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Happy two-year birthday Andras Field

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Not that anyone seem to give it any thought - but today is actually Andras Field´s 2 year birthday. So Happy Birthday Andras Field

Just imagine... Two years ago we were buzzing all around in awe over this new project, and we fought for positions to rule the place.

Over time Andras Field has become a quiet little outskirt, but for the ones who stubbornly keep at it, Andras Field still is a wonderful scenery, with MY name on one of the houses. I love that.

And eventually Andras will finish the Italian venicestyle houses and add to the fun. Matt will bring on the second round the world challenge - with Andras Field as base, and in one year, we will celebrate the third birthday also.

So everyone - Thanks for participating. Lets all keep Andras Field alive and kicking.

Beer in the AA-Clubhouse on me...

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