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Headfing out now from Chos Malal

Peter Lürkens

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I'm heading out of Chos Malal now by APS/FSINN and Teamspeak 122.8./SOAR

Let's see how he made the 3000km.

WX conditions are in the zip. Looking forward to meeting you,




I would love to join you but I don't have a good enough internet connection. :confused2: I believe Klaus started that flight from San Martin De Los Andes (Chapelco_CHP) which is about 10 miles south of the southern limits of the Andes 4X4 lift files. Closest good lift is Vulcan Lanin. I believe a 6,000 ft, tow over Chapelco would put you within range of the slope lift on Vulcan Lanin. From there you can fly the Vulcans and Cerros all the way to Cerro Mercedario and beyond. The Andes 6 X 6 lift files go to S 30 degrees latitude. Three or four laps of this route should give you plenty of distance!


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I wish I could join you also, but I'm out of town again for Thanksgiving. Also, APS wont let me register. I tried to register under a different email and it still wouldn't let me. I may have to just brake down and email the person in charge and see why I cannot register there. I believe I may have been registered there a while ago, but I cannot remember exactly.


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