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A New Simulator (June edition)


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First of all, I would like to thank aerosoft for taking on this project. I have a couple of ideas. Like the Wii the new sim should have virtual people who can move around the airport freely and hop into any open plane and fly it. Also, in one mode the virtual person might have to start flying small planes at first then they will have to gain flight hours to fly bigger and bigger planes. Also when it snow the plane should get effected and people should have to clean the snow of the runway and the plane(this was already mentioned by somebody). Another thing that would be cool is 1player mode and 2player modes. By this i do not mean online. But in fsx the free flight is 1player only half the cockpit is shown on the screen in the 2D cockpit. There should be a 2player mode where both sides of the cockpit is shown in the 2D cockpit.

This is all for now.

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