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  1. No I think it is a problem with all charts. I have the iPad and when you zoom in/out with fingers it's a bit laggy, even if i have a good connection!
  2. Ah ok thank you for the answers. Let's hope in future updates. Regards.
  3. Yes I understand the fact that EuroControl do not permit remote access submissions to general public. I am just asking how to disable the automatic submission in PFPX, since i do not know how to disbale it in the program. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Ok thank you. But there is a way to not allow pfpx to submite the route to eurocontrol in order to avoid these errors? Because they do not appear in every flight but only in some. Thanks for the answers.
  5. Hello, I just want to ask why when i release some flights there are almost always these 4 yellow messages. Thank you very much in advance for the answers. Regards.
  6. Today i think the server is offline. When I put username and password the NDP charts viewer is not working. Also the website https://navdatapro.aerosoft.com/ seems to be offline. Any solutions? Too many problems in the last period....
  7. Yes the iPad app is not working anymore. Again....
  8. For me all the charts are working apart the AGC and APC
  9. Hello everyone, Are the charts offline? It says that is downloading the charts but the page remains blank. Regards, Riccardo
  10. Hello everyone, Today the charts seem to be offline. In the NavDataPro Charts program when clicking on a chart it says download but then the page remains blank. This happens also with the ipad app. Thank you very much for your help in advance. Best regards.
  11. Hello, Yes, the TFDI B-717 is still missing unfortunately. For the MD-82 some people are still reporting bugs, since not all the route is exported. For the FSLABS you can save the route as ".txt", clicking on the SAVE button under "the briefing backage" section. The SAVE button is in the middle of PRINT and SEND buttons. The export folder has to be "Public\Documents\FSLabs Data". That is all for now, let's wait for the developers answers. Regards, Riccardo
  12. Yes of course, in this way you can delete all the outadated routes. But since there are more than 9000 routes, this operation requires a lot of time. In v1 in the "Outdated" section, as i said before, there were all the outadated routes, so with a simple click you could delete everything. Now that section, after the database check, remains empty and i think it is a bug.
  13. As you can see when you check the database with new Airac all the oudated routes appear in yellow. But then in the outdated section there are no routes, so it is impossible to delete them. I think it is a bug.
  14. Yes it has a lot of bugs, especially considering the outdated routes and the missing or incorrect export files route. It is better keeping v1 and give time to develepers to fix everything.
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