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G3d.DLL errors+EBBR=LOWI


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well i did a little search, and found this you could try, i must say i havent tryeid it, so i cant say if it works .... Link: http://forum.avsim.n...25#entry2068556

look at the post from 15 and 16 of AUG posted by Guensli . then you should get an error window you could press ok and then the sim should keep running.

part from the post :

(insert this in your fsx.cfg file under [sCENERY] )





Hope that helps you

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Have a look at the last posts 51,52 and 53.

Is it a memory exception due to scenery .bgl's, or is it an exception when in FMC flight?

The last poster states that if he flew without the FMC programmed ( PMDG 747) he was free of CTD's. I know he's talking about PNW, but also has CTD at LOWI.

Its a tricky problem. There are numerous possible conflicts. Its tying it down to the culpret that counts.

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Your ATI GPU has 1024 MB. How much of that are you using when you are flying the approach. At OEV16 +8500?

I have Nvidia GTX 580. Using the NV Inspector I see 600MB ( AA at 8) and 900MB (AA at 16). But my GTX has 3 GB ( Never uses it though) I see 2GB FSX + 900MB for the GTX 580=2.9GB VAS used total. No CTD's.

What I am implying is, perhaps you are OOM with the NGX. They use 4096 graphics, thats probably why they intend to include a toggle "switch" in SP1? This is supposed to give the user the option of turning down the graphics to 2048/1024. If you have the ifly 737 and can do the same approach............NGX is under suspicion?

At OEV16 you are quite low ( the houses are bigger!) and the terrain+aircraft is being modelled at a high rate. At 4096, especially if you have a weather add on (REX) and run high AA settings, the memory will be heavly used....Just a thought.

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Well i have the TML at 1024 in the fsx.cfg and i am not sure what to look at in Processexplorer but Virtuel Size is about 3.2GB with Extreme and only about 2.5-2.7GB on Normal Autogen.

Videomemory says committed 1.100.000kb and Privat bytes is around 800.000kb.

just did a flight with clear skies on Normal and landed nice:-)

Now if i record it and go back no problem with the extreme setup and even 3.8GB VAS


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