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Encountered another FMS crash - Description Below

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Hi Devs,


Here's another report


Load up at RJCC airport.

Load up this flight plan file generated from Simbrief from the Route Menu in FMS.

Flightplan seems to have discontinuities here and there.

I go into arrivals, and try to choose runway ILS27


FMS and all instrument screens hang. 



Thanks for your hard work devs. She's a nice bird to fly 😃 Albeit some hiccups here and then. 






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cannot recreate this. no freezes or crashs

loaded your flightplan

selected dep RW01R SID JUGGL1A transission PANSY


selected arr ILS27-Y no SID transission SDE


deleted discontinuity between duplicated SDE waypoint by dragging the second SDE waypoint onto the first one

everything fine.


I use Navigraph

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