenado%20c182q.zip

There are many more suggestions there but I think any one of the above can be used for our NL tour.

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The 172P, 172R and 172M (1,3,5 in the list above) are based on the default C172 so they are light as default.

Just in case, I would backup the Simobjects folder before I paste the modified files.

The aircraft CFG files are overitten so the 3rd party repaints need to be re-added to the CFG files.

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Thanks Moshe, i'll see if i'll use them, seeing as I also have the Carenado one. For this online flight, I don't mind using the default c172. Oh, and it may well bw that i'll use the aerosoft server instead of my own. We'll see.

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Ah, and here I was thinking it to be some nifty flighttracker :-)

For flight tracking on GE you can use Plan-G, but then you have to fly the route in order for it to be tracked :funkychick_s: Personally I prefer not to fly this before the event and to do it together with you :cheers_s:
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Just wanted to thank you Toby for the great time you gave us this evening. The Netherlands is a beautiful country and NL2000 shows it very well. Your guidance was very interesting and made the journy even more joyful. Looking forward to NL tour #2... :excellenttext_s:

Like a good tourist I took some pictures, they'll be up soon.

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I would like to add my thanks, through Aerosoft and your good self you have opened up a whole new area of FSX for me, I really enjoy the on-line flying although every time we seem to get together I end up buying another aircraft or gadget. It was good to see a variety of people on the NL2000 tour, it was a shame I had to leave early, like Moshe I look forward to part two.


Those are good screenshots I am tryining to develop a way of capturing multiple shots, do you need a specific programme, only when I hit Prt Scrn it only ever captures the one shot, I think I am overwriting each shot with the subsequent key command. I flew with Toby a few months ago and his screenshots were pretty good also but for the life of me I only ever get the one?


I noticed the majority of you had a callsign AMA*** is this a group thing, how do I join?

Once again Toby and the rest of those who joined us last night thank you for the enjoyable experience I look forward to the next one.

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Habit, you need something like Snapper for your screen shots... Google it and take a look. I use it and it's excellent.

Just want to add my thanks to Toby for putting the tour together and the running commentary on the areas we were flying over. I had a great time, and also look forward to Part 2. One thing I notice - Moshe's screen shots show my scenery textures are not up to scratch, so I need to try again to download the new version textures. I also didn't get the scenery for EHMZ, so will have another look at the NL2000 site and try and get the rest.

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For multiple screenshots I an using FRAPS. I am using a registered version, you just choose your convinient key for screenshots and convinient key for movie. You may also use the default FSX screen capture, it will put all your pictures at the Documents/Pictures/FSX location. The only screen capture is the last (FlightSim Commander screen).



As far as AMA, please find it here:


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Ok then!

We had a wonderful flight yesterday evening, although slightly delayed by some technical gremlins on my end.

My own server was bad to connect with apparently, so we diverted to the Aerosoft server, which performed briljantly for the rest of the evening. Another thing was that I had to update my TS3 client due to some breaking up on my end. After updating, TS3 did not recognize my soundcard as such, meaning a reboot was in order. But after this 20min delay, all was well! We began with 7 pilots on our journey.

We took off from EHMZ, Midden-Zeeland airport, which is a small GA grassstrip, http://www.zeeland-airport.nl/. It comes with a restaurant, some flying clubs, paraclubs, gliderclubs and some maintenance companies, like most GA airfields in Holland do. It's a green field, which means it's not under any ATC. Just take-off or land and only call out something on the radio if you're more than alone.

We set course for the Delta Works, http://www.deltawerken.com/, a set of bridges and shuttergates to keep out the sea when the weather turns foul. In 1952 a large flood occured during a storm, which took so many lives that these Works were installed. First some artificial islands were made to work from, after which special ships were designed and made to create as flat a bottom as possible. After that the bridges with shuttergates were installed. Whenever extreme weather threatens the province of Zeeland, the gates to the sea are shut. As Barry (I think) mentioned, programs about this marvellous feat are regularly broadcast on NGC and/or Discovery.

Cruising along above the many rivers that come out into the North Sea here and the long stretches of beaches, we came to an area called The Maasvlakte, http://tinyurl.com/8d9say8. This is essentially the beginning of the Port of Rotterdam, where the largest of ships are off- and onloaded. As we speak, a second part is made in the sea to accomodate the growth of the port, http://tinyurl.com/9x8lpmo. Most goods coming into or out of Europe go through the Port of Rotterdam. Secondly, most refining of fuel for the European market is done here also.

We turned towards Rotterdam now, following the Maas river. Again, this river is protected by stormfloods, http://tinyurl.com/9hkcvxk, to keep out high water in case of storm and springtide and keep the city inland dry. As we moved inland, we could see the Zeeland islands to our right, the city of Rotterdam in front of us and the enormous area of greenhouses called the Westland to our left. It's nicknamed the Glass City, http://tinyurl.com/8jh6xp2, and with good reason. It's one of the largest producers worldwide of tomatoes, cucumbers and paprika's.

