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COM2 Volume Knob

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On 1/6/2022 at 12:02 AM, BaconatorAviator said:

If possible how do I change/mute the volume of COM2 on the CRJ 700?

As strange as it sounds it is actually tied to the Listen/Volume Knob on the FO Audio Panel and not the CPT Audio panel like it should be....  It was at one time... but not anymore...

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Yeah, the audio control for com 1/2/3 are broken right now. I hope Aerosoft addresses it eventually, because having all your radios handy is good.


Especially when you’re flying a CRJ by yourself on VATSIM and have to stage radio frequencies on various Coms to make everything handy and accessible with minimal head-down time during the transition (e.g, on final approach with tower in Com1, having Ground on COM2 active if you land successfully, and Approach on Com1 standby in case you need to overshoot)

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