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Becker Transponder doubt


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Just noticed twice in game (random and diferent day flights) that when trying to set the squak code number in the becker transponder it seems that only the third number get stucked in six or seven. No matter how many times I spend rotating the nob....it only changes from seven to six and viceversa. Once again it just happens few times not always.

Anyone else that suffers this random situation?

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I can confirm it.

It happened after downward wrap-around on digit 3 when changing from 0 to 7. From then on only digit 6 is shown when dialing down, digit 7 is shown when dialing up. Sometimes it takes several steps to change from 6 to 7 or vice versa, as if the gauge internally counts all digits, but only shows 6 or 7.

In addition, when this has occured, and you enter normal mode by pushing the knob until the blinking stops, the displayed transponder code shows a different code than that was dialed, and not only at digit 3 but at all of them.

It is temporarily cured by toggling the gauge off and on again or pressing VFR.

It seems to be downward wrap-around problem at digit three.



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I fixed it for an eventual official update.

Since nothing else has been reported to be broken, the official update will not come.

But here is the updated transponder:H36.zip

Unzip and overwrite into:

C:\Your path into FSX\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_DimonaX\PANEL\

Best regards


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