Crossing over the city of Rotterdam we could see the various parts of Rotterdam, which stradles both sides of the Maas river and is connected with various bridges and tunnels. When crossing Rotterdam airport, we settled on a course of 060 to go towards Hilversum airport. Loosely following the A20 and A12 highways, we came across the area what is generally known in Holland as The Green Heart, http://tinyurl.com/9gewguo. It's inhabited in mostly larger towns, leaving vast area's of grass- and farmland in between. With Holland being mostly below sealevel, it's crisscrossed by moats, streams, small rivers and lakes. This also makes it an excellent area for sightseeing, naturelovers and recreation. For us, it's a good beacon to get our bearings and do a slight course adjustment to 050.

We could now see another large set of lakes, being the Loosdrechtse plassen. Coming closer, in the southwestern part of the lake is a small isle shaped like a pistol, http://tinyurl.com/9ewfbtv. Follow the barrel of that pistol and you'll find Hilversum Airport EHHV. It's home of many flyingclubs and -schools, including my own. I'm flying on Scheibe SF25's with Dwarf airschool. A lot of activity here, as is clearly shown on the constantly updated photobook http://tinyurl.com/8hule5e. Nice for wallpapers!

Anyways, we did a circuit at 700ft and landed on rwy25. After parking and regrouping, 2 of our group had to call it a day, leaving us with 5 flyers to continue the journey. We lined up again on rwy25, took off in close formation and took a heading of 060 towards Lelystad airport, overflying the towns of Hilversum and the old castlecity of Naarden, with Amsterdam and Schiphol on our left wing.

Following the A27 highway we crossed the Gooimeer to the Province of Flevoland, http://tinyurl.com/3jwsxd.

It was reclaimed from the IJsselmeer, former Zuiderzee and is very structured compared to the rest of Holland. It mainly consists of cattleland, is dotted with a lot of windmills for electricity and only has 2 main towns: Almere and Lelystad. At Lelystad is the airport EHLE, http://tinyurl.com/36fqgeq. It's main hub for GA in The Netherlands and also home of the worldfamous Aviodrome aeronautics museum, http://www.aviodrome.nl/. It's main attractions are the world's only flying DC2 "Uiver", only flying Lockheed 049 Connstellation "Connie" and a replica of the initial terminalbuilding for Schiphol Airport from 1928. It's a must see for every aviation fan. It's also the venue for the annual FSWeekend, http://fsweekend.com/, which is next week for 2012.

Turning towards 320, we cross into the Markermeer and IJsselmeer, http://tinyurl.com/98cb7wu. As we would later see, these tracts of water were once part of the inland sea called the Zuiderzee (South Sea) which was connected via the Wadden sea to the North sea.

Crossing to the north, we encountered the Afsluitduik, http://tinyurl.com/3ycd4h2, the dike that was completed in 1933 to close of the South sea and making it a lake. This to counter high tides and storm effects in the middle of the country, but also to get a main connection between the 2 northern parts of the country of North Holland and Friesland.

Beyond the Afsluitdijk we could see the naval port and -airfield of Den Helder, home of the Dutch Navy. We were now flying through the corridor, the safes shortest route above water to the largest wadden isle of Texel. On our right we could see the Wadden sea, a sea that runs mostly dry every turn of the tide. More on that in tour #2 ;). We came over Texel and entered left downwind for rwy22. After landing we parked next to the terrace for a cold drink after a 1hr 45 minute flight.

I had a blast and so did everyone else. NL2000 is a very good photorealistic scenery. I've navigated us purely by eye and my own real life VFR chart, which is a tremendous achievement for the NL2000 crew. Everyone agreed that this is a very nice way of flying online. Instead of just doing a route on a server with people doing the same somewhere else in the world, this is wat joint flying is all about.

I will make more tours and announce them via this and the Aerosoft forum in due time. I guess the whole of Holland can be done in 3-4 tours of around 90 minutes per tour. I look forward to that, thanks very much for your participation.

Some pictures!

1. Forming up over Zeeland

2. Zeeland

3. Rotterdam Airport EHRD

4. Landed at EHHV, others in close circuit

5. Groupshot at EHHV

6. Lining up rwy25 for departure from EHHV

7. Grouping up over Hilversum, with EHHV and Loosdrechtse plassen in the background

8. Over Flevoland, EHLE, with Markermeer in the background.

9. Leaving Flevoland via Markermeer and IJsselmeer

10. A job well done at Texel, EHTX











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Thanks. I had a similar problem with the NL2000 scenery when I was flying with Toby earlier in the week. I had downloaded the scenry from AVSIM. I checked on the NL2000 web page and noticed I was missing a lot of them and had an older version. You can download via a web link from there download page if like me you don't like Bittorrent but you do need a good internet connection some of the files are Gigabytes! I will check out the screenshot programmes over the weekend. Thanks again.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs


I just use the normal FSX screenieshot, default key "v". I pan up and down with my hatswitch and left and right via my trackir.

I'll take a look at snapper though.

And Ian, AMA stands for Andras Meridian Airlines, a VA most of us fly for and is centered around 5-60 min flights with mainly props.

I enjoy flying for/with them immensely.

I'll conjure up tour #2 soon and post the proposed date and time in the AMA and AS forums, as like this time.

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Thanks Toby, looking forward. If it's possible to start the tour later than 17:00 UTC it will be better for me so the girls can go to sleep and not bug me, but if other participants have a time limitation I can manage with it. Appreciated.

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