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Instruments Frozen


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So just had something weird happen to me. I'm on my inagural flight in the CRJ-1000. I'm at cruise altitude messing around with the route when all of the sudden none of the FMS buttons are responding. I'm clicking around and the pages will no longer change. I double check to make sure I'm not paused. I wiggle the wings with my joystick and the plane responds. However I then notice the PFD isn't registering my wing wag. Turns out all of the screens are frozen and unresponsive. Check out the screenshot, I rolled over 90 degrees but the PFD hasn't moved. 


I'm not sure what to do here. I'm like 45 minutes into an hour and a half flight and I think it's totally bugged out. Big bummer. Any suggestions on what to do? Is there a log or something I can attach that shows what happened? I've never had this happen before...





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