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2010 FS9 still tops freeware downloads on all FS sites...

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and what Aerosoft is reporting is skewed in FSX's favor to say the least... Reminds me of a great quote, "Who cares what anyone thinks? It's what you know that interests" and I know FS9 add-ons are selling more than some are admitting. Now if we are talking GA then FSX sales may surpass FS9 but for Heavy airplanes/scenery it's either neck and neck or FS9 sales beats out FSX's.

That is the most idiotic thing i have ready so far... If Aerosoft (a COMPANY) would be making a lot more money by developing for fs9 (which you say "sells way more"), why would they stop? why would they skew numbers in a manner that would supposedly "make them lose money"

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