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Max Roodveldt

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I've decided to put the website back on: FSZwever

The URL has changed from fszwever.com to fszwever.nl - I always wanted a .nl extension... :rolleyes:

It's still under construction but I needed the space to store my files.

Please note it's only FSX from now on.

And the downloads are just dummies to check if it's working - real files will be available later on.

More later...



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Hi Max,

Your site is on my "heve to look for updates every day"-list allready. Your "What I am working on"-list looks promising.

On your Utilities pages under the chapter Add-ons for FSX the link to Ian's site: http://carrier.csi.cam.ac.uk/forsterlewis/soaring/sim/fsx/simobjects/ will not be misplaced, I think.

Keep up the good work, I'll be watching you.. :-)



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