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Move To Aerosoft

Karen Hamilton

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As you have noticed by now, the message board has really changed! We will be moving to the Aerosoft forums in the next few days thanks to the gracious offer of Mathijs Kok to host our board at no charge! We have pruned the board quite a bit to eliminate old items that no longer receive any posts!

This move, we feel, is in the best interest of SOAR and will definitely give us more exposure and hopefully boost soaring to the general public. Don & I will still have control of the SOAR portion and will be able to add catagories as needed and will also do the moderation of the posting.

Scott brought up about losing the history and wealth of information contained in the old board. Mathijs has told us that there very possibly will be a problem with transfering the messages over, but that transfering the membership will not be a problem. I think we have a solution to losing our old posts. I am going to ask a certain SOAR member to install a free board on the SOAR site and transfer all of our posts as of 2 Mar 2009 to this "archive". We may lose a few days of posts, but at least we could save all our history. On this board, login would not be required and everyone would be able to read, but not post or upload anything. I realize this is not the perfect situation, but Don and I both feel this is the best option!

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