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Scenery and CTD

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The last week I am trying to finish a flight from Amsterdam to Frankfurt with the 737NGX.

Every time at the same place I am getting a CTD.

I reinstalled Germany West 2010 , but no luck.

To be sure it wasn't the 737NGX I have made 7 extra flights from Amsterdam to Paris CdG, Brussels , London Heathrow and London Luton.

For the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK I am also using photoscenery.

All flights where done around sunset.

No issues or whatsover I encountered.

Only when doing the flight to Frankfurt I am getting this issue.

I reprogrammed the flight , but no luck.

Attached are 2 screenshots :

- one in spotplane view, where black squares are showing.

- one form within the cockpit and no black squares are shown looking outside.

What happens :

about 10 miles before ETNN , coming from Schiphol and going heading 138, those black squares are starting to show.

First I thought it was the transition from day to night textures, but after 5 minutes they were gone.

Only the moment they are gone FSX crashes and a CTD appears.

Framerate is locked at 25 and was 24.4.

I know of several fellow Flightsimmer sgetting CTD's , G3D.dlll errors when flying over As and Orbx scenery and/or when using AES..

At Avsim there is a Topic going on about the G3D.dlll errors.

Also I used the MissingLibraryAlert=1 tweak in the fsx.cfg file and several "missing libraryXXXX" shows up.

Is AS aware of this and if so , do they have a statement about this and , even better, a solution for this ?

If you encounter this, post it in this Topic, so we can keep this in 1 Topic.



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what if you select another plane then the NGX does it then crash, as im testing to find the awenser at LOWI at the moment i know i edit the lod, and that have an effect but not sure it is only that as depending on the settings on the NGX i can get throu the critical point where it Crash. but i think it might be the AP of ngx as if i turn off lnav and fly whit hdg it dosent crash.

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Just tried the same flight, but then with lower resolution exterior/interior textures and I got no weird ground textures/CTD.

Then I tried with the VC at high res and the plane with low res ( everything 2x lower, only the wings, wheels and engines at normal res ) and and also no issues.

I am going to try now with high res VC and again the high res exterior ( 2x default ).

Also I have to add that I did save the flight about 10 minutes before the CTD.

I'll have to try also with a complete flight.

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again and again, when you read all the posts about CTDs with a g3d.dll error you will realize the following:

1. this error is as old as Flightsimulator (oldest post i found on Google dates back to 2003)

2. there is no single point of failure

3. there is no solution.

It has been explained many times, why it can not be tracked down to a certain product or whatever.

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In my experience it is quite random. However, I have found the problem to disappear by reducing slider settings, particularly water. Try at 1x and this may help.

But as its been stated the problem can lie anywhere.


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It seems that I was able to solve my CTD's by changing some settings in XtremeFSX PC.

In the program I added all extra backgroundprograms for core optimazation and that seemed to solve my issues.

( Gamebooster 3, OC Guru for my graphics card, LINDA, AISmooth , 3D Real Cockpit Effect FSX and HAT-Track )

First at my CTD area Core 0 was used for 40-50% , core 2 for 100% and core 3 and 4 for 70-80%.

Now core 0 is used for 50-60% and the other cores 60-80%

Also I set the Booster Option to more stability and the Blurries Eliminator to 15% instead of 30%.

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I have to add that I also changed the textures used for the 737NGX :

- livery textures resized to 50% ; only wings, engines and wheels are still 100%

- resized textures for the VC ; not the ones from SP1 , but resized main textures , as described at the forum ( before SP1 ).

After many people have tested it the G3D.ll error can be caused by :

- missing library textures ( mostlyt fault in bgl files )


- the system trying to load lots of small textures ( several developers use up to hunderds ( 500+ ) smaller textures )


- resource eating aircraft ( like the 737NGX )

Several airports from AS have hunderds of textures ( Frankfurt even 999 ).

My G3D.dll area is just above ETTN , with Koln down left and Koln-Bonnn airport more left too.

I am flying at 23.000ft and all buildings from the city Koln are completely visible including their textures.

And I am using photoscenery too.

By using smaller textures on the 737NGX and the use of the tweak :


I am able to fly over th earea without a CTD.

The tweak does not built scenery objects smaller than 8x8 pixels.

If the city of Koln did not show all buildings on 23.000ft I probably would not get a CTD too.

And if the mssing textures where in the texture folder no issues would show up either.

At Orbx thyey finally recognised that the issue was in their scenery ( missing textures ).

Imho AS should look into their scenery too.


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