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  1. Just curious how things are developing redarding this still so anoying issue.
  2. I am ok thanks Hehe...no not the 727x. I am more than satisfied with the FS9 version. But if you finish the diesel 8, it might be the only reason why I should install FSX again.
  3. Spot on Paul. Hope you are fine. Long time eh....
  4. Great to hear this Oliver. For those who want to use for example World of AI planes and get as much realism as possible, including aircraft shadows, it is not nice to only use default airports. I think that many many FSX users would be very greatful to be able to use even Aerosoft sceneries and also be able to have aircraft shadows switched on, with visible AI from FS9.
  5. Great Shaun, You know,...it might seam like a minor thing this issue. But as a matter of fact, I know that this shadow issue is a crusial point that makes a decision for some simmers wether to switch over to FSX from FS9 or not.
  6. Hi Shaun, We are still curious about the progress.
  7. Just curious about any progress in this matter. ?
  8. I do not agree with you when you say that there already are satifactory FSX AI models. We tried Ultimate Traffic 2, but the one you talk about was maybe produced in just one copy, because the aircraft in the copy we installed, looks just horrible. The person I helped installing FSX, purchased UT2, My Traffic X and Traffic X. And no one of those products has even close to satisfying models or paints. The result was to uninstall the Aerosoft sceneries, trash the FSX AI commercial addons and go for other sceneries (even default), that can handle all the beautiful FS9 AI models with shadows t
  9. That sounds great ! Thanks for your efforts. Yes, it is a true bugger for many simmers. And if I was you, I would put a note about this on the frontpage.
  10. Hi Shaun, Well well,....certainly not the answer I, or many other simmers had hoped for. But when reading "between your lines",....I get the feeling that your scenery developers has to do more homework. The answers are right there,..in the SDK. And if the SDK is read more thorough, I am sure that even the developers can make miracles.
  11. Hi Shaun, But the least I would expect from a scenery made with the FSX SDK, is that it uses the same basic SDK standard as the default FSX sceneries. And they are all infact fully compatible with FS9 models, with shadows and all. The models available in FSX AI addons are just horrible looking, compared with for example, WOAI and PAI, which are FS9 freeware AI. And,...again.....even if they are FS9 models.....they work in each and every default scenery in FSX,...but for some strange reason,....not in Aerosoft sceneries. This only shows that Aerosoft sceneries doesn´t even follow the S
  12. Hi Shaun, Well,....what can I say, exept that this is sad. I am a hardcore FS9 guy myself. I am just helping a friends kid to install and tweak his birthday gift (FSX). After having tweaked the thing for some considderable time, it was time to install his favourite airport, Mega Scenery Stockholm Arlanda X. But just to find out that the addon doesn´t work as it should in FSX, even though all default airports work with all freeware addon AI. This fact makes it even harder for me to even considder to install FSX myself. If this is a trend, that even when FSX itself is not fully backcompati
  13. Hello Shaun, I know, but the AI still doesn´t cast shadows in your picture. It is like all aircraft are hovering above the tarmac. And that doesn´t give the imerson effect IMO. Is that Traffic X you are using? The models in your picture does infact look much better than both MyTraffic X and Traffic X. I must be stupid, but how can a scenery that is developed without FSX standards, have a "shadowbug that is in the FSX platform" when the default scenery can handle FS9 coded AI aircraft with shadows!?........ How can that be a bug? Take care,
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