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New Direction for SOAR

Don Hamilton

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You will notice a change in the forum. We have added 2 new catagories - one for FSX and one for real life soaring. Because the posting and visits to SOAR have dropped off dramatically we have decided to try something new. SOAR will no longer just be about virtual soaring, but about any type of soaring. We hope to generate new interest and new members with this change. Please help us expand our community to all aspects of soaring, not just virtual! We gladly welcome all new members! If you are a real world pilot and/or your interest is in remote control - please join us at SOAR!

In the past we, had hoped to have a virtual soaring community including the various sim users, but apparently that did not work out well! We are sorry that it was not accepted in the "spirit of SOAR", so have decided to move on. Since it's origin SOAR had always been primarily Microsoft, so we are returning to that being the main focus of the virtual soaring aspect. For now we will leave the Condor forum intact, but if there is no posting in the near future we will assume there is no interest from SOAR Condor users and will delete it.

Because of the dissappointment with FSX and the seemingly loss of interest in SOAR we will be cutting back drastically on the main SOAR site until we can see if FSX is going to gain a group of users. We have hopes that Microsoft will make the changes necessary, so in this spirit we do NOT want to say goodbye to SOAR just yet. Thus, we will keep the forum and a portion of the main SOAR site active until we can determine if the interest will return. Hopefully it will, then we can make further decisions on how to give the main SOAR site a facelift and make it an active, interesting place to visit and be a part of!

Don & Karen

:funkychick: :boingy: :funkychick:

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Hello Don. I noticed the "Links" link is not available anymore on the menu. I was just wondering if it was deleted by accident, or on purpose, or maybe even forgot to put it back in? I've been interested in other real and virtual soaring sites that may offer aircraft, missions, and other stuff that may have been of some interest to our community and what sites they go to. I also thought it would be good to have for new members to checkout.

Not sure what anybody else thinks, but I would love to see it back on the menu if you could. Thanks.


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