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  1. All the airport charts are in a different order than it was before (IAC for example are comming before the SID) and the numbering on the charts (i.e. '1-10') is also missing completely. PS: Im using the web client for windows
  2. For ZSPD only AOI, AGC, APC and LVC are working.
  3. as you can see in this picture (https://www.lhsystems.com/blog-entry/lidoeroutemanual-431-rounding-edges), the particular route is marked on the enroute chart. Can you do this as well? Two other things would be NAT and SIGMET, which could be displayed on the enroute chart as well.
  4. What about enroute charts, will it be possible to mark your actual route?
  5. Hello guys, over at the A330 thread it says the A330 is comming with an EFB and is capable to show georeferenced Navigraph and Lido Charts, are you guys going to make these charts also available in the ND Pro charts app?
  6. thanks for your reply, very much appreciated! The manual I have is from mesaba for the CRJ 900 (found it on google). The „turnaround checklist“ contains items like briefing, pressurization, fms & acars, efis, fuel etc. Interesting that the procedures are so much different from operator to operator. Another question: I‘m still trying to figure out the purpose of the XFR-switch of the mcp, is it correct to say, that by pressing the switch the autopilot uses the FO FD as source?
  7. Hello Guys, two questions for real pilots: 1. In my FCOM the first flight of the das flow and check is followed by the turnaround flow and check. But where do I start, when I already performed a flight on that day? I‘d say the shutdown flow and check completes flight 1 and the turnaround check and flow starts flight no 2, is that correct? 2. The hole chapter normal operations doesn‘t say to check the GPWS, why is that so? thanks for your help!
